remove the biggest blockage: your head up your ass

Summary: We have all heard about blockages… we can even visualize them. We know of people who claim that they clear them… but what are blockages, really? And how do you remove them?

Yesterday we had a session on the Carrot and Stick webinar workshop, and it went differently than the way I planned. We could say that I encountered a blockage in or with people… because they didn’t want to do what I wanted them to do… Instead of forcing my plan on them, I started to listen and started to hear that I was forcing to build a skyscraper on insufficient foundation… We spent the whole 210 minute long session building foundation, and tearing up foundation that was fear-based. We are not done, but we started the work that needs to be done… foundation building. Foundation that will allow a healthy human being to be built upon, instead of trying to fix the plumbing on the 3rd floor… which is like hocus pocus.

You can do a lot of hocus pocus, but you can only work with what’s there, and you can only have flow if you find out exactly what keeps some old stuff stuck there.

It’s a lot like colon cleansing (sorry!). Most of us have so much stuff stuck to the wall of the colon that the fresh gook has to go through a very narrow and brittle hole… Had they cut you open, the dried out stuff on the wall of the colon would make your intestines stand… like a dirty pair of jeans… lol. Ugh.

Some of us have been having this for a while, so the colon bulges out… and puts the stuff it can’t move, away in pockets of gook.



keep-calm-and-pull-your-head-out-of-your-assIt’s going to take a lot of work, and I mean a lot of intelligent work to make the stone-rigid stuff soften so it can be removed, and so that the colon moves vigorously to get itself rid of the stuff in the pockets.

How many people do you know that have done it? I don’t know any. Including myself. I am working on it… using a lot of hot peppers… by the way.

You know that I have been infusing my drinking water with the Effortless Abundance Activator ever since I discovered it, and my energy level, my willingness level has been through the roof… till Tuesday. On Tuesday I needed to fill a thousand bottles with Heaven on Earth aka Sleep Rescue, and although everything that is in the Sleep Rescue is contained in the Effortless Abundance remedy, I realized that people want to sleep, and the Effortless Abundance Activator makes you not tired… so I had to make sure I had a 5-gallon container with just the Sleep Rescue… and that I what I drank for two and a half days.

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday: I was sluggish… I played games. I didn’t feel like working. Business came to a halt… WTF? right?

I muscle tested a lot of ways… without making anything wrong. I chose things to be the way things were… slow, sluggish, tired… It took all I got not to make things wrong, but I succeeded.

Finally, I finished filling the bottles, and added the “missing” energies to the big container to turn it into Effortless Abundance… This worked, instantly, like a charm… and even sales picked up. Boggles the mind.

There is something, a blockage, that the energies of the remedy effect, though I have no idea what it is… where it is…

Cleansing oneself, given all the resistance we have, given all the blockages we pose to life and the life force, needs to be almost ongoing.

Here is a “testimonial” to what happens when a blockage moves:

Hello Sophie

I just want to share my experience after yesterday’s webinar. When you were working with Daniel I was feeling tired and sleepy but I decided to stay on. After we finished my session I suddenly felt full of energy that even after the webinar I was so high in energy I ended up doing some stuff.

There was even a task that I really needed to do but I have been procrastinating for 4 days because of my ‘machine’ ( I don’t feel like doing it, wait when you feel like doing it.) I did not do the task until last night after the webninar. I managed to override my machine unconsciously. I didn’t sleep until after 1:30 am because I felt so energized.

This morning I woke up feeling good and when I say ‘I choose who I am because I choose who I am’ it triggers me to feel powerful and energetic and the feeling that I can do anything,.exactly like how I felt last night.

Thank you


Now, did that blockage, caused by resistance, got removed forever? No. Just like when a chiropractor adjusts you, you “hold your adjustment” well or poorly, long or short, depending on your attitude, on your acidity, etc. some people will have their results longer or shorter.

I hold both my adjustments and cleansing long… but I don’t become complacent. I do my blockage removal every day, and I see the chiropractor every week.

By the time you feel that there is something wrong, it is a little too late: you are already miserable. Just like with water: by the time you feel thirsty, you are dehydrated.

So what is it that you can do?

  1. Use the remedies to “loosen up” the resistance. Use the remedy that is closest to where you are… you should always start with Heaven on Earth, and graduate to Effortless Abundance
  2. Submit yourself to transformational processes (I have them in courses or in the coaching program) do major excavation: you need to be ready for that
  3. Use audio activators (all of them) to keep you shedding continuously, if you are willing to use them co-creatively. Meaning: you do the work, the audios only help, provide the perfect environment so you can see what’s holding you back.

Like you saw in M’s share, unless you can choose yourself to be the way you are, unless you choose to feel the way you feel, unless you choose things to go the way they are going, you are resisting and creating blockages… physical, physiological, mental, emotional and spiritual.

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