Witnessing: without witnessing nothing happens

witnessing your life makes it an interesting lifeThere is a sentence in the Unconditional Love Activator. It is said twice, because it is so important. Yet, most people don’t know what it means, and they don’t even think to find out, to ask about, so they can get it…

Without witnessing as if nothing happened… or said in another way: without witnessing nothing happens.

What is witnessing and what does the sentence in the activator mean?

I first heard the word in the movie “Shall we dance” (Richard Gere, Jennifer Lopez, Susan Sarandon). Susan Sarandon hires a private eye because her experience is that her husband must be up to no good… The private eye asks her why she married the Richard Gere character. She says: “I wanted my life to be witnessed…” Which pretty much gives us a clue: she experienced her life suddenly not witnessed… thus hiring the private eye.

So, what is this witnessing thing?

Witnessing is “done” with the Witness aspect of you. The Witness is a non-judgmental aspect of you, completely unconnected to your ego, or your mind. It, instead observe their move, the body, the emotions, the thoughts, even the Soul… You have it, you probably have never met it. It can witness the world, the economy, other people… if you can consciously identify with it, at least some of the time. I do.

You experience witnessed, your life witnessed, your life and you validated only if you have some connection to your own Witness… otherwise everything will show up as your mirror: judgment, make-wrong, slighting, domination, wanting to change you, etc.

When your Witness is activated, it witnesses your life, without ever asking you to change, you or anything. It is not passive, it is just not coming from “I like it/don’t like it,good/bad,true/false,nice/nasty” as your other aspects do. I has preference for magnificent, but a preference is light as a feather, no domination, no have to, no should.

a life witnessed becomes the life of an Expanding Human BeingSo, that is one job of the Witness. Without it, your life isn’t witnessed, and you feel worthless.

Another job of the Witness is to acknowledge positive changes in a somewhat proud of yourself, and grateful way.

To the degree your Witness gets the significance of a change, to the degree you’ll own your power and role in the change.

In my programs the people that have a strong Witness grow disproportionately faster than the ones that don’t. A change, a breakthrough not witnessed never happened…

Much like: if a tree falls in the forest and no one hears it, it didn’t make a sound. Sound only registers if there is someone to hear…

Same is with a breakthrough: if it doesn’t register, it dies off, as if nothing happened.

People who take remedies and acknowlege and watch for changes, start getting more and more changes. Is it placebo effect? No: it is the Witness that allows them to get more, do more, be more.

Most of us live in the mistaken belief that if we are stingy with our compliments, our acknowledgments, then we end up having more benefits… or something moronic like that.

And they keep on shrinking, and experiencing less and less benefits… that is also a spiritual energy phenomenon: if you give less wood to the fireplace, eventually the fire goes out.

There are people who are takers. They will have a real hard time to grow, because takers are stingy… they live life from a scarcity mentality…

Witnessing is a conscious gift, coming from abundance, coming from generosity.

But, pretending to be generous isn’t the same as true witnessing…

It is a rope-dance… graceful or clumsy… depends on the amount of practice you are willing to invest.

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