Carrot and Stick: Becoming someone who can

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I wrote this article in 2014… So the webinar sessions it talks about are now a recorded course… Carrot and Stick.

We’ll have the third webinar in the Carrot and Stick series today. The results are mixed, but I am excited. Because it has made people to show their true colors: good or bad.

M from London, a Filipina writes:

Hello Sophie

I want to share with you that what we did last Wednesday (in the Carrot and Stick webinar) is now having an effect on me. Just saying UNWILLING in my mind has some some effect on my body something like a burst of energy and the feeling of ‘I can’t have this same life any more.’

This morning, I don’t know if this is part of the the plan of the universe for me to feel the disgust on how I behave and live my life by accident, I watched something on the internet that made me question how could I live the way I live…. I cried for hours until I felt I could not cry any more.. I have headache and my eyes hurt. I’ve never cried like this before. I feel so disgusted the way I live my life.

In case you are interested this the video that made me feel disgusted with my behaviour and attitude in my life. she won XFactor Israel. The song she sang inspired me which I will keep on listening at the moment to remind me the feeling of disgust with the way I live my life

Thank you so much Sophie. Stick works for me.

Watch the video below that inspired M…

Another participant declared that she is UNWILLING to live a low IQ life… the result is quite surprising: she is now willing to allow me to coach her, and I am removing people who are willing to live a low IQ life… meaning: considering themselves beyond work and study and effort, because they are so freakin’ smart (NOT!).

On the “Nay” side:

Not enjoying the stick. Very old school, an NLP method. Effective? Probably. A transformed approach? I don’t know.

To me it seems to go against your philosophy that nothing is wrong. Okay, do I have to saturate myself in the fear of becoming nothing to move me forward to accomplish something, to arrive at some future place, or perhaps some improved way of being—activated, motivated? I’ve done a lot of pain, and am unwilling to play the no pain no gain game.

I am not saying no work and no effort. I am not willing to make the desperation present. Oh, you’ll say, you are desperate. Being numb to it is not helpful. No, let’s be present to all that is already there.

I don’t think my problem is one of not having enough psychological leverage on myself. My issue has to do with freedom-to-be, and have soul, ego, and mind aligned. Maybe the Carrot and Stick approach is not for me. That doesn’t mean I’m not interested in growth and expansion.

Contrast the yes and no answers: the yes gave it a try and are excited. the NO is philosophizing and justifying why not to take actions.

Make your own judgment. I have made my own.

By the way, the series is NOT open to anyone who hasn’t been coming, but you can watch/listen to the replays if you have signed up.

It is my best transformational experiment to date.

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