The curious phenomenon of losing your vibration…

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…and then restoring it

Unless you understand what robbed you of your vibration, you won’t be able to restore it.

First off: what is the vibration measure measure?

I would say intelligence, if intelligence were a word that we all agree about. But we don’t. So I’ll dig deeper.

What lowers intelligence, even according to memes?

There is a saying: Emotions up, intelligence down.

What does that mean?

Buckle up, because this won’t be an easy ride.

All emotions come from words.

The words come from

  • interpretations of feelings
  • ego, meaning self-preservation, preserving inflated self-image

All emotions live in Plato’s Cave, the shadow world, where intelligence can’t. In the shadow world, in the mind, everything is a reaction…

  • The shadow world is set in its way… and
  • it has no access to reality that could provide additional clues

Self-awareness disappears in the mind…

So if intelligence isn’t available in the mind, then simply coming out of the mind is going to help restoring intelligence.

But how?

I am going to share what I do, and what some clients are willing and able to do to cause their intelligence to be restored.

They start labeling the emotion, and look if it is justified.

The part of the brain that does the looking is not the mind… so even just looking starts to activate the part of the brain that can cause intelligence.


How you label the emotion is almost immaterial. You can label it as ‘it’s my racket’ or you can say ‘ego’, or you can say ‘my self-concern’. The part that does the looking is what matters.

Of course if you use the mind to do the looking, then this won’t work.

So how would you know that you are using the mind? You would explain and justify… that is what the mind does. Talks and then talks some more.

Outside of the mind what is most striking is the silence.

No commentary, no explaining, no right and wrong, no justification.

There is this much talked about idea that there is such a thing as emotional intelligence.

It’s like pressing a gas pedal and the break at the same time.

You only have intelligence available to you when you have less or no emotions present.

  • Even hurry is an emotional response.
  • Even feeling that you have to, that you need to, that you should or want is an emotional response… so it is near impossible to have high intelligence when any of those are operating.

There are words that have both a reality and an unreality existence, like fear.

Fear, is feeling in a certain way. and it is good to be afraid. People who can’t feel fear, or pain are often dead before their time.

But treating fear as the master is stupid. The moment you drag the fear into the cave, it casts a big shadow. So fear in the cave is a monster… and you cow.

I feel fear. And I look if I have any reason to be afraid, instead of immediately abandoning everything and retreat into the cave.

I have ex clients who do that, and eventually I stop giving them the benefit of the doubt: I won’t train them any more.

Dragging the fear into the cave is a habit that is difficult to change… but it’s possible. But if you don’t even attempt, then I have no hopes for you.

So how do you train yourself to deal with fear outside of the cave?

You start small but regular actions that you take in spite of the fear.

Small, regular, consistent steps.

Here is an example: I am currently afraid that experts I ask to interview will reject my request.

The fear, in the cave, has some choice words: you are no good, and they know it! lol.

So, so far I have asked two people, and both said no… OK, that is a lie. Neither of the two responded.

I looked at the way I made the request and I can see that my words came from ‘you are going to say no‘ and from neediness.

So I am tweaking my words, and I will do ask again the same people, plus others.

I am also seeing that I am not clear and therefore I can’t communicate what it is I am actually offering… So I can now work on clarity too.

So what did I do?

I pulled all the power to myself. I intend something. The world is giving me feedback. I now have the opportunity to tweak how I go about my intention.

The not intelligent solution is to give up. And say something like ‘the world is not ready for my gift, my brilliance, my this and my that…‘ or say: it is never going to work…

The moment you REALLY get that ANY EMOTION only exists in the mind… and there is no life in the mind, there is no joy, no happiness, no higher vibration, you’ll focus on coming out of the mind…

You look at the emotion and know that it was created by words… words of the ego, words of a 3-year old, words of a wimp… but all the words are just words.

In reality there is no reason to experience any of those emotions…

Now, what happens if the ’emotion’ is stuck?

You may be experiencing the doom…

How does that work?

You have some belief… about yourself, about the world, about people. It is made up. Nothing wrong with the belief, by the way. The problem is with the meaning.

We call it the ‘therefore’… the inevitable consequence.

You believe something, and then you believe that therefore something will happen, certainly, unavoidably.

Now you are hooked. Hooked on the therefore. And now you live your life to avoid the therefore.

I call that ‘therefore’ ‘the doom’.

Your doom may have a long leash, or a short leash.

But either way, you are circling that doom, as if you were circling the drain.

My job, as an energy practitioner, is to find the doom in your body, and pull the energy. The energy is exactly like an energy attachment. Other people call it cord… I don’t.

I pull it… Pull it like I would pull a weed, root, leaves, all the plant.

But unless you can leave the ‘therefore’ alone, and start living your life that your belief about yourself or the world is just a belief, you’ll continue circling that doom, even though the cord is severed.

Why would you do that?

If your racket and your therefore are the same, you have a payoff, and that keeps you there.

What’s a payoff? It is a secret benefit.

Most people’s benefit is that they never have to do anything, prove anything, produce anything. They are off the hook.

And they are unhappy.

You can’t be off the hook and be happy. Humans are DESIGNED to be happiest on the hook.

This coming Tuesday, February 1 at 12:30 pm ET we’ll look at the connection between your life script, your racket, and the anchor to doom. I am most interested in ‘players’ who have had their anchor pulled and yet they are still circling the drain. But of course everyone is welcome.

If you have suspected that your anchor reconnected: it can’t… It is your therefore.

I cannot pull your therefore, I cannot pull your belief, I can only pull an energy…

Your belief is your belief and only you have the right to change it.

Unless growing, being happy is more important to you than being off the hook, no one can help you, no matter what ‘they’ say.

I am not promising that it is easy to accept that it is YOUR therefore, and most likely a big fat b.s., unless you can accept it as the predictable result of your circling the drain… it won’t let you go.

If I keep on playing small and cowardly, life will be a lot worse than direct annihilation… the doom I was circling for many decades.

OK, the Tuesday workshop is, of course, not free.

Let’s see what we can do to set you free

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