How you look at something changes what you see

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mind vs brainHow you look at something changes what you see. Everywhere.

If you manage to change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

This is a PhD level statement… and a popular meme. But that is the essence of context.

Context is decisive, because how you look at something changes what you see. Decides what you see. Yourself, others, life, your options, your chances for success, happiness. Everything.

And because how you do anything is how you do everything, including looking, your life has a theme, that is not what you would like its theme to be.

You want success. And You want leisure. You want grace and ease. And of course You want love. But what you get is what the ‘theme’, the script gives you, which is at best miserable, and even if you get success, you have to give up everything else you wanted.

So yeah, how you do anything is how you do everything… and unless you change how you look, your life will be on a downhill slide.

Yesterday in my call with Bonnie we attempted to change how she looks at certain things… with the intention, on my part, to change what she sees.

She is entering a downhill slide herself… Luckily it hasn’t gained momentum yet, so it can be arrested, turned around… if she can move herself on the vertical plane.

As long as she continues seeing things the same way… The way she saw them when she had her first traumatic experience… As long as she sees things the Valley of the Shadow of Death way, the horizontal plane way, the drama way… There is nothing that can actually change…

…and she’ll go down with the downhill slide, and she’ll repeat it periodically as long as she lives. This is the nature of the life script.

As long as you look at something the same way, you’ll see the same thing.

And if you do, whatever patterns what you see set up, life script, mood, relationships, attitude, everything will remain the same.

It’s too bad: you are spending all your money on getting better, having more power, feeling better about yourself and your life… and nothing will change.

People won’t tell you the truth, because it is bad for business, but it’s the truth, and now I have said it.

The only way to change how you see things is to take the root of how you see thing and transfer it to reality…

Possible, but not likely. We’ll see why later…

And this is humanity’s biggest problem. A problem that unless it is solved humanity is stuck in the homo sapiens sapiens level, that is definitely not very smart.

Now, before I continue, please consider that it’s taken me 11 years to ‘diagnose’. Meaning: I saw the thing 11 years ago… and just very recently, I am seeing that with this thing in place a person cannot even have 100 IQ, which is the minimum in my view to be called sapiens.

So not seeing and not seeing the frequency in a person, the breadth and the width of it is my failing: it is so alien to me that I didn’t consider it a big enough issue.

I am talking about using the mind as the organ of intellect.

The mind is a storage device. It has no gears to work, to process, to do anything intellectual. It is like a hard drive in a computer.

All the computation is done outside of the mind, or in the CPU of the computer… and none in the hard drive, or in the RAM…

So what happens to 50% of humanity all the time, 90% of humanity most of the time: they attempt to use the mind to process incoming signals… and, of course, they fail at it.

As a result 50% of humanity is moronic, and 90% of humanity is mostly not intelligent.

And that includes every strata of humanity.

I am looking at the 89 people in the Pirates coaching program I am paying for every month. These are supposedly business people. I am actually doing business with some of them. 30% of them are moronic, and 70% of them are just not very intelligent.

And that is regardless what their brains can do, could do…

The design of a human is to use the BRAIN for the reception of incoming, the filtering, the processing, and also for problem solving, creativity, creating.

Not the mind.

Muscle test says I can help people change this.

The first step is awareness…

Getting the bad news… Seeing that there is not much happiness for someone who is moronic. And there is not much success for someone who is just not very intelligent.

So starting to use your equipment that way it was designed…

I remember I wrote once an article where I said that you seem to use a fork to eat your soup… Now I am wondering if I can find it among the 5000 articles I have written in the past 11 years.

Wow, I found six articles talking about you, humanity eating soup with a fork.

But to pinpoint what exactly you do… I didn’t get until, accidentally, one of my ‘never moving’ clients sent me a video.

And to my mortification I found out that people are trying to hear the different sounds in the video with their minds. The mind that is not capable.

They are trying to direct their attention with the mind.

And then they are done…

The mind cannot do anything.

It has no organs, it has no power, it is a hard drive in the computer that your brain is.

It gives the ‘impression’ that stuff goes in and stuff comes out, but it is just treading water.

My computer, from time to time, starts spinning its wheels, loudly.

When I investigate, a software is searching the hard drive for something, mostly errors.

But what causes the action isn’t originated on the hard drive. The action is not performed by the hard drive. It is a software and the operating system that does it.

You have a CPU, and an operating system, albeit it hasn’t been used much.

But you have it, and your job, if you want to wade out from this see of moronity, is to transfer your efforts from the mind to the brain.

I know you don’t know how to do it.

Reading fiction is my answer for now. More than an hour a day.

Not something to learn, but fiction. Something to follow. But active… Not an audio book, not Netflix. Read fiction books.

Or you’ll never move your head out of your ass.

Tomorrow, Sunday at 2 pm ET I’ll do a special webinar when I’ll do two things:

  • do a brief brain calisthenics session to start working with the brain.
  • help one or maybe two people to relook and move their traumatic first incident into reality where there is nothing wrong.

We’ll look to eliminate your vested interest in being right and being miserable… The vested interest that keeps that trauma in place, and creates and perpetuates the life script you live so you can never become all you can be.

If you are one of my Distinction Podcast subscribers, I’ll send you an invite in email.

If you are not a subscriber, you can buy the session…

If you don’t know what life-script is, here is why it is so important to disable it, or weaken it:

It is a pattern that you repeat in life that robs you of your power, robs you of joy, results, and everything you worked for.

It is, in its severity as significant as bipolar disease. Bipolar disease (manic depression) that makes you cycle through mania where you are out of control excited and destructive, and depression where you are out of control barely existing.

What triggers the cycle is any kind of success or happiness or love.

And it erases all that you have gained, by your work or by luck… so you can start now deeper than you were before.

Your success in erasing or weakening the script will depend on your ability to use your brain, not your mind. To be able to transfer the original story into reality where there is nothing ever wrong.

Mind to brain workshop

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