What does emotional and intellectual inflexibility do?

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intellectual inflexibilityAlmost all Nobel laureates in the sciences are actively engaged in arts as adults. They are twice as likely as the average scientist to be a photographer; four times as likely to be a musician; eight times more likely to do woodworking or some other craft; twelve times more likely to write poetry and literature; seventeen times as likely to be an artist; and twenty-five times as likely to sing, dance, or act.
– Bob Root-Bernstein, PhD

That, above, is probably a puzzling fact.

The question you should be having on your tongue is to ask: Why is that so?

The answer, of course, is below the visible, the invisible.

The invisible is 90%, and the visible is 10% responsible for everything…


Who will be successful and who will be a non-starter or a non-achiever.
What business will succeed and what business will fail
Which relationship will work out and which will be a bitter disappointment

And if it is everything, then, of course, that list is as long as ‘endless’.

Let’s look at first at the Nobel laureates in science… why on earth would it matter that they did some artsy, creative things in reality?

In reality? Did?

Yeah, we are getting closer to getting an answer.

Most people, even scientists, never actually do anything. And you cannot find out much about reality… and science is an activity that pokes reality to get some answers, isn’t it?

So if you are not DOING stuff, you won’t find out much of anything.

The activities listed above all poke reality from different angles. And how you do anything is how you do everything: if you do it in one area, you’ll do it everywhere…

And to be groundbreaking, and that is the criteria by which they award the Nobel Prize, doing ground breaking work, you need to poke reality in some unusual way.

So, if you tracked so far, the two things that missing for most people, and most scientists is

  • Doing things in a creative way
  • And in reality.

Does running count? Walking, shopping, watching TV? Are those activities poke reality in a creative way?

The answer is no.

Now, why would you care what Nobel Laureates do in their spare time?

When I look at the people I attempt to train, I see one important commonality: they have a narrow cone of vision, and they cannot look at things through different ways, and they cannot change where they look.

Their view is rigid, inflexible.

The more they work with their hands the less rigid their view becomes.

There is a theory that humans became humans because of what they did with their hands.

And another one: since humans stopped working with their hands… because of computers, they are getting dumber, and they are getting more rigid.

What you do with your hands directly shapes the brain. The brain’s plasticity, an ability to change, adapt is directly connected to the hands and to the eyes.

Hobbies that involve the hands and the eyes make your brain more willing to reshape itself to serve your interests that any other activities, like reading, like sports, like entertainment.

Is it too late for you? Maybe. Maybe not.

It depends on your ambition.

And here is where context, the invisible part will play a huge role.

If you do something with an agenda, the agenda will fizzle out, and your brain knows you had an agenda, and won’t change. Darn, right?

But if you do something you manage to like, and can do it for its own sake, then there will be no agenda.

Agenda is violence. Force. Rape. Enjoyment is gentle.

We are in my current program, Prison Break, we are in the phase where the participants are choosing their projects. The projects are the vehicle to take them to freedom.

Getting to freedom is the goal of prison break.

The prison is the mind. But more specifically, the prison is the ‘backdrop’.

The backdrop has all the stuff you said about yourself and the world, and has the pipe dreams you have made up to escape reality.

The backdrop will pull you out of reality, out of doing what you need to do, out of pretty much all doing, into the cave of your mind where everything is dreamlike… because it’s not real.

The project’s job is to keep you and what you focus on away from the backdrop long enough so you can actually do something worth doing.

Will it work for everyone who does it? Maybe. Maybe not.

Why wouldn’t it work?

What is missing for today’s humans across the board is agency.

Agency is considering oneself, one’s activity, one’s thinking, one’s attitude, one’s behavior as cause.

  • Causing what you do.
  • And Causing what you consciously think and say
  • Causing your attitude
  • And causing your behavior

Causing is a capacity. Agency is a capacity. A DNA capacity.

If you think the activity will cause you, the project will cause you, society will cause you, your want will cause you, your desire will cause you… then you are not using the DNA capacity of causing and even if I turn it on for you, you won’t use it.

Why wouldn’t you use it if you have it?

  • Cowardice is the most frequent cause.
  • Wanting to get off the hook, not wanting to be blamed, not wanting to be held responsible.

70% of people are cowards.

If you are, you use all kinds of REASONS why you do or don’t do what you do or don’t do.

Until you admit at least to yourself that you chose and not your reasons, that you are the one who is not willing to choose to do or not do what there is to do, there is no hope for you.

You need to be retrospectively wrong… Very few are willing.

Only when you can and are willing to CHOOSE what there is to choose, what you have, what there is to do, what is yours to do, only then will my work work for you.

Because the context is decisive.

The the bottom line context is: did you choose this? are you powerful, or are you delegating power to pipe dreams, to other people, to fate, to reasons?

No one is willing to be cause 24/7.

I am willing and am cause 70% of the time.

Average on the planet: .25%…

This is why the planet looks the way it looks.

Causing means that what you do, what you say has no other reason than you, that you are saying it or doing it.

If you can finish this sentence: I am saying what I am saying because… then you are not causing what you are saying.

Same with doing, of course.

The visible part of being non-cause is explanation and justification when confronted, or asked.

‘I lied because I was afraid.’

The three umpires story is to the rescue:

Remember. the question the three umpires are asked: how do you call ball or strike. And if you don’t know baseball, ball or strike is a question if the ball was inside or outside of requirements.

The rooky umpire says: I call it the way it is.
The journeyman says: I call it the way I see it.
The seasoned umpire says: it ain’t nothing till I call it.

The seasoned umpire is the rare individual who causes what they say.

Do you? In anything?

My programs, the energies, DNA adjustments train you to be that seasoned umpire. To live your life with power.

Tall order.

In a world where not causing anything, but having lots of becauses is the norm, being a seasoned umpire is not easy. But extremely profitable.

And here we can look at another ‘thing’ that is in the invisible: a thing that is at the root of success or failure of most projects, business, or relationship projects:

The ultimate question:

For me and mine… or for everybody?

Not accidentally, the ‘for me and mine’ comes when you are looking at the backdrop straight. That is when your self-concern makes all the choices, dictates all the actions, where everything you do is ‘because…’

That is when your self-concern number is high, that is when your rigidity number is high, and that is when you are most wretched.

And when you can tear your eyes away from the backdrop far enough so you can’t see it in your peripheral vision, is when you can work on something you chose for the sake of desire to share it.

Now, truth be told, 90% of all people have NEVER looked away from their backdrop…

But 10% have. And that means that they can.

I am working with this 10% mostly. The ones that haven’t, or can’t are maybe in my classes as control: I am curious if I can move their eyes for them.

I am a mad scientist. I like Doc Brown from Back To The Future… or Einstein. All three of us have that crazy hair.

OK, now… what would I recommend to you, if you belong to the 10% that has and maybe can take your eyes off the backdrop?

Take a good look at yourself, and decide if you are a coward.

If you can’t find proof in reality that you are, then you are still in the game. If you are: you are eliminated.

Look to see if you have enough energy to do the work required.

Don’t be mistaken: you’ll be the source of all the energy that is needed to build a life for yourself that is not imprisoned by the Backdrop

If you do… you are still in the game.

And if you passed this then I can work with you… but first you’ll need to find out what the heck we are talking about.

I have hundreds of videos and audios teaching what I have been teaching: how to be that person who lives a life they love and live it powerfully.

Although this course, Backdrop, is somewhat advanced, it goes to the heart of the matter, and you can see the fundamental challenge you’ll face if and when you apply to be trained.

It is not a walk in the park, and…

…you can’t succeed until and unless you take your eyes off the backdrop.

There were five people in that small workshop who haven’t and probably won’t take their eyes off the backdrop… mainly because they have never have, not even for a moment.

If you are truly part of the 10%, you have… and therefore you can.

After you watch that video: would you, please, email me the name of the one person who has and is taking their eyes off the backdrop?

I’ll give you a valuable gift, worth $600.

The Backdrop. Can you look away?

PS: In business, in marketing there is a very simple test that I can perform with a person.

You see, you can be interested in what problem people want to solve. Or you can be interested in selling what you have.

If I have a hard time making you more interested in what problem people want to solve, how they talk about it, then you are also going to be able to tear your eyes away from the backdrop…

But if you are more interested in selling what you have, you probably won’t.

Where do you fall in this continuum? Care to comment?

PPS: The answer to the puzzle in today’s email: the difference, the invisible difference was, of course, where they kept their eyes. Henry kept it on the process of breaking out, his project. The rest kept their eyes on the prison life… the injustice of it, on the prison… And it kept them in it.

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