The entitlement anchor: what being ‘entitled’ really means

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The entitlement is anchored deep, and unless it’s pulled, it will keep jerking you back and forth, like a puppet.

Because I never felt that I was entitled to anything. My entitlement genes turned off when they were supposed to. It was around age 2. That was actually a little early, but that’s when it happened for me.

I never suspected that the entitlement anchor is actually more predictive to the quality of your life, to your unvoluntary harmful actions than the anchor to doom.

My bad. I can only see something when I see it.

I don’t think anyone else in the world studies these inner dynamics… so I hope you forgive me for having missed this important piece.

Peace begins when expectation ends?

So, because I didn’t have an anchor to entitlement, ONLY the anchor to doom has jerked my life. and it is quite a b.i.t.c.h. to escape… and I haven’t quite find my action, the action that would keep me from it running the nasty script it is running… even after I pulled the anchor.

But now having done a couple of handfuls of entitlement anchors, I am starting to see that you have it worse.

Entitlement is an expectation…

You see entitlement is such an overwhelming belief that it is hard to see around it. And people, society, will agree with you, because society is 99% moochers, looters, and self-sacrificers.

You see, you are either going to mooch, loot, self-sacrifice or produce.

A producer will have their own happiness, welfare, fulfillment front and center…


Let me clarify something:

There are two kinds of desires to receive:

1. Desire to receive for the self alone…

Kabbalah calls this evil… and this is the dominant desire for homo sapiens. This is the ‘normal’.

I remember struggling with the concept 15 or so years ago.

I only knew this desire, and the self-sacrificer’s desire… the desire to give, the desire to belong, the desire to make other people happy.


2. The second kind of desire to receive, is the desire to receive FOR THE SAKE OF SHARING.

Whaat? Yeah. Receive and pass the Light on like a channel. Don’t hold onto it, allow it to pass through you. You benefit, and others benefit.

This is an alien concept for homo sapiens.

Producers live desiring to receive this way. They produce, for the sake of producing, and enjoy the rewards… but don’t stingily jealously guard their treasure… It is not all about them, not all for them.

Producers don’t insert themselves in the middle, hoard what they get, and sell just ‘junk’… the lifeless junk they made… none of the Light from the Universe, Creator, or wherever it comes from.

As I have said before, there are only about 1000 producers in the world, when we use this as a criteria for deciding who is a producer.

Of course a lot more people live a productive life, but they do it for the sake of ‘desire to receive for the self alone’… so they are not ‘producers’ in this sense.

For example the owners of the coaching program I just got kicked out of for not being an ‘obedient little fan-girl happy with my lot’.

They are very productive, but passing through none of the light they receive. None. They pass on their darkness.

When you operate with ‘desire to receive for the self alone’ other people are just the means for you to receive… and whether those people will benefit or not is just a common sense decision: if they don’t think they benefit, they won’t buy.

So the individual or the company hogs the ‘Light’ coming down entirely , and channel none of it to the user of the service or product. Instead they exchange it to a lesser vibration, lesser value ‘I give this to you’ type of interaction…

It is what makes grocery store employees pick out the biggest eggs for themselves and substitute small ones in the carton. It is what makes the butchers at ‘Wild Fork’ cut out the real brain, the edible part, keep it for themselves, and fill the package with the inedible part of the brain… (My personal experiences…)

After a long long time, years, of ‘not feeling it’, I managed to get the hang of it.

I am the ‘in between’ person, the channel, not the ultimate provider. Everything comes from the ultimate source of all Light.

It is not my ultimate wisdom, or generosity, or good ideas you get when we have a relationship, business or otherwise… I channel directly from the source of Light… energy, to you.

And interestingly you can only do this successfully if you are Self-ish.

When you consider yourself the most important person to take care of, nurture, satisfy. Really. I know it is counter-cultural. But this culture is not a healthy culture… it is causing humanity to do the things that make the species self-extinct… how healthy is that?!

Before I became a producer myself… I was self-sacrificial… I sacrificed my self-interest, my self-care, my satisfaction for others.

It was the way MY doom, the way my dominant belief directed me…

It is difficult to see what actions can take you away from your doom… I only see a little corner of it at this stage: rebuilding myself as a person who is VALID… and DESERVING.

Because these are the things my dominant belief (good for nothing) deny.

I have quite a few clients and many ex clients who have a similar (good for nothing) dominant belief.

They also have their child genes, aka entitlement genes, and the entitlement says the opposite of the dominant belief…

In my opinion the right order to do the ‘healing work’ is to first work on the entitlement…

which would mean for most people: to accept that they are ordinary, normal, not special, not king, not prince, not the center of the universe.

Once that is done (will take some getting used to!), after pulling the anchor to entitlement comes the second part…

they can start dealing with the dominant belief, that says that they are no good… in so many words.

Both the entitlement statement (I am special) and the doom statement (I am no good) are lies… You are simply normal, and need to work on and for what you want.

The ideal outcome of this process is that you stop being a moocher, a looter, or a self-sacrificer… and start living for yourself, for your own sake, and do what that entails.

I live in that space, and I can tell you, it is the only place where fulfillment, joy, and real well-being lives.

When the doom takes over again, and it has happens quite frequently… I catch it and swim away from it.

Nowadays unfortunately I don’t have any forum, any friend, any partner with whom I could have, in conversation, realize that that is what is happening, doom-takeover… that is why I am unhappy and wretched like everyone else.

I only have people who need me… or who are selling to me… No friends. No one who is interested in my welfare, who can and is willing to be there for me.

I hope you have someone in your life, other than me, who is there for you.

Don’t think I don’t know what life is like for you. I do.

Don’t forget, some 37 years ago my vibration was 35… I have only measured one other person with that low vibration… Otherwise the lowest I meet is 75.

I had a cone of vision of 1%… I looked at the world at the light of a penlight, neither going deep, nor going wide. And I could never connect the dots… not until my cone of vision, through regular exercise, expanded. I still do the exercises daily. Often several times a day…

Your doom and your entitlement keep your cone of vision narrow and shallow… so you can never see the connection… so you can never be effective.

If you are stingy by virtue of your soulcorrection, this work is extra hard for you…

…you don’t want to do anything that benefits anyone other than yourself. It hurts… and at the same time you feel bad about yourself… Quite a trap.

Anyway, if life isn’t giving you a lot of joy, a lot of peace of mind, maybe it even withholds money, love, and relatedness, you probably need your anchors pulled.

And when that is done, design the actions that will allow you to swim away from the drain that is pulling on you… swim away and stay away.

It is not a one and done, you’ll always have the pull of the drain… it is physics… not fixable. But it’s soooo worth it!

Get your anchors pulled

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