The Majority Is Always Wrong Or How Are Movies Used To Dumb You Down

phenomenon: human power is deniedI am a movie buff.

When I was 19, question #40 was ‘movies’ on my high school final exam (in Hungary). I’d always loved movies but I didn’t think I could talk about movies in general, so the day before the oral exams I read a book by a Hungarian filmmaker on movie making. I pulled question #40 at the orals.

After 40 minutes the 3 examiners said that they loved what I said so much that they would want me to talk more, but there were other students waiting…

That statement made my relationship with movies even stronger.

I discovered that I paid attention to the tiny clues most people missed, details that showed depth where other people only saw stories.

I can say that my relationship with movies is very active… and nowadays Source picks the movies I watch, and I get my guidance through movies…

With that said, I watched a 15-year old movie, Phenomenon, last night.

It’s about this ordinary, slightly dumb but very likable guy. The only pub on the only street of his “town” celebrates his birthday. Drunk he walks out to the street, and sees a strong white light. It knocks him out for a few seconds.

By the time he gets back to the pub he wins a chess game without looking… fast transformation.

He is suddenly curious, he has a sudden quickening: goes from dull and shrinking, to sharp and expanding.

The “town” fear him and hate him. He makes them look bad. He speaks of stuff that is beyond them. They are only interested in the scandal part of the story.

Our hero suddenly understand that we are all vibration, we are all energy, and he has a co-creating relationship with stuff…

So far so good. I know exactly what they are talking about: this is how a “normal” human being looks when they are activated. Activated with the activators from the Creator, through me.

What comes after that really angered me. The film makers didn’t have the guts to just allow this guy to be who he could be: they had to find an explanation to what happened to him, and then kill him.

The story they are selling to you is that this guy had a tumor in his brain and that is what caused the quickening.

Why? So you don’t feel bad about yourself. So you can feel superior to even this guy, because obviously you don’t have a tumor in your brain. That’s why you are staying the same, that’s why you don’t grasp, that’s why you don’t invent stuff.

But I say that you don’t have to stay the way you are, and you don’t have to get brain tumor to start being an expanding human being.

Being expanding is in your DNA, and once activated (some actions are necessary!) you can start to play with a full deck, and start on a path of winning, growing, feeling good about yourself, all the good stuff that is your birthright.

It’s not as fast as the movie makes you believe, but it works.

The first breakthroughs come in relationships. Why? Because that’s how life began, with relationships, and that is the area where we are most limited.

  • G. reports that before activation she was contemplating divorce. After activation their relationship is stronger than it has ever been.
  • B. reports that before activation he spent most of his time on the phone, or on seminars, because his wife only wanted to watch TV. After activation they’ve been spending a lot of time together, they are in love like in the beginning, and it’s wonderful (his words).
  • N. reports that before activation everything her clients said to her landed like criticism or complaint or restriction, and she spent most of her time feeling wounded and not free to be. After activation the incidence of any bad feelings got reduced to a once-in-a-while phenomenon, that she, herself, now can get herself out of.

I have also experienced profound breakthroughs:

  • I kicked the milk habit (milk doesn’t like me but I love milk…) I considered being well a priority and kicked the habit.
  • I used to struggle my students or clients not following my coaching. Today I can see their side, I cans ee where I didn’t give them enough information, and my strong negative emotions disappeared.
  • I used to talk about compassion, but it was always an after thought… after I got angry. Now I have compassion from the beginning, and my relationships and my health love it.
  • Ego used to tell me, every day, that now I know everything. Then some incident would force me to learn otherwise, but ego again would say: Now I really know everything.

For quite a few weeks ego hasn’t said anything like that. And for someone who has struggled with ego all my life, this is the sweetest breakthrough.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

2 thoughts on “The Majority Is Always Wrong Or How Are Movies Used To Dumb You Down”

  1. I loved reading this Sophie! I was upset about the ending also, I was so excited about the concept.. Something so amazing and beautiful and they turned it into a tumor. I can’t watch movies with other people. I can see something different than they can. I don’t see the same story line. I watched a movie with the kids, Disneys tomorrow land. Im a bit anti disney these days, but it was holidays and kids wanted to watch a movie.. I was blown away at the message in that movie in plain site. Have you seen it? Could you share your thoughts? Thanks so much 🙂

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