Who is Responsible? Or How To Increase Your Personal Power… Raise Your Vibration, Improve Your Health… etc.

cantaloupe or who is responsible?One of the things that show the level of your intelligence is how much of your power you give away. Or keep for yourself and use it for what you need to do…

We, humans, are really good at playing the “blame game.”

We, humans, are really good at playing the “blame game.” That, combined with the other favorite, “suddenly,” is really lethal.

I don’t have a TV, I don’t read the newspaper, but can’t avoid getting glimpses of “big news,” like the cantaloupes that killed.

Let’s look beyond where the news (and probably you) stopped: what is the assumption that killed here?

Raise your hand if you wash your melon or cantaloupe before slicing and serving it. If not, do you assume that the outside of the cantaloupe has nothing to do with the insides?

How about your hands? How about the knife that cuts first the rind and then the insides?

What I find most interesting is that no one is mentioning the responsibility of the end user. 1 Why? Because everyone is expecting someone else to take care of them.

But truth be told, if the growers washed any of the melons and other vegetables, they would all rot… it’s been always the end user’s responsibility to wash, dry, and then eat.

Most people don’t wash their hands either…

So, what’s the point, Sophie?

The point is, that how you do anything is how you do everything.

If you don’t take care of what you have access to, what is yours to take care of, then your life is in shambles, and you are at the mercy of others.

If you are more interested in finding the guilty person to blame, then you probably have no success in your life. In any area, and I can promise you that.

Your access to your personal power is to look and find what is or could be YOUR responsibility, and take it on. Pull it toward yourself. Claim it. Insist on it. I’ll go even a step further: take it on, even if someone else has promised to be responsible, like the boss, the government, your teacher.

Your health will improve. Your financial situation will improve. Your relationships will improve. And your vibration will start rising.

PS: I left out that intelligence doesn’t mean you don’t make mistakes! Intelligence is being willing to learn, AFTER you take responsibility.

This is what happened to me.

roasted butternut squash souproasted whole butternut squashI make a “famous” Hungarian soup, butternut squash. I bake the squash whole, which means that there is plenty of opportunity for microorganisms to get inside the squash once it’s baked.

So, today, I washed my butternut squash before I put it into the oven. Now, I feel a lot more intelligent. I learned something. Lol.

Butternut Squash Soup Recipe | SimplyRecipes.com

Oct 10, 2014 … Simple and easy butternut squash soup recipe with a green apple for added flavor.

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  1. It is the American culture to consider the American public hapless idiots. Why else would there be a warning on plastic bags: warning, it can cause suffocation if you put it in a baby’s cradle, or another one: your baby can hang themselves on the cord of the window shade… Are we really that stupid, or is this a way to keep us little hapless children that Daddy can take care of, tell what to do, and tell us to play with our toys, and shut up?!

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4 thoughts on “Who is Responsible? Or How To Increase Your Personal Power… Raise Your Vibration, Improve Your Health… etc.”

  1. I am not asleep. I take responsibility. My husband taught me what you said about washing fruits and vegetables. I feel good when I read your words because I think these same thoughts, at one time or another. If I haven’t thought them, well, you give me something to think about. Hey..Usually it is deeper than I would go. But I do!

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