Clues That The Planetary Ascension Project Is By Design, And Not Just My Good Idea

on Yom Kippur the sky is open and the light of the Creator is unobstructed Why do I think I am on the right path?

This question comes up in people’s minds, and if it doesn’t, then it should. After all I could be a “false prophet”, a fake Messiah, or just a garden variety “guru”, a dime a dozen, been there, done that.

I don’t have an answer, why I am on the right path, only to why I think I am on the right path.

No one can tell, because the answer is in the future. Your future and my future.

But as always, there are clues, tiny and bigger, clues on the path, co-incidences, that make one think.

One of the co-incidences is that today, I created a gigantic activator that shook the foundations of who we are. I said, when I began, that today, October 8, 2011, will be a line of demarcation, a day they will remember forever.

It took all I got to help today’s activators to download, it took 36 minutes, but at the end all the people on the call got it, to the core of their being.

I felt exhausted, fried (as in burned chicken), happy, and grateful. For the courage, for the willingness of the recipients, for the privilege of doing it. The light today was especially strong, and as it turned out, it was needed.

The fundamental alteration of world-view, and being it demanded needed the light to be this strong today.

Totally spent, I was panting. Moped around, had some strong tea. Then I checked my yahoo calendar, the kind of things I only do when I can’t do any work.

yom kippur a line of demarcation And my calendar said: today it’s Yom Kippur.

Oops, I have been eating, I have been working all morning. Jews don’t do work on Yom Kippur. They don’t eat, they don’t even drink water. Bummer.

‘I guess, I am spending Yom Kippur my way,’ I thought, but I wanted to see if there was a mindset I could at least bring to the day to “buy” my light for the coming year.

Because Yom Kippur is for that: you ask the Light to wipe away all the ways that you know you are less than all you could be, all the ways you act from the desire-for-the-self-alone, all the ways you are your animal-self.

So I went to the Kabbalah University website. I have a paid membership, but I hadn’t been there for at least ten months, ever since I started this Planetary Ascension project. I didn’t want the Tree of Knowledge to interfere with my work.

The answers I got on the website blew me away:

  1. This day you can ask for your “sins” to be wiped away, on condition that you are aware of them and it will be done.
  2. This day you can get so much light that when you come back to your real life, you will have different desires, old desires and obsessions will fall away and for a while it will be so new, that it won’t even be comfortable. You need to be willing for that to happen.
  3. The “high priest” that leads this process has to be totally non-ego, non-person, not an individual, or they themselves block the light. 1

The huge activator I downloaded today was exactly the kind of activator that pointed out to people all the ways they haven’t noticed (or have hidden from themselves) that they are less than they know they could be, their ego desires, their animal nature, their desire-for-the-self-alone.

The way an activator works is that it points out the inadequacies and asks for a replacement from the higher realms. It is a request to the Light to wipe away what’s in the way, and replace the “bad” stuff with Light-stuff. Today’s activator was special, even as far as activators go.

The person who can do this has to be completely egoless for the duration of this request, and I managed to be that way today.

I don’t think that it was a co-incidence. I think that it was by a design beyond my human understanding.

The best part is that the recording of the activation is able to bring about the same intensity of light, no matter when you listen to it.

You can ask for this activator in December or May, and get the Yom Kippur light…

What was the activator about? It was the three capacities that you can’t fake: love, joy, and peace. The three capacities that you can’t have in your life unless you are connected.

And it is the foundation of all the other capacities that you need to have for success, for good relationships, for good health, and for a life you love.

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  1. That is why in a regular Jewish congregation people do not get any light on Yom Kippur: rabbis and the congregation just go through the motion and that doesn’t reveal light

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  1. Yay! I'm back online. I really have missed attending the daily connections. Thank you for making them available. Can't wait until tomorrow 🙂

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