I Hear The Sound Of Scrambling, or How To Zen Your Life For Peace Of Mind And Prosperity?

Scrambling To Regain GrowthI Hear The Sound Of Scrambling, or How To Zen Your Life For Peace Of Mind And Prosperity?

But I am not scrambling. How come? I am not sure. My hunch is that it has two parts: I have been downsizing and I have been expanding at the same time.

First, let me explain what I mean by scrambling.

My email box is full of desperate attempts to get people buy stuff. Anything.

This is always so, you may say, and looking from the outside, it is. But you are forgetting that I am an empath. I get into the head of the email sender, whether I want to or not. And the scrambling is there, in their heads, in their emotions.

The numbers aren’t there. People are not as jumpy as they were just a few months ago. They are not as ready to buy everything and anything that promises what they want.

Is this because there is less money in the market? Could be. But my hunch is that the First Phase is working its way to the present (through the history levels) and this is how it looks. Less scrambling. 1

The scramblers woke up one day and noticed that they have been working IN their business, not ON their business, that is why they didn’t notice that they had stopped expanding and started to shrink as a result.

the art of having only what we need

Downsizing and Expanding

The money my business is making is comfortably provides me with what I need. And what I need is pretty much what I want.

With that said, with the activation what I want has been cut, and now I want less stuff and more experiences, knowledge, transformation.

Stuff, online and offline has been showing up as distraction. If I buy something, then I need to use it to feel that I spent my money wisely. So I think if I want to give a chunk of my life to that. And most of the time I don’t. Both the question and the answer is new to me. And I have always wanted to solve this issue: during the past 20 years I spent most of my discretionary income on stuff that is now junk.

I have been working on zen-ing my house (zen is a lot of empty space with only very useful and beautiful items in that empty space).

The question I ask: If I decided to travel overseas, would I want to take that thing with me? And if I did: would I want to go through a container to find it, or would I just buy a new one?

That question has me stomped: most of what I have, I would not ever look for in a container. Most of what I have I never look at. That is to say: 80-90% of my stuff is junk. But, at this point, I am not throwing much away.

There must be an activator that cuts that invisible chain I have to my stuff… MY stuff… Mine! LOL.

This was the downsizing: reducing the wants and stuff. What about the expanding?

While I am reducing my wants, I have been working on my business to create additional drips and drops of income. In an economy like this, staying power is everything. And the moment you are not expanding, you are shrinking… which is just another word for dying.

This is true for every area of life. Your spiritual life, your relationship life, your health, your finances. The problem is that expansion requires you to give it some attention.

Getting on my free programs is a great way to start.

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  1. What else have I noticed? I have said it in other articles, and it is still so: the amount of automatic negative thoughts has been cut by more than half. What a relief for me. I can fall asleep in emotional quiet. The only exceptions are obsessive thinkers, I haven’t been able to reduce their obsessiveness.

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