Your Resistance To An Activator Is A Gift – A Case Study. Repairing The Hardware of The Soul

healing the hardware of the soul so direct applications like activators can work on you Your Resistance To An Activator Is A Gift – A Case Study.

Just like pain shows you where you are out of whack physically, a resistance shows you where you need work spiritually.

It may be more than just one thing, so don’t jump into conclusions. Pay attention and you’ll be able to peel it like an onion.

B. had resistance to all the activators in the beginning.

We spoke about it, and I found out that his concept of hearing anything is to run it through a series of qualifiers

  • does it fit in with what I know?
  • does it make sense?
  • do I like it?
  • do I understand it?

brain scan for obsessive disorder: you can't shift your attention Given that our head is not as fast in complex calculations like this as a supercomputer, he either held up the conversation, or alternatively missed the whole conversation: he was still at the first sentence when the speaker was at sentence 15.

This pointed to a mistaken belief that he needs to handle everything before he can make a decision about it. No connection to gut, no connection to feelings, it is all heads to B.

We spoke about it, and he invented a different way of being: not listen.

Can you hear switch on/switch off? As if there were no other solution.

He ended up not receiving the activation on the conscious level.

Getting the activation on the conscious level also, is very important. The conscious level gives you clues what to practice, what you have that is new.

Remember, an activation is many times more complex than hypnosis: it is a long set of commands, instead of one or two in hypnosis.

change your brain change your life The next step with B. was to speed up his processing time. I recommended Dr. Schulze’s Brain Formula: it gets rid of plaque in the brain and increases processing speed. We all need it, but he needed it now.

With a quicker brain he will be able to just “got it. next!” and be ready for the next activator… his brain won’t be sticky… like the record player that keeps on repeating the same groove, until unstuck. 1

Once his brain catches up, he will be able to get the activators fully, even on the conscious level. Until then he is locked in his brain… a prisoner.

Even activation alone can’t get him out…

PS: This, or similar issues of the “hardware” are not limited to obsessive behavior. It can be ADD, anxiety, anger, depression… all potentially hardware issues. While working with B. on his speed of processing, I realized that I am making now frequent mistakes myself. So I started to take the Brain Formula again. You need me to stay sharp. And I need me to stay sharp.

After all I have a job in the world.

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  1. a lot of obsessive people may recognize themselves in this. instead of drugs, I do recommend the Brain Formula and activation. They are a good combination.

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