Good, noble, high-minded… are they the source of high vibration or moronic views?

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high mindedWhenever you feel that you are on the side of good, the side of noble, the likelihood that you are looking at the world through a narrow cone of vision, and therefore what you say is moronic, is near 100%.

Why is that? Because you are hearing everything through a socially defined, religious mostly, narrow opening in the mind… You’ll miss most of what is being said, and it doesn’t even occur to you… you are oblivious to that.

You won’t make any effort to look at how you are looking, look at the angle of the cone you are looking at, look at the filter… ask additional questions… no, you won’t do that.

Why? Because your mind says that you got the whole issue handled.

And how you do anything is how you do everything.



dog and woman


c7f4e051930a084e86b3dff532b30e1c1b6f411c0079b2cf257b4926ac133fa2Your vibration is low, even if you are in a high position, even if people trust you with their lives, even if your students/patients/clients think you are OK…

Is this behavior limited to a racial group, a societal group, a certain country?

Somewhat yes. But more because racial or societal groups get the same mind-conditioning, their behavior will be similar or identical throughout their lives, unless the individual is willing to get above the conditioning.

I have never seen this happen, but it’s not impossible. Why? Because to the person it looks that they see everything, and no matter how many times it is proven that they don’t, they believe the mind, instead of facts.

I grew up with barely any guidance: I had to find out what is true and what is not. I didn’t ask questions: I preferred to figure it out myself. I used my brain for experiments, for figuring things out, for real thinking.

One of the biggest issues I had in my life is thinking that everyone was like me.

I was idolized by the people who knew me well in Hungary. I could not see that I was different, so I didn’t understand what was the big deal. I didn’t think I was anything special, because it was so hard for me to learn anything new: I didn’t memorize, I invented everything I attempted to learn, no matter what area of life, science, or skill it was.

I talked to other people thinking they were intelligent, inventive, curious, and smart… I always had to find out that people had some memories of others taught them, but they never learned anything the way I learned everything.

I had an upsight back in 1987 when Werner Erhard interviewed a Nobel Prize Laurate phisicist, who shared with him how frustrating it was to teach physics.

He said that people don’t learn the way he learn and therefore never own the knowledge. He, like me, invented everything.

This upsight gave me wings, and some understanding that how I was, how I knew, how I heard, how I saw wasn’t ordinary.

I am an Expanding Human Being, and I am pretty much on my own… the physicist has died since.

As long as you are stuck in the knowledge paradigm with the listening skills, thinking skills you have, you are stuck on the ground floor of your being, and nothing I say can get to you, can make a difference…

Do I mind? No. I mean I can see that it would be fun if you could take on becoming an Expanding Human Being, and we could do it together… yeah.

But if you can’t, I am OK with that. If you won’t, I am OK with that too.

Will I stop teaching you? No. Why? Because this is my methodology of digging deeper: teaching it. And I am having a good old time, Thank you very much.

With that said: in the Carrot and Stick series I am teaching a group of 7-8 people to cast their web wider, to open up the cone of vision, to see more, and ask more relevant questions.

I this teachable? What do you think? Comment below.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

1 thought on “Good, noble, high-minded… are they the source of high vibration or moronic views?”

  1. In a way, it cannot be taught, it can only be pointed to. The student can be pushed or prodded to learn for himself or herself, but they have to show up with a willingness to wake up. In Zen mediation, the teacher comes around and you make a gesture that you are requesting to be hit with the bamboo stick. The students who learn to wack themselves are the ones who will learn something. The teacher provides a context in which it is apparent that hard work yields desirable results.

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