If you want more, better or different from what you have

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envyIf you want a better future.

This is a long article. Don’t just skim it… it has no value that way. Please…

Most people want different, and they want to change.

You are an employee? You want to be a business(wo)man.

And you start hating what you are doing, and start dreaming about what you are going to do.

And the only thing that happens from that is a pipedream…

So you never actually do anything better.

So what is the way?

Wallace D Wattles says it clearly:

  • Start where you are.
  • Get as good at what you are doing as you can. Faster, better. Tighter. So there is room to do more.

Any work you are doing now can be the stepping stone that takes you to more better or different.

Instead you continue doing what you are doing, shabbily, half-assed, so-so, dreaming of the future that can never come. Waiting for Godot.

Why? Why can’t it come?

Because if you are doing what you are doing half-assed, so-so, not too well, without bringing all your power to it, you’ll do that with the next thing and the next thing, dreaming about a future, a pipe-dream that will remain a pipe dream without you fully applying yourself.

You are, maybe, getting sick of me teaching you, telling you what Alex Hormozi did or does.

I bet you only hear what you want to hear, not what you need to hear.

You grab onto what you hear… which is 99% not what is said… and run with it.

Here is a way to explain what you are doing:

You hear that there is a lot of money in soccer. You hear that they play it with a round ball.

So you go out and buy a round ball. And throw it around, and sit on it, and roll it down the hill…

But it is not the right ball, and you don’t know how to play the game.

Why? You never heard what was said. Never saw what people actually do when they play football. You are doing your own thing, thinking you are getting somewhere.

Even if you read Wallace D. Wattles…

you have never taken the time to experiment and feel what it is like putting all power in all action, the certain way. You interpret it, as you read it, and you dismiss it.

Without that certain way, you can’t do anything right. Not life, not work, not the work you pretend to do with me.

When I look, everyone’s backdrop ‘features’ a few sentences that every single human living today has on their board.

  • Don’t tell me what to do
  • I don’t want to
  • I’d rather do something else

And as long as your backdrop is telling you how to be…

…how to do what you are asked to do, you are going to do sub par work, shabby, so-so, and your life will mirror it perfectly.

This is also a degrees thing… No one is at 100%, but most of you are at 1%.

And even if and when you know how to do things fairly well, with time, weeks maybe, you’ll fall back to your normal… 1%.

What will happen if you take on the Certain Way of doing things? Things you are already doing?

You’ll suddenly have time. Time for what? To first improve what you are doing.

Parkinson’s Law says that the work, the task will take up as much time as you allocate to it.

Today, on the low level of skill, on the low level of putting power in all your actions, you probably don’t even get done what you set out to do in a day.

Why? Because the backdrop says that it is unfair! That You deserve some time to browse the internet, check your phone, read articles, chat… whatever.

Even the work you have done is imperfect.

So your first job is to get everything done on your plate. Then do it better, do it faster.

I bet some skills are missing for that… So learn as you earn.

  • If you have clients… make the interaction more precise, and more effective.
  • If you have processes: create a process that is semi-automatic.

And while you are doing it, pay attention to your body.

  • Don’t slouch.
  • Breath.
  • Keep your attention on what you are doing.
  • Flash out your cone of vision occasionally.
  • Control your attitude.
  • Control your attention, not just your eyes… Catch it when it goes to the ‘default’ sentences, or complaining, or daydreaming. Simply return it to what you are doing.

Any tasks, especially the menial tasks are time to deal with and train your habits, your habits that keep you, at best, mediocre. Or shabby.

And as soon as time becomes available, start clearing the useless memes from what guides you.

Here is an example: if your memes tell you that sales is dirty, that you have to provide value, and that the customer is always right… Slowly, one by one, CLEAR them out of the space, or you’ll never learn to sell.

If your memes say anything, you cannot learn anything well.

If you have a type two backdrop your memes will tell you that you are great. Amazing. That you should never have to learn from mere mortals, like your coach. That you are always right and they are always wrong.

The number one benefit of being in the Hero program is that it’s like an aquarium: what you do is visible. I see it. And I’ll tell you what you are doing that keeps you mediocre or less.

It stings to hear it, but unless you start doing things the way they are supposed to be done, I’ll keep telling you… And if I feel you’ll never listen, I let you go.

If you talk talk talk instead of do what you are supposed to do in the Hero program… I’ll tell you.

If you don’t even tell me what actions, what tasks you scheduled to complete for the day: I’ll shame you. And if you just talk about stuff: I’ll tell you.

It is like herding cats…

Today’s humans know nothing of discipline. Like cats.

But if you look at what is the certain way that can take you where you want to go: it is 100% discipline.

You cause every action you take, you cause your attitude, you cause your speaking.

You also cause your intention, all the way to the seed level.

But Your want and your intention don’t match

Most people pay me to help them get to where they want to get to, but their intention, deep below what they said they wanted, is to get away with murder, to be off the hook, to dupe me successfully, and to live exactly the way they are living, but have better results.

And when caught, which is every time, they blame their soulcorrection, their brain, their parents, their laziness, fear, whatnot…

Case study

I have one student in the Hero program who is, in this regard, doing better than the others.

He got that what makes humanity the undisciplined herd of cats is the turned off gene: causing.

And he owns the 14 second audio, the DNA adjustment activator. So before he does the tasks in his projects, he causes himself to use the audio, causes his genes to turn in the right position (7 genes, don’t remember) and catches himself wanting to think about what he is supposed to do.

And sees that he can cause to do it or let the backdrop take him out of the game.

Seeing that: he causes himself to do it…

The rest of the people DON’T WANT TO BE RESPONSIBLE.

That is the state of humanity: humans don’t want to be responsible. Not you, not anyone. Except the 1000.

Some people, occasionally, take on being responsible, but even that has a ‘because‘ attached to it.

Real causing doesn’t have a because. It’s a choice.

The 1000 chooses to be responsible… Choosing is also controlled by the causing/responsibility gene.

You cannot reliably cause anything outside of yourself. But you can learn to cause what you can cause, cause what maybe effects what other people will do.

Yesterday I started to listen to Earl Nightingale’s famous 3-hour long Lead The Field program. Here is the pdf if you prefer to read

12 chapters. The first three I have heard. They have a 70% truth value. The rest, Source tells me are 30% truth value.

Earl Nightingale’s vibration, just measured, was 200. He didn’t, couldn’t, wouldn’t live his teaching himself. He had a type two backdrop… already splendid. And he didn’t have the causing gene on.

He is teaching something well, something he learned from other people. Not from his own experience. Although I am sure he played with, experimented with causing his attitude, but only within a narrow scope… not playing the whole gamut of attitudes a person can have.

Is it worth learning from him? Yes. But unless you DO what he teaches, you are wasting your time.

Knowledge, the kind that knows ABOUT things is worthless. Knowledge that comes from doing, from experience, is the only thing that makes a difference for you.

Some of my clients have a problem with selling… so this next part is about selling.

Talking about selling isn’t… Only selling is.

You don’t know how to sell? You’ll do an awful lot of things that aren’t selling… Song and dance…

Without selling you won’t become more.

Why? Because in every interaction, in every conversation selling is going on. If you are not selling then you are sold. Sold to obey the other person’s self-interest.

I don’t know how to teach selling.

So how can you learn it?

In my experience you need to put yourself in the position of selling… and then learn as you go. Every sales situation is either a success, or a learning opportunity.

That is what I did. My level of sales savvy is 30%. I wish it were more. One of my coaches is a sales monster. His sales savvy is 70%. I wish his coaching ability were as high. That, his coaching ability is 10%. Instead of coaching he talks…

Unless you are Earl Nightingale, your talking is not useful for anyone not even yourself.

That dude with the 70% coaching ability uses a selling method, consultative selling, that is also an excellent way to coach… Coaching is selling the client to do what will get them what they want. But once the sale is done, he prefers to talk.

The best way to learn selling is to volunteer. When you volunteer, you don’t have the pressure you’d have if you sold for yourself, or for an organization that pays you.

Having pressure to do anything is not useful… You want to have the freedom to experiment and find your feet.

To develop different ways to approach the issue.

In my experience being curious and interested in the problems the prospect has is the easiest and most effective.

Unless what you say your solution is a perfect match to what they say their problem is, they will not buy.

Landmark was ‘lucky’ back in 1983 and again in 1985.

What made me buy into what they were selling is the overwhelming feeling I had that somehow I was left out. That everybody was happy, and I was the only one who wasn’t.

So their slogan at the time: ‘A world that works for everyone with no one left out‘ was a perfect match to what I was hoping for.

Unless you are willing to hear how they express their problem, your sales pitch will only talk AT THEM… and rarely sell them.

Why wouldn’t you want to know and match how they express their problem?

You can’t… as long as your life is about yourself, as long as your life is about being the smartest person in the room, as long as you don’t care about the other only about yourself and what you want to say, do, or have..

I wanted to say that the degree of that depends on the proportion of the second type of backdrop, but Source dares to differ. You and your self-interest, self-concern can occupy your whole visual field, can occupy your entire attention, regardless of the type of backdrop you have.

But remember: the goal is that they want to do what you want them to do.

Which means: their self-concern needs to be more important to you than yours.

If your self-concern, given the gap between reality and fantasy is too big, you won’t allow their self-concern to have any importance to you.

I think I have gotten here to the bottom line:

your number one job is to reduce the size of the gap between the two selves. The real and the imaginary.

You are not as good as you think you are, and you are not as bad as you think you are.

Pick the statement that matches your main issue.

And pick what is going to be the main propeller, the main energy source that can move you forward and higher.

For me, that is hate.

Here is what Yuval Noah Harrari says about hatred:

Each Russian tank destroyed and each Russian soldier killed increases the Ukrainians’ courage to resist. And each Ukrainian killed deepens the Ukrainians’ hatred of the invaders. Hatred is the ugliest of emotions. But for oppressed nations, hatred is a hidden treasure. Buried deep in the heart, it can sustain resistance for generations.

Of all the feelings, and yes, hatred is a feeling, not an emotion, hatred is the strongest. It is stronger than the sex drive. And a whole lot stronger than love. Love is weak and temporary in comparison. Hatred can fuel a life…

Two of the 1000, Alex Hormozi, and Yuval Noah Harrari are both fueled by hatred. And me too. I haven’t looked at many so far.

Don’t hate the people… hate the behavior, the experience… and do whatever is in your power to get away from it.

The type two people who hate me because I tell them the truth don’t hate the truth, they hate me. That has no power at all.

You want to hate the gap between your two selves. You want to hate the laziness, the shabbiness, the time-wasting, the mediocrity.

And then use the energy of hate to change YOURSELF.

A nation, like the Ukraine, is doing that. They change themselves fueled by hatred against totalitarianism, against whatever it to hate in being under Russian rule, against being called a non-nation.

This is what I had to go through with regards to my hate of the Germans –> Nazism –> fascism –> antisemitism –> and then stupidity –and finally considering everyone else a non-person: being an object living in a world of objects. It took me a few decades.

That hatred is still fueling my work… keeping me alive beyond my ‘sell-by’ date.

Unless you have the courage to say ‘no’, you can’t say ‘yes’. It will have no shelf-life. It will dissipate. Disappear.

And that is what I see among the people who say they want what I teach. They don’t have the courage to say ‘no’… even though they complain, gossip about, hate on things and people.

But ultimately they are complacent.

They say they hate their own behavior, but they haven’t said ‘no’ to it… not on any level. It remains a complaint and a justification.

Nations are ultimately built on stories.

Each passing day adds more stories that Ukrainians will tell not only in the dark days ahead, but in the decades and generations to come.

The president who refused to flee the capital, telling the US that he needs ammunition, not a ride;
the soldiers from Snake Island who told a Russian warship to ‘go fuck yourself’;
And the civilians who tried to stop Russian tanks by sitting in their path.

This is the stuff nations are built from. In the long run, these stories count for more than tanks.

You can replace the word ‘nations‘ with the word ‘people‘. Or with the word ‘I‘. And then start creating better stories.

That is where the Hero program can shine… Creating better stories about yourself… But only true stories, not imaginings. And as long as you fill your thread in the hero program with ruminations, no story is created…

  • You are either talking or acting.
  • You are either causing or explaining why you aren’t.

Too much talk…

I adjusted 37 people’s DNA… five to seven genes, depending when they asked for it.

The genes: turning off the entitlement genes, turning on the permission gene, the causing/responsibility gene, the foresight gene, the driftwood gene, and one more… Source remembers, I don’t.

Anyway, out of the 37 people I accepted 11 bids for the 14 second audio that turns on the adjustment.

And out of the 11 people one just started to use the activator regularly and CORRECTLY.

o you see why you need hatred? because even when you pay for something that can make life glorious you don’t have enough energy to go for it.

Anyway, I don’t know what to offer to a lame person like yourself.

One person just like you has started to strengthen themselves with the exercises in the whole brain program I have offered.

So maybe I should suggest that you do that. It is a rental… You can borrow it for 90 days.

puddleThe exercises train your attention. Train your discipline. Train your eyes. They train your brain. It’s a great first step to pull yourself together and to be less lame, to be less like a puddle, and more like a river.

Train your attention and your brain

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