Money, sex, food, position… the ultimate distractions… but so is bragging about your achievements!


Summery: Money, sex, food, position… the ultimate distractions… And, judging from readers emails: anything that can take our minds off life, reality… entertainment, drugs, will get our attention, our power, our money… our lives.

Kabbalah says that we all have an aspect that can be called The Opponent. It is like the Devil in you… the opposite of The Spirit, The Soul, or whatever you want to call it. It is the aspect of you that wants to fail you, and it works 24/7.

I woke up to a beautiful day this morning. It was barely day yet, but the sky was a beautiful shade of parisian blue, the snow covered huge tree in front of the house glistened a golden brown. What a beautiful day, how nice warm the bed is, how beautiful life is… I snuggled in deeper and fell asleep again.

Then I had a dream, a vivid dream.


I was in my window, and a young woman jumped from one tree to another at the height of my window… third floor. I called out to her, and she spoke back. Half talking to me, half paying attention to where she was going, she wanted to show off her skills, and jumped back to the first tree… but she missed. I could hear the bones shattering from my window.

I rushed down while I called for an ambulance… Both her legs shattered, but she was alive.

I was jolted out of my dream, and started the day knowing that hadn’t I talked to her, hadn’t she talked back, there would have been no accident.

I knew there was guidance in it, and about an hour later I knew what it was.






jumping-6 found a marketing email in my mailbox. the subject line was: Richest Man in the World Makes Money with Cell Phones

Interesting… I opened it. The text began like this: QUESTION:
Do you know why the #1 Richest Man in the world beat out Bill Gates, who owns a Software Company called Microsoft?

Because the #1 Richest Man in the World owns a Cell Phone Company.

Very interesting. I clicked the link and it took me to one of those too good to be true offers, that you want, and at the same time you know it won’t work.

I decided to listen to the video till the end… it was well done, most people would have been sidetracked, just like the girl in the dream… only to crash all her bones in her body.

So, what’s the point?

The Opponent, the aspect of you that does not want you to become an Expanding Human Being, will find all kinds of pleasurable, exciting, good looking distractions for you.

Money is the number one in the line of distractions, because it looks that money will solve all problems. And it may (mostly not) but then think again: becoming an Expanding Human Being is not a problem solving result: it is the result of going through ever increasing trials and challenges.

Just like the butterfly doesn’t think the coocoon is a problem that needs to be solved, he bangs away at it until he breaks it open. And at the exact time there is enough work was done that he can fly and his wings are beautiful.

Now, I do not expect you to be up to the challenge, but you need to stop pretending that you want transformation, enlightenment, spiritual being, and other nice stuff… Or abundance. Or love. Or freedom, grace and ease.

None of these are available AT ALL on the level of easy…

Money, even lots of money, don’t buy abundance, love, freedom, grace and easy. It buys the opposite.

Making money through expanding yourself, with the right mindset, yeah, making money can be part of your journey. Of course, it is definitely part of mine: I have to step over my shadow every day… My base inclination is to be pennyless, to struggle, like any “self-respecing Artiste” is supposed to… Funny as hell, but real as hell.

The shiny objects, big promises, flashy meditations, are all the handiwork of The Opponent: to take you off the hard that earns you your wings.

Choose and then stick with it.

The second interpretation of the guidance coming from the dream is very personal to me: You see the woman fell because she was performing for me… i.e. she was showing off… bragging.

That is my big weakness, and it will kill me if I don’t rein it in…

Keep your energies with you, and don’t allow The Opponent to send it to entertain, entice, etc. others… Be your own audience, your biggest fan, your best friend.

Bragging will kill you fast.

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