The Three Levels Of Connecting To Source

your tangerine spot You can connect on 3 distinct levels to Source.

Level 1: you concentrate and activate your tangerine spot. As long as you are aware of it being active, you are connected: you can receive light, some nudging guidance about what Source wants you to do, you can work, walk, exercise while this connection is on.

eyes look up and tilt backwards in connecting to Source look up tilt your eyes backward to connect to Source Level 2: you locate your tangerine spot and activate it, you shift your attention to your eyes, you look up and tilt your eyes backward (your eyes roll into your head) feel the tension in the eye muscles, then return the attention to the tangerine spot. You count till 15 and your connection is now on.

On this level you can get activated, you can get specific light, you can ask Tr.’s light to go to a specific issue

lift your self up through your tangerine hole to connect on level 3 lift your "self" through the tangerine spot to get into the level 3 connection Level 3: you get onto level 2, then you lift your whole self (the triangle) through the tangerine spot (hole) to above your head. You can do it with your hands/arms or with your imagination. If I were you, I would first practice doing it with my hands and arms, and when certain, move onto imagination.

the angle is consistent with the fact that the tangerine spot is on the part of your skull that is still horizontal but behind the line of a headset’s band… if you can imagine that. You are lifting your triangle through that portion of the skull, and that is why there is an angle…

In a level 3 connection you can command, it is a two-way connection. Beware: thinking takes you out of it…

I recommend you start with level one, graduate to level two, and leave level three alone for now. At this point it will be mostly ego that commands… lol

Watch the video for more details here

And beginning on October 30th, I’ll do one session a week, changing schedule weekly to accommodate the most people… where I can check your connection and make corrections for you, using my empath ability.

The sessions are on webinars, you can use the typing messaging system inside the webinar, or if you have a headset (microphone and headphones) then you can even use your voice to ask me. Depending on how busy the session is, you may be able to ask questions, and I’ll answer them. Next session is on November 4, Friday at 9 pm EST (that is GMT-5) You can register here. You’ll get reminder and personal webinar link.

If you know you are connecting, you can still come, and spend time in MY connection and get more light in one hour than in any normal week on your own.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

6 thoughts on “The Three Levels Of Connecting To Source”

  1. Sophie thanks for the great explanation it helps very much.

    I have a question about the step 2 connection and your comment about Trivedi. You said in another article that Trivedi's vibration had dropped and brought Gopal's down as well. If I connect at level 2 and then get one of the Trivedi transmissions, do I risk a vibrational drop as well, or will that not be a possibility because of the fact that I have connected successfully via level 2? Put another way, what if Trivedi is not connected and does transmissions from the entity plane – is there still no risk to me if I am connected?

    Thanks, this stuff is a trip.

  2. Geoffrey,
    Trivedi's energy is coming from the 4th plane. Always. What it does is undifferentiated. It's like a rain shower. If you direct it it will water your field or clean your porch. If you don't, it will just run off.
    No danger and no risk in getting it either way.
    The energy can hurt him. Because nothing is free on the 4th plane… but it is not harmful to you.
    Last monthly enhancement program session his energy was long and strong, almost as strong as Gopal's two months earlier.
    In my writing about him, what I wanted to emphasize is that the recipient is responsible for where the energy goes.
    If you are connected and have something to break through in mind, you can get an elevation of vibration, but it's not the energy that causes it but your willingness to tell the truth about an area that needs work.

  3. Sophie I have a question about this . . . if I receive 4th plane energy coming through an intermediary, and nothing is for free, doesn't it stand to reason that I'm making a karmic tie with whomever on that plane the energy originates with? I don't understand how receiving energetic 'goods' from that realm could be dangerous to Trivedi but not to me if I willingly choose to partake of them. Can you elaborate on this?

  4. The energy is requested by Trivedi. He is the only person who is doing business with the 4th plane. You are an end user, and you never set foot to the 4th plane.

    It's like any other commerce: you eat in a restaurant, and where-ever they buy the food is their business, you have a business relationship with the restaurant only. They may have sold their soul for the food, but not you. I hope this is clear now.

  5. Here we go, Guruji again… lol

    You need to direct Source energy too. Without direction source energy doesn't do much. The tool for directing Source energy is request. Many say “prayer.”
    When you get an activation through MY request FOR YOU, I ask for the energy to go first to your history level, then to your ego level, then to your soul level, and then to your cellular level. People don't know that without the energy going to all those levels, they won't see benefits. It's like putting chocolate on something that is not ripe, something that is not tasty: the end result will be distasteful.
    6,000 years of distasteful history needs to be healed before the end result will be what you really want.

    With regards to your question why I still get Trivedi blessings: 1. because I have paid for 6 months BEFORE I had the vibration I now have. I think my vibration was around 625 when I got the first blessing. Higher than Guruji's… but because I knew how to direct the energy, I got an enormous benefit from it. Energy is energy. It is like the stove: you can cook bacon and eggs on it, or a goose liver… they both need energy to become the best they can be. I personally love goose liver… Haven't tasted any since I lived in my parent's home, some 40 years ago.

  6. Hi Sophie, I have experienced Guruji Trivedi’s Blessings. I am grateful for your explanation that we are responsible for the energy we receive, but wonder is this because of the plane of energy he is emanating from? Can we benefit from an energy transmission without being conscious of it? Does it work differntly with plants than people for instance? (As he has changed the molecular structure of plants for the better, for instance, and I assume the plants do not have consciousness and accept the blessings)
    Why do you get transmissions form him Sophie? If you are vibrating at a higher level can you still derive benefit?

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