What is the purpose of education? to remember the content? knowing when the 30-year war began? Or something else?

What is the purpose of education? to remember the content? knowing when the 30-year war began? Or something else?

Hello Sophie,

It might have also been the UNClove taking its effect, but after the Path coaching session two weeks ago I thought to myself: ‘okay – you can’t run from work forever; just do it, don’t make a big deal about it, it’s a natural part of life, and it’s ugly to talk yourself out of it’.

And it felt good, solid.

I figured that while I’m already at the university it would be a good thing to commit to being good at it, which means doing the homework, learning for the exam sessions… and I started to be more diligent about it. I spent most of my time (and a whole weekend) doing exactly that and for the first time (maybe in my whole life) I managed to more or less stick to the learning schedules I made for myself, and started to actually have fun doing it, some of the time.

I also found myself enjoying the classes more, being more into them and overall okay for more then a week.

I thought it was doing ‘the work,’ until… you leveled my castle.

I was in doubt about it after the last Carrot and Stick session, with some resignation to it.

I mean, I went to the university thinking that having something that would point me to work in some direction, step by step, would be better than nothing (and I think I took up bass guitar because I thought it was gonna be easier than piano, that I wouldn’t have to work on it that much to be something, without anyone as a real teacher, that I could wing it, in the first place – it fits the picture, right?).

The question that I have is: even if it might be a small start, is sticking to it a good way to go? Shall I continue to do the work like I managed to for some time, because it seemed to work, or was it an illusion and a way to get my eyes off the ball?

There are, and were, so many questions I’d like to ask…

Thank you for reading that,

My answer:

you are learning to learn, to do the work, to set your eyes on something and then follow through.

Keep doing it. Just don’t think that it’s the end result. I have two masters degrees, and another one credit short.

I have no use for the content I learned, but the method of learning, the method of getting work done, the method of planning my work, being on time, doing the work when the work needs to get done, is what I took away.

So yes, keep doing it, please… it is invaluable, and I am sorry for my thoughtless answer on the call… I apologize.

What I didn’t say in the email, but is really important: you learn the moves of thinking in a good school… or while you are attempting to do the work “shrewdly” in any school.

Formal logic, the method of thinking, the method of evaluating if something is true or not is sorely missing from our culture, and you need to learn it.

Another thing that is missing from our culture is the method designers (at least where I was a designer!) use: the cause and effect thinking… if I do this, what are the consequences, etc.

This is missing from education, this is missing from the culture, and this is how we are, unwittlingly, cutting the tree below our feet, boring a hole into the boat on “our side” and other really stupid, inane, imbecile ways we are being in the world.

I’ll look around if there are any online courses for that… and if there are, I’ll post them here… you need to learn to use your brain, your thinking, reasoning capacities, instead of going to the mind, or going to “experts” for ready answers.

If you, my reader, know online courses for learning how to use your brain to do critical thinking… please comment below. Thank you.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

1 thought on “What is the purpose of education? to remember the content? knowing when the 30-year war began? Or something else?”

  1. Oh, Sophie…I have to get beyond trying to accomplish something by being clever. I actually figured this out many years ago; I did my art career with actual work, not cute stuff, not cleverness. Still, I remain a dilettante in many ways.

    There has been very little satisfaction in resisting my human life waiting for God to come along and reward me or send me a real teacher. Look who He sends me…You! No easy answers, no hocus-pocus, no Kundalini awakening, no shaktipat. Just hard work and a little Heaven on Earth. Earning it. Okay.

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