Start Something. No Matter Where You Start, No Matter Which Direction, As Long As You Start, And As Long As You Stay Connected

START SOMETHING. anything. just start and do a few steps... if you are connected Source will start guiding you at that pointNo Matter Where You Start, No Matter Which Direction, As Long As You Start, And As Long As You Stay Connected

I will start with an admission: Staying connected is not easy. 1

Life steals away your attention. You are tired. You are hungry. You have to pee.

Your car isn’t starting. You are worried. You are angry. You are sad.

So no wonder, that even I, who teach people to connect, get disconnected, hopelessly, from time to time.

Being disconnected, to me, manifests in going through the motion. Moping around. Craving sweets. Waiting for the phone to ring. And losing in Freecell.

How do I get re-connected? Now, until today I didn’t know. Never questioned. I always knew it was going to come back, I just never noticed how. But today was different.

On Saturday morning I put together and downloaded a linchpin activator: Love, Joy, Peace as acceptance.

It was grueling. That activator done major damage to ego, to the world as we know it, to misery, to deadened existence, pretending to hope, but really waiting for it to be over with.

“Many men would take the death-sentence without a whimper to escape the life-sentence which fate carries in her other hand” E.E.Lawrence

If you think that I am not talking about you, please suspend that belief for a moment… I am talking to you and about you.

But what I have to say won’t be dependent on you accepting my X-ray vision… no matter where you are in life, you will hear something that is going to be crucial for the rest of your life.

Returning to how I reconnected… and noticed it.

First and most important: you need to know that you are not connected. If you are human, chances are 99.99% that you are not connected right now. And if you are, you know it. How? Because you connected, consciously, deliberately. That’s how.

Second step: look at what you are doing. If your now looks like yesterday’s now, if you are not in action about something new, something risky, something innovative, something off the beaten path, then this is the time to start.

your life. the same thing over and over. the machine is running. nobody homeWhere should you start? In my experience you can start anything. You can start anywhere. As long as you are awake and attempt to connect, you will be taken where you need to work, where your work will bring the biggest dividend.

This is how Guidance happens. You take the first step, and Guidance takes over.

Without you taking the first step, no matter how hard you pray, Guidance will wait for you the first step. That is the rule of this game, the human game, the agreement between the Upper Worlds and the Lower Worlds. You must start your work in the Lower Worlds for the Upper Worlds to be willing to listen.

On Saturday, I woke up from my disconnection. I had been working 14-hour days, and I used that as an excuse to not stay connected.

But on Saturday I was jolted out of this sleep-walking, and looked around.

I didn’t like what I saw. People on the Daily Connection were asking me to do all the work, and I got feedback of no work, no discoveries, no insights, no breakthroughs from them.

The activators downloaded, I checked, but the participants vibration wasn’t going higher. I wasn’t doing something, but what?

Of course, I was blaming them, as anyone else would. But, as the title says, you can start anywhere, as long as you start. Even if the first steps are in the wrong direction, if you make enough steps, the correction will be forthcoming, just stay open.

I had three heated conversations about the topic, and started to see that I was expecting more of the participants than they know how to give.

I was, in essence, a lot like Source. I was sitting at the height I am, looking from there, and people weren’t doing what they were supposed to do.

No one told them what to do, no one told them they were supposed to do something, and they didn’t do what they were supposed to do… ha ha ah. Now, that is a great catch. I didn’t tell them what they were supposed to do.

But what were they supposed to do? Good question.

The activators are like packages of yeast. If you don’t put them in liquid they won’t do anything, They dry out, that’s what they do.

All the power comes from putting them in the right environment.

But what is the right environment for an activator? Any environment where it’s needed.

Your business-as-usual life isn’t the right environment. So how do you create the right environment? I know three ways:

  1. you get a bunch of exercises
  2. you get yourself in unusual situations
  3. you get in trouble… unintentionally

This article is about the second option: getting yourself in unusual situations.

How do you do that? Easy.

  1. Write a list of dreams or plans that you have postponed, procrastinated on, or even given up on. It can be in any area. One of my friends is masterful at relationships because that’s what he always picks to work on. But it can be business, health, education. Anything.
  2. Pick one. Any one. Remember, Source/Guidance will move you to the “right” project once you have proven, with enough steps, that you mean “business.”
  3. Make sure you are mindful that you have activated capacities… and keep the list of activators handy: look which may come handy, which may be needed, and when you see one, call on it. It’s there… like the little yeast packages in the fridge.
  4. Stay away, stay on purpose. Concentrate on this as a vehicle for your transformation instead of the results. The results of the project will be secondary to your transformation. Why? Because if the results are more important, your machine will kick in and you will do everything like before, forcing, manipulating, coercing. No transformation.
  5. Do this as often and as long as you can.
  6. Your vibration, the quality of your life, your experience will be through the roof. And you will be connected more times than not.
  7. If you haven’t come to any of the webinars, you need to find out what the heck I am talking about and get a few activators. Without them this is just an ordinary exercise, not an exercise in your personal ascension. For you, this is your first step… getting activators.

And remember, starting was the key. Flip the switch. Just like in connecting, in everything there is a switch. That is how you exercise your free will.

If you don’t see the switch, you are on automatic, and your machine is using your life. Not you.

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  1. Getting connected IS easy! Easy to learn, easy to do. You can learn it in a few minutes.

Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

2 thoughts on “Start Something. No Matter Where You Start, No Matter Which Direction, As Long As You Start, And As Long As You Stay Connected”

  1. “But what were they supposed to do? Good question.”

    To practice, practice, practice – in order to get perfect – n'est pas? And afterwards? I really don't know – yet. I'm still learning and reading, and re-reading (many things I don't understand for several times)…

    My Saturday's experience was extraordinary, there are no words that can easily explain it. The closest is – trance, (but, since I never was in trance, the label/term could be wrong.)

    I was smiling with no reason, and was feeling that smile inside – in the middle of my chest where my heart resides. Don't remember when I felt something similar.

    Thank you Sophie so much

    (and good night -in my zone it's 1:15 a.m)

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