What is The Creator that loves you unconditionally?

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Summary: In this article I am going to illustrate to you how something evolves, as opposed to being born…

I will illustrate to you the thought process it takes to move something from good to better to better and even better… There is no such thing as best in this thought process. This is the foundation of an Expanding Human Being: there is no limit to expanding, neither in the mind nor in the reality of the Original Design. And I’ll share the breakthrough we had in raising your vibration.

  1. When I came to this country at age 38, I was much like you in a lot of ways. One of the thngs that I remember vividly is my relationship to improvement. If a product label said “improved”, my thought was “that means it wasn’t good before, and probably isn’t good now… so I won’t get it.”I still lived in the mind, and the mind does not like improvement, it doesn’t like change. If something is good, then it is good, no need for improvement… Bah humbug.
  2. When I was an architecture students, I learned two things that became totally useful regardless of the field I applied them. One of these is what I learned from my famed History of Architecture professor: He shared that when he graduated as an architect, he went to work in a theater, instead of the field of design or construction.

    He shared that being able to connect between the paper and reality takes a lot of experimenting, and in architecture, where it takes years to build something, you just don’t have a lot of good feedback until you are really old and have built a lot of bad buildings.But in theaters you get to see the finished product, the scenes, within hours, and you get to make corrections at almost no cost, and do this cycle many times in any given year. So by the time you are 30, you have made all the mistakes and corrected it many times over, so you don’t have a world full of your bad buildings.I loved that. One of the reasons I hated being an architect is the anxiety and doubt about your own buildings, and I have had many.One of the main reasons I loved magazine publishing is the fast turnaround. I would write an editorial in the morning, just before the publishing deadline, then drive the finished plates to the printer, pick it up in the afternoon, and get feedback by 10 pm.
    Good or bad, feedback is valuable if you ever want to grow… Bad feedback is probably the most valuable. That is the underlying principle of the Carrot and Stick method, if you ever wondered.

The Breakthrough… and how I got to it

Now, after this lengthy preamble, let me share what happened yesterday that led to the breakthrough:

I was sitting on the edge of my bed, getting dressed. I was asking myself how come that I don’t crave companionship, that I don’t want a boy friend, not even a friend?

I took a quick look at different periods of my life… almost automatically, and found this:

When my integrity with myself was good, I loved myself and loved my life. There was no sense that I should have someone to feel loved.

When my integrity with myself was shaky, I didn’t love myself or my life… and needed someone to love me so at least someone loved me… lol.

And then it hit me, the insight

In the Unconditional Love Activator I talk about The Creator. And when you say The Creator, you visualize this thing or person, out there, who is called The Creator.

In that activator, the essence of it is, that you are already loved, regardless of your mistakes, shortcomings, failings, etc. by The Creator.

When I download that activator to myself or to others, I feel a sense of being full of crap: I do not believe that there is a Person or Thing that knows about you, or gives a fig about you.

So what am I talking about, so the activator is so darn effective? And then it hit me:

The Creator is the “god” aspect of you, the aspect of you that creates your life, creates your perception, that uses WORD as the tool of creation.

And that aspect of you loves you. Always. Unconditionally.

We could say that this is your higher self you.

And when the you (the lower self you) that does all the bad things (or good things) feels that love, then you feel good, inspired, and life is good.

When the lower self you cannot feel the love, then life is bad.

The degree that you can feel that love depends on your integrity. When the lower self you and higher self You are in perfect harmony, then there is 100% integrity… and 100% experience of love. This situation is virtually impossible… because integrity is dynamic. In a dynamic system static states are impossible.

When you are in action about restoring your integrity, cleaning up your integrity, the relationship between the two aspects of You is momentarily perfect, and you feel loved and whole and complete and nothing and no one is missing for you to feel good about yourself. Life is great and you are great.

When you are not in action about your integrity, then you can be anywhere between 1 and 100… and so is your life.

Now, what can be considered integrity in this context?

There are three levels to integrity:

integrity on the first level

  • Level 1: Keep your promises and agreements or renegotiate them as soon as you know that you won’t keep them
  • Level 2: Live in alignment with your standards and ideals
  • Level 3: Live in harmony and alignment with your Self

Here is Landmark Education’s definition of integrity:

Integrity is: nothing hidden, being truthful and honest, doing complete work, working from an empowering context, and doing very well what you do, doing it as it was meant to be done or better, and without cutting corners.

In other words, honoring one’s word.

Doing what you know to do, doing what you said you would do and on time, doing what others could expect you to do even if you haven’t said that you would do it, and saying when you are not doing this as soon as you realize you won’t be doing it or won’t be doing it on time.

Landmark’s definition is your integrity with others… and there you can play small, keep your word, blah blah blah, and still hate yourself. Landmark’s definition is the politically correct definition.

Earlier incarnations of Landmark’s teachings KNEW that integrity is an inside job, the statement, “without integrity nothing works” comes from that era… But Landmark never explains why, I guess they sold out to politically correctness, and now are giving lip-service only. No wonder that Landmark’s graduates have such a low vibration, lower than the population in general. And that includes the leaders as well… their whole focus is outward directed. What a pity.

misaligned_bridgeWhen your integrity is out…

When you don’t grow and live like your Self wants you to, you are out of alignment with your Self, and you feel miserable, and you hate yourself. Your integrity is out…

You come up short at all levels of integrity, by the way. You come up shortest on the second level: your standards and ideals are whacked out and unrealistic, and you violate them all the time… how crazy is that? They are YOUR standards and ideals! (the next article will be just about that! titled: can you be happy, can you love yourself, if you weigh 240 lbs?)

The Integrity Checklist, a workbook or sorts, allows you to be always working towards integrity by doing small stuff that you normally just ignore, sweep under the rug.

When you have developed enough muscle in cleaning up the small stuff, putting your Life in alignment with the Self is going to be easier.

Making that phone call, giving that stuff away, repairing that faulty item, paying that bill, all small few minute jobs that can make more difference than any big $400 course ever will… because the glow of love will become a permanent “fixture” in your life… and eventually that is who you will be: an amazing Expanding Human Being.

Yesterday I downloaded the Unconditional Love Activator, inside the meditations that are part of the Effortless Abundance Activator package, this time saying that The Creator is you…

The results stunned me, because I had never seen anything like that: participants’ vibration rose 50-70 points on the vibrational scale, during the 37 minute long call…

Talk about result: it was like a cataract operation: no or dim sight to near perfect vision in a few minutes.

Why did people’s vibration change so dramatically?

So, what happened? People’s integrity didn’t change? So what changed so dramatically?

As long as the lover, The Creator, is outside of you, you are more aware of being judged than being loved. But if you can get, and the participants got it, that the lover is part of you… the barrier to the experience lowered, to the degree that it did. 2

And when you feel loved, even just a little bit, your vibration rises, and you feel a lot better about yourself, about your life, about everything. You have more energy to do more, so you can feel even better about yourself.

And I can now say, that we now have the improved version of the Unconditional Love Activator, though the energy didn’t change: the context did… and remember? Context is decisive. (The unconditional love activator is included in the Effortless Abundance package!)

A major victory for this work, and a huge gain for you.

Let’s celebrate.

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  1. Let me not forget that before I did the Unconditional Love Activator download I cleared the blockages with the Heaven on Earth download... I think that it made a difference too... When you have physical and emotional blockage, your ability to get any activator is diminished and compromised...
  2. Let me not forget that before I did the Unconditional Love Activator download I cleared the blockages with the Heaven on Earth download… I think that it made a difference too… When you have physical and emotional blockage, your ability to get any activator is diminished and compromised…

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2 thoughts on “What is The Creator that loves you unconditionally?”

  1. This is a powerful truth; and so simple. I wonder why we are so ready to believe in an outside ‘god’ like figure. This is what should be taught in place of religion. Thanks for sharing.

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