What is wrong with the human race? How come it is…

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Part of my job as a ‘evolver’ (evolver as in causing the evolution) of the human race is to see what is the wrong.

To see what is unsustainable, untenable about human attitude and behavior. Why is it that humanity, time and time again destroys itself starting over from nothing.

I am starting to see that it is the possession and power over things and others… the hunger and the desire for more and more, better, and different.

To see anything clearly, you need to look from the side and from a slightly elevated position, the method I teach in the Driftwood video.

And most importantly, leave your opinions, leave your preferences, leave your ego where it normally is… so you can manage to look like an alien, having no vested interest in what you see.

You can use this method of looking at anything and detect reality unlittered with the words that would make it a personal reality.

Turns out that to do that you need a capacity… most architects have it, but the general public doesn’t really have it. I named it after the position of the ‘real’ eyes Driftwood.

So we are going to use this Driftwood capacity to look at the ‘human condition’ that ultimately will lead to the extinction of humans, like six other ‘intelligent’ species made themselves extinct themselves before.

So the vantage point has to be ‘not human’… but preferably intelligent. astute.

If you are part of something, you’ll defend it…

So in a way I had to make myself somewhat not part of i, to even have crack of seeing anything different than I would see normally.

Now, for me to be able to see this, I had to do something that is not consistent with ‘human values’ that drive humanity.

What did I do? I’ll tell you in a second, but for now I enjoy your curiosity… lol.

OK, this is what I did:

I decided that I’d beat the bulk that was creeping on my body.

No matter what I did that I knew to do. I even bought the ‘famous’ or ‘infamous’, depending who you ask, West African Mango seeds to reduce my appetite.

What I found out is that it is not putting the mango seeds into the position of power, but putting myself into the position of power that will make me eat less.

Novel idea for humans.

The history of humanity is that humans, except for a tiny number, always and consistently put urges, desires, and emotions in the position of power, and themselves as subservient…

And I don’t have to tell you about those urges, desires, and emotions: you are familiar with them…

…and have been trying to find solutions to them… to no avail.

They win on the long term, even if, for a little while, you manage to control them.

But you don’t yourself, your discipline to control them, you use something that is not yours, that you don’t have power over… something outside of yourself.

I did too, that is how I know.

I have been struggling with my weight all my life. Even though temporarily I was able to win in this war, occasionally, only to fall back onto being the loser… again and again.

Why is this?

Humans, instead of focusing on quality, are focusing on taste, quantity, and variety.

Humans don’t eat to live, they live to eat, to get more, hoard more, to win over others, to conquer.

So life, living, falls by the wayside and becomes only the vehicle to do all those greedy, grubby, hungry things humans do.

Take way more than they give. Desire to receive for the self alone. At the expense of others, at the expense of life, at the expense of the Planet.

So how does this look when it comes to food and eating?

I am finding out that my body is fine with eating one small meal a day.

And when I say small… I mean about one to one and a half cup in quantity.

I used to eat three of these…

We feed our children three of these… A diner portion is what I eat in three days.

And I promise that this amount of food a day can sustain me for the rest of my life.

So how come we are told we need to eat three to five times a day, and a ‘balance diet’ and this and that?

We don’t.

But someone is selling us all that food! And they want to sell so that they make more.

If you look, the most populous human industries are 1. food 2. health care to repair all the damage food causes 3. war 4. ‘education’ to teach people how to be grabby humans out of control of their urges.

My job has been to experiment if this ‘desire to receive for the self alone’ can be turned into ‘desire to receive for the sake of sharing’.

With myself as a guinea pig, I have managed to 90%. Notable, that it jumped 20% from the food discovery I just mentioned. I hadn’t known, and now I do. But I don’t only know, I have gotten myself into the driver’s seat for the first time in my life, in regards to eating.

I had to be able to see the whole scene from the side and slightly elevated position.

And another big piece: seeing to what degree self-discipline, including power over one’s attention is the linchpin capacity.

To my utter surprise, my number jumped there too, from 30% to 40%.

Because it is not only ability it is also seeing it as important.

And, interestingly, that hasn’t been an easy task, to convey to people.

What does that number, the one that jumped to 40% for me, overnight measure?

It measures the percentage of the time when you actually assume ‘boss’ position. In everything. Your attention, your actions, your attitudes, and what comes out of your mouth.

Ultimately the percentage of the time when you are causing yourself… and what belongs to you.

Now, what is it that prevents you? What is in the way? Why won’t 99.99% of humanity even consider upgrading themselves to the easier, higher minded, cheaper, and more joyful self that is actually their birthright?

Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life.

Don’t be trapped by dogma – which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of other’s opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.

This is, I think from a speech Steve Jobs gave shortly before his death. That we have in common… It is a vantage point that you can actually look from, no matter what is your age.

Will I think, on my deathbed, that living someone else’s life, being trapped by dogma, never thinking for myself gave me a life I can be proud of?

I don’t think so.

Of course being fiercely independent and thinking different just for the sake of thinking different is also a trap… I have myself fell into… but more about than in today’s life-script workshop…

We are going to do a reverse method today. What does that mean?

We are going to find the life-script first… the top of the ‘funnel’, the script you obviously are run by.

And we’ll trace it back as close to the thought that created it as possible.

My script I’ll call the Wild Child Script…

The more you can see what runs your life instead of you, the more you’ll be able to start running it yourself.

If you can’t see it clearly, you’ll end up on that deathbed feeling regret about how you lived… guaranteed.

I have accelerated my work on myself just for this reason. My mom died when she was 75… and I am approaching 75 myself. My dad died at 79… so even if I follow my father’s pattern, I don’t have much time.

In addition to not have those pesky regrets, a life that leads to no regrets is, I say, the good life. The excellent life.

The workshop is today. You need a good working microphone and a reliable connection to participate.

It starts at 12:30 pm, my time, ET, and lasts for about 3 hours. If you want the recording, you need to pay, even if you can’t participate.

Here is the link to buy and register

Register in the Life Script Workshop

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