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Effortless Abundance Activator: Allow abundance to reach you: feel abundance, release tension, release longing, jealousy, envy, greed, resistance and gain power in your life. The remedy contains 168 different transformative energies that effect a different area of life and a different area of your personality. Removes the effects of stress, failure, fear, anxiety and replace them with peace and well-being. Energy medicine: no medical claims, no chemicals, no voodoo. True and tried. Unconditionally guaranteed to work.

New: I have added a non-alcoholic version of this remedy on Amazon.

Unexpected side effects to Effortless Abundance Activator

I didn’t expect results and changes the way they happened. I thought they would be gentle, gradual. It didn’t happen that way for me. It was more like I wanted want more light, and I meant another light bulb, well within my comfort zone, but what I got is the whole cloudless sky. Overwhelming.

This may not be true on any vibrational level, but it is definitely true on my level of vibration.

How am I coping with it? How do you cope with a whole new you? With unexpected and unusual ways of being? I have too much energy. And at the same time I am tired: my body isn’t used to working this much… physically. I may have to start training it through walking again… oh no!? lol.

I don’t just work more, I work more intensely. I didn’t know until it went away, but I spent a lot of my time resisting, i.e. not doing anything before this activator.

Now that time is spent with working, I need to learn to take breaks, rest, or bring my stamina up to my energy.

Energy is not stamina… though this is not my area of expertise. I am tired and at the same time I am ready to do more… weird.

I don’t need tea or coffee… and I don’t need to force myself… Weird again, very weird.

What am I doing to reduce the effects? I am drinking less of the remedy… And because I feel I can do anything, I need to have frequent conversations with myself to come down to earth and be realistic. There is only 24 hours in a day… promise less and deliver more. Adding two additional webinars a week, or 10 additional webinars a month was silly, crazy, unrealistic, but I can do it. But no more of that bravado!

I need to pay better attention at how nourishing my meals are. I have started to take L-glutamine, which is an amino-acid, almost tasteless, and helps me keep up with myself… now that sounds really weird.

Now, an additional side effect that stunned me was this:

I have two people in my life that irritate me and I can’t control myself, traditionally. One of them called me this morning, and started to prattle off that his partner is just like me, and he met a woman who is psychic just like me. I exploded on him… so far nothing unusual. Here is what IS unusual: in the middle of the first shouted sentence I caught myself, I reigned my temper in, and started to laugh.

Now, this has NEVER happened before. After all I have a Hungarian temper, hot pepper, blah blah blah…

It is as if time had slowed down and I could see what I was doing and change in mid-flight… Amazing.

And here is some feedback from others:

I am amazed at what I am seeing so far

I just can’t say it enough.. I am amazed at what I am seeing so far.

The phone is ringing!! Like it hasn’t in months and my husband.. wow… night before last when he got home I thought the activator was on for him but it wasn’t .. he got up crooked… last night he slept with it and this morning is straight. He is also drinking the remedy.. thank you for getting it out so quickly! I just can’t thank you enough.. I definitely am following your blog daily. I also want to thank you for making them so affordable and for giving your blessing for sharing them. You are the only one I have come across to do this. I have this going 24 hours a day in my house. Thank you.. Thank you… and many many blessings to you!

increasing my resistance to stress… plus insights

Hi Sophie,

I’ve been taking the Effortless Abundance remedy for two days so far. Here’s what I’ve noticed. First day seemed to have a cleansing effect on my colon. (Thought that was nice.) Yesterday, had a stressful, long day at work but didn’t feel drained as I sometimes do on days such as this. Felt happy that perhaps the flower essences were increasing my resistance to stress.

Last night, woke up at 1 am with anxiety over the sale of a house my brother and I inherited from my recently deceased father. The sale should have been straightforward but obstacles turned it into ordeal mostly because I became inappropriately attached to the outcome. Feel like my Dad’s energy is all over this transaction. Anyway, woke up with a headache over this and thought perhaps the remedy isn’t able to overcome my abundance issues so quickly after all. After all, it’s only been two days. Still have a headache this morning and then got an email from lawyer saying sale fell through but another offer is forthcoming from a different buyer. The saga continues. Just need to get my head clear where I stand with all of this as it’s pressing my over-achiever buttons. I’m taking on most of the responsibility for my brother and I and I want to be successful at this, blah, blah blah. (as you would say). I do suffer from a fear of failure. Always have. It’s not so much about the numbers for me. I cannot and would not complain that I am not abundant.

Anyway, my reason for taking the remedy is becoming clearer. I want to raise my vibration so that I may realize my true potential and not be stuck in this reactive mode. It’s keeping me small and distracting me from my vision. I also need to find my voice as you mentioned because I believe I have something to share with others. (I’ve already begun but I know I’m supposed to do more and be more.)

I found your web site while googling reviews on Christie Marie Sheldon. Rating the vibrations of all of the Guru’s is apparently a great Internet marketing technique to attract the students seeking more info on them. I don’t know if it’s intentional or not but based on your recent article, it seems to be working. I do enjoy reading your articles and seem to resonate with many of your frank writings. (There is the aura of psychotherapy vs coaching in your musings.) Most of the Guru’s you rate seem to have lower than expected vibrations. I am interested in knowing how you would rate Dr. Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith of Agape. (www.agapelive.com). 2 He is known to connect to source for all of his inspirational sermons each week. I agree with you that we can have a high vibration in the throes of our spiritual pursuits and then lower vibrations when we are stuck in our stuff. All of life is a series of cycles so why should our vibration (another series of cycles) be any different?

I was prompted by your web site to register as a member but didn’t see any member sites or links. Also have not had the opportunity to join any webinars as yet. Thanks for reading this long email. Will keep you posted on my progress with the remedy. I am aware that I should be doing more than just taking it but not clear exactly what, other than my usual prayer and meditation work. Will continue to do the work.

many blessings,

We’ll have our first Effortless Abundance meditation session today… I don’t know what we’ll do, I always leave it to inspiration in the moment.

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  1. I have reviewed him before, there are two search boxes in the sidebar, one or the other will find it... but here it is again: his vibration is 200 right now and he does NOT connect to source, he connects to some other place.
  2. I have reviewed him before, there are two search boxes in the sidebar, one or the other will find it… but here it is again: his vibration is 200 right now and he does NOT connect to source, he connects to some other place.

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