Getting to Abundance one Step At A Time… really

Getting to Abundance one Step At A Time – Practicing The Feeling Of Freedom And Power Through Contributing To It

Churches, communities, etc. ask you to contribute. And you comply: you volunteer, you give away your old winter coat, you give food, or money.

But as in everything, context is decisive.

What’s the context in their request? That you support the less fortunate. There is morality: you can afford and therefore you should, and there is shaming… you don’t eat your food and little kids starve in Africa, or “be generous and earn the Kingdom of Heaven” b.s.

All of these make you a wretch. And not just you, anyone. Why? Because context is decisive.

Nature, trees, animals, do not willingly give what they have, unless they have a selfish reason for it. Not a feeling, but a direct benefit. And nature is fine, thank you, and no one suffers. No morality, no shoulds, just good old selfishness. Surprised? Good.

So what is the context that YOU can invent, instead of doing your good deeds from the wretch-making current, default context? What could be the context from which you share, give, help, etc.

My recommendation is that you turn to your Soul Correction and look in that for the context that will work best for you becoming an Expanding Human Being.

Here are a few examples:

My soul correction is “Forget Thyself” and that makes me looking at others as less, and their achievements as secondary to mine… including nature, all-of-it, etc.

My favorite context, in looking what’s in it for me in giving, is seeing what would humble me and get me down to earth.

kiva-logoI give money in Kiva. Mostly to women. I wait in my picking until I am inspired. Until I can see that I am humbled by the courage, by the enterprising spirit, by the beauty of the person’s effort. (In Kiva you give small loans to individuals.)

I never give money to people who just want to live better. That does not inspire me, and it should not inspire you either… please… I’ll explain why later.

I give my $25 per person and I am in a reality, suddenly, of courage, of expansion, of the Thousand Years of Peace. I carry that glorious sense of humanity for weeks, definitely enough till my next donation. I have given from my own pocket only a few hundred dollars, in all, the rest of them become part of circuitry: the loans get repaid, and I give it to someone else who inspires me.

This is the fastest and surest way for me to feel like my life matters… don’t laugh, it is and it does. I support what matters in the world, not individuals, but an idea. The idea of self-sufficiency, the idea of a new humanity.

And what happens, as a result, in my life, I am empowered to take on more risks, make more mistakes that lead to doing things that work out, finally.

All against the background: if they can do it, I can do it. And then, eventually, I can.

the way to grow is one step at a timeIt’s taken me two years of giving (I am slow! Too many steps, to much to overcome…) to gather, morsel by morsel, the energy it takes to take off… like a rocket. It may take you longer or shorter… but where else do you find an energy source that feeds on itself?

It is like a heart: it doesn’t have to produce new blood: it just pumps out, and the pumps in… Life. Glorious. Never holding onto anything. Never waiting for luck. Never waiting with your hand out.

Be part of it.

Here is the Kiva link again: Click here to check out how to get inspiration and energy for your own life, for your own abundance

Oh, and if you need help figuring out YOUR context, ask for your soul correction and include this question: what’s the context inside which it is best for me to give?

let me measure your vibration

One thing is for sure, if and when you use the Effortless Abundance Activator, it is easier to start looking at giving as a circuitry device.

Start with the bottled Effortless Abundance Activator: works almost instantly and works on low vibration as well.

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