Want to get out of your mind where you can’t grow, can’t breathe, can’t raise your vibration?

the monkey mind won't shut upWant to get out of your mind where you can’t grow, can’t breathe, can’t raise your vibration?

I can hear your enthusiastic yes.

Last night I got up around 2 am… I needed to get some water. En route I checked my email.

There were ten requests to measure their vibration. Three request to tell them what to do to raise their vibration. I went back to bed sad.

For a long time having people ask for their vibration, made me glad. Finding out what is your vibration, what is the reality about the things you know, the things you hold true, your behavior, where you stand on the tree of life, is very valuable. It is like getting a map, so at least you know where you are starting from.

It used to be a way for people to step out of the mind, for a moment, and consider.

monkey4Most of you are in some feverish scramble to get some place, to improve yourself and your lot. It is the mind screaming that there is something wrong with the place, with you, or your lot. And you are trying to fix it, whatever it is.

But you are like all people living in the mind: you have no idea where you are. So when you ask for your vibration, you used to get a sobering answer, a reality, but you also used to know that there is work to do. You could choose whether you were willing to do the work or not.

But with everyone jabbering vibration this vibration that, I am now getting a wave of new type of visitors: the type that goes, like a horde, from teacher to teacher, from practice to practice, from idea to idea… raid it and then they are gone off to the next thing. My site is in vogue now… 🙁

gossipy curiousityWhat makes you ask for your vibration is curiousness… the kind that is interested in gossip. Like all the ads that are now selling b.s. information about how to look younger at 70, how to lose your bellyfat, etc. their pictures and titles geared your gossipy curiosity, exploiting it… If you watched yourself from the outside, you would be appalled… But, of course, you can’t see yourself.

Some of you send me a donation every few days asking for your vibration… why are you asking? Why do you think it would have changed? Did you do anything? Did you become a bigger person in the past two days? Or are you just playing audios that need your participation… otherwise they are just noise?

Some of you are in such hurry to raise your vibration, you just can’t wait, can’t be on the journey. You are like the guy who pushes others off the highway because he is is such a hurry to get home. When you ask him what’s so urgent, he says: I want to relax… That person is you.

Is your relationship to your life coming from your mind?

monkeymindYour mind doesn’t know anything useful. It is a tape recorder, a data recorder, no intelligence, no choice, it records what is thrown at it. Then it plays it back… just the way it was recorded.

It is the mind that says: ‘this is wrong.’ It is the mind that says: ‘they are stupid.’ It is the mind that says ‘somewhere is better than here.’ It is the mind that says that ‘you have to, need to, you should.’

Although I would rather teach people that are already (at least some of the time) outside of the mind, I guess I would be without students… sigh, so here we go again, let me teach you how to get outside of the mind…

Outside of the mind, where you actually can deal with reality, where there is never anything wrong.

If and when you catch yourself that you think or say or feel that ‘there is something wrong,’ you can be 100% sure that it is the mind that is saying that.

You are not your mind, you just live in the mind… the darkest, smallest room in your castle.

So, how do you get out of the mind and start living in reality, in the beautiful castle of your being?

It is quite simple, really. I said simple, I didn’t say easy. This may be the hardest thing you’ll ever do! The mind will not like it because the mind can’t do it, the mind can’t and won’t wrap itself around this idea, because then it would have to go back to being a storage device, which it really is, and shut up.

Don’t blame the mind: the mind is a successful jail-keeper, because the prisoner doesn’t know he/she is a prisoner.

So unless YOU can realize that you are a prisoner, you won’t want to, will not be able to get out of the mind.

  • Step 1: When YOU realize that the mind keeps chattering on and you are observing it, something magical happens: you get that you are not the mind, that the mind is talking and YOU are listening. That there is a YOU and there is a mind. When you listen to “yourself” you are really listening to the mind. Nothing can listen to itself… this is the first step of separation.

    This is the first step. Practice this for a few days. ‘The speaker and the listener are not the same “person” ‘ is what you are paying attention to.

    The distance is still small, but you just realized that there is a you and there is a mind. Good for you.

  • Step 2: The next assignment is to increase the distance between you and the mind, and start looking around, while the mind keeps on talking. It is not what you see that is important, it is that you are looking that matters. Don’t try to do anything, it will immediately put you back in the mind. Just look and allow the mind to chatter. As long as there is still a you and there is the mind, distinct, you are still good… but you now have gained some distance and some independence.

    2011-05-11-lola-lollipop-meditation-healthy-living-comic-strips-161Don’t expect the mind to shut up, or you not hearing it. The mind NEVER shuts up, the meditation teachers are lying to you. The mind’s job is to talk, and YOUR job is to not give a fig about it. It’s noise. Do you listen to every noise and care what they say? In the grocery store, in a coffee shop? No… you just do what you do, and let them talk. Do that with the mind… it’s OK.

    You cannot tame the mind, train the mind, it is all a waste of time. You can train yourself… that works, and that is what I teach.

    Do this for weeks… don’t think that doing it once will get you anything… just like learning to play the guitar isn’t just one lesson… getting out of the mind won’t be either.

    This is what separates the boys from the men… chimpanzees from humans… whether you are willing to invest a little bit of effort into learning anything new. Most of you won’t… but please make sure that YOU will… I am talking to YOU.

  • Step 3: This step is tricky and it will trigger the mind… so if you haven’t practiced the first two steps enough, just go back and practice them a little more.

    Here is the third step: say: ‘there is nothing wrong here…’ and just allow that to hang there. Ignore the mind’s protesting, reasoning, fretting, ignore the pains and fears welling up in you. Just ignore it all.

    Practice this for a few weeks… in earnest. The emphasis is still on the ignoring the mind… not on what’s outside. Ignore, ignore, ignore. I didn’t say ‘don’t hear.’ Hear it and ignore it. Don’t argue, just hear it and say… ‘la la la…’ or ‘blah blah blah.’

  • The fourth step… I’ll teach this step in the coaching program. If I tell you here, you’ll try to practice just that… I know you. You’ll do what you always do: jump to the end of the book, and then never read it.

    So if it is the curiosity that got you to the end of this article, I will leave your curiosity hungry… don’t feed the beast.

    I really don’t want to work with you.

    The coaching program is not available to everyone, and I regularly remove students who don’t belong.

    Condition: you need to buy the foundational program and it includes one month of the coaching program. If during (or after) that month you show signs of no work, no understanding, no growth, I remove you from the program.

    No refunds. If you can’t make the times of the coaching program: do not sign up. If you don’t have a working computer, a good internet connection, a good headset, don’t sign up.

    I hope I have scared you away. Good. If you are still here, here is the link to sign up:


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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

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3 thoughts on “Want to get out of your mind where you can’t grow, can’t breathe, can’t raise your vibration?”

  1. Sophie, thank you, I needed this. I actually went back to earlier postings to figure out how to get out of my mind and where to put my attention. Now to practice.

  2. Sophie,
    This is one of the best articles and you have so many. It is clear, concise and freeing.

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