Low vibration? Here are some clues why that is… Updated

Summary: people don’t understand why their vibration is so low… in spite of all the work they have done on themselves, or the positive outlook they have on life, a life of making a difference, meditation, etc. Here are some of my answers…

  1. You live in and through your mind. You are curious, you ask a lot of questions, you amassed a lot of Tree of Knowledge type knowledge, and you feel secure in the world. You may have even achieved some success… But you are out of touch. Out of touch with your body, out of touch with your emotions, out of touch with reality. You don’t have the capacities of an Expanding Human Being, and you are not interested in becoming one. The price (all that “knowledge) is too much for you.
  2. Everybody is surprised to hear that Canada’s vibration is not friendly to my products, and that people from Canada have lower vibration on average than the rest of the world.

    Canadians themselves are offended… From their point of view, they are the highest vibrating, most friendly, most moral, highly socially conscious people on the planet.

    And, surprisingly, therein lies the mischief.

    When the entire bend of the society is against the individual, when the entire society is hellbent on focusing on social issues instead of celebrating the individual, freedom of people is curtailed.

    What do I mean by that? People, in order to fit in with the norms of society, need to pretend that they are more generous, more sharing, less selfish than the next person, and they need to take care of themselves in secret: it is not politically correct to care about yourself, or take care of yourself.

    This causes layers upon layers of pretense, at an ever accelerating pace, resulting in the horrible anxiety, anguish or people from Canada.

    The other thing I have noticed is their argumentativeness…they behave like they know everything, and there is nothing anyone can say that they didn’t already know, or even know better.

    Because the energy that all that pretending suppresses must come out somewhere… my feedback is that Canadian tourist can be recognized by acting superior and treating others with contempt.

    Now, between you and me, it is not their fault: no one in Canada is waking them up, and even my students, when after a class they are immersed in that toxic environment, it is near-impossible to hold onto the spark of divine, on the spark of Creator within.

    I just got off a marketing webinar after some tortuous 15 minutes: the speaker had to be nice, had to be glib, had to engage the audience, they were like some puppets wound up…

    A normal marketing webinar is 99% content, teaching, and selling, no rah-rah, no time-wasting chatter… except when the speaker is a Canadian… no permission to do just the job, they need to do the social dance…

    That experience on that webinar that gave me the final nudge to write this article.

    I hope Canadians will read it and wake up.

  3. Landmark Education graduates: Landmark Education behaves like a Canadian company: all the attention is on “making a difference” to others. Result: no growth and utter misery.
  4. You follow either positive thinking or some other “restrict your thoughts” or “change your beliefs” cult. All ideas are censored, you tiptoe… you have no freedom to be, no freedom to look at the world the way the world is, you need to change what you see to what is positive… you are dead, remote, policing others, and miserable… to the n-th degree.

    You have “principles” and “standards” and “ideals” that no living being can conform to, including yourself. you have no integrity.

  5. You are a “meditator” and believe that you should have no noise in your head. you suppress… and suppress… and suppress. You are deadened, you don’t breathe, you feel nothing… you killed the life force. You can’t just suppress one thing and not suppress everything… but being alive means feeling, having thoughts, etc…
  6. You live in a world where nothing should be the way it is, and none of it is your fault. You are the innocent one, and everything and everyone is conspiring against you.
  7. You live in the past. In what was done to you, in the injustice of it all.

These are just some archetypes of misery… there are a lot more.

Now, if you are a member of these “clubs”… what can you do? How do you start?

You will need to start with one of the liquid remedies, preferably the Heaven on Earth. If you are in Canada, you need to buy the audio and make your own… the country destroys the energies… Why? I don’t know.

You will need to find out why your current way of thinking is wrong… read my articles, they will probably answer all your questions. Also you can get some freebie stuff on my subscribers site… https://www.yourvibration.com/subscribers. Every item I offer there will teach you why your current mindset is mistaken and is the cause of misery and low vibration.

If you want to go beyond, eventually you will be able to enroll in the Foundational Programs and ask me on a Path coaching call… Make sure I’ll accept you before you buy.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

2 thoughts on “Low vibration? Here are some clues why that is… Updated”

  1. this question has always been on my mind, thank you for answering this Sophie

  2. I live in Canada and much of what you say in this article rings true. Dropping my argumentativeness and assuming personal responsibility has allowed me to see that. The anxiety … that’s another story. I am committed to expanding my view with the tools you provide. Thank you.

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