What is the most important thing to practice?

If I were you, participating in my programs, I would ask me what is the most important thing for you to practice and maybe even bring it to mastery.

When I look at the people I have the opportunity to observe (not many), what I see is that they are mastering in:

  • resistance and
  • tish-tush. (avoiding responsibility)

The second word is Hebrew. It means that whatever you do you do to make it unclear to the observer that you don’t know, that you don’t care, that you don’t want to be called to account.

I don’t think it is very important to be called to account about past actions, past behavior, past anything. It is done and gone. The law says different, but Life is a lot more forgiving… if you did something horrid, or embarrassing, or stupid in your past… Life doesn’t care. The Statutes of Limitations of limitations is a legal term, not a life term.

Life is more interested in what you are doing now, and what you are committed, what you intend to do in the future.


So free yourself up, and say: The past is real. But the only thing that makes it predictive is if my behavior stays the same.

Society wants you to feel remorse for the bad stuff you’ve done… And that glues your eyes to the past, to the backdrop, and not surprisingly your behavior follows.

So, remember, the first thing is ‘see’ and everything follows after that. See in your mind’s eye, see on the backdrop, see it in reality… seeing is seeing.

I have a favorite saying by famed management guru, the ‘father of management’, Peter Drucker. He said somewhere: Never look back unless you are planning to go that way.

I just looked it up… and it was Henry David Thoreau who said that. No matter who said it… that is the best quote to serve you.

Never look back unless you are planning to go that way.

Why? Because your past is all on the backdrop and it’s been your backdrop that kept you who you are, what you are. Resulting in you being miserable, resistant, and doing a version of tish-tush.

Instead look who do you intend to be? What do you intend to do? Really.

And for that you really really really need to master turning on your intention at will. Not hoping to turn it on. Not turning it on when I am watching. NO. For your own sake, for your own future… learn, practice, practice more, all the way to mastery.

Isn’t it more important to do what would make you money, earn you respect, more customers, more something?

No it isn’t. You see without something changing nothing will change… and without something on the seed level changing, nothing can change on the above-ground level. Cannot.

I know you are dumb and I know you don’t agree. I know you are sure that you can change the future by doing different things…

But what you have never accepted is that unless the seed level changes, the how and ‘to what end’, nothing will change, even if the actions are different.

You’ll continue doing everything to look good and to survive.

  • To be liked.
  • To avoid domination
  • And to avoid being held to account

And as long as that is your main purpose, your seed level underneath doing the things you do, nothing can change.

I am looking at some well known figures, like Bill Gates. His seed level is wanting world domination. It doesn’t matter what he does, that is what is underneath it. And nothing good for the world, you can be sure of that.

But here is a very important fact: does he consciously intend that? No. It is his unconscious intention.

Does he use his intention, the energy? No. He doesn’t.

What would happen if he learned to use his intention?

If he somehow got hold of the video recording of the workshop from Tuesday?

Would he be able to continue his unconscious intention?

Muscle test says ‘no’. He would suddenly get conscious of his seed level, and he would be knocked conscious.

How about Hitler? Same thing, says Source through muscletesting.

How about Putin? Same thing.

Trump? Ditto.

Why? Because when you use your innate energy, the intention, your higher self takes over. Your god-self. Desire to receive for the sake of sharing.

Why? Because it also connects you to Source. As simple as that.

What happens if you refuse to learn and refuse to use the intention energy?

I will know something about you. You refuse to be your best self. You refuse to be called to account.

Thus, You COMMIT to be evil.

It is as simple as that.


I really don’t. I don’t have high hopes for you… So you never disappoint me.

So when do use your intention?

I say: use it when you want your seed level to be healthy, godly, constructive.

In the Hero program you are asked to create a project.

Instead of creating a project from the past: turn on the intention, and be willing to be surprised at what comes out of your mouth.

In the same program you are asked to set (in your calendar) three tasks daily… perform them at the scheduled time in the allocated length of time, and then at the end of the day report back about them.

Turn on your intention energy when you set the tasks, turn it on just before you do them, and turn it on when you report about them.

You’ll be surprised to see that your automatic is strikingly different: your dominant attitude, how you do anything will not run the show.

How you do anything is how you do everything. And it is not pretty. It is not effective. It is not life-affirming.

It’s ugly.

  • If you are floppy, it is really your attitude.
  • If you are rigid and resistant… it is really your attitude. Your how.
  • And if you talk too much to prevent yourself and others to see the ugly… it’s your attitude. You can’t stand looking at ugly.
  • If you just want to be praised, be the center of the universe… that is your attitude. That is your how. You don’t do anything for the sake of doing it… your agenda is the seed level.

Turn on the intention and the seed level, the how changes.

If you cannot tell if the intention is on or not, just look at HOW you are doing what you are doing. The attitude.

If it is familiar, then the intention is not on.

Your want to, need to, have to, and should all come from the mind… But the intention comes from your beautiful Self, from all you can be. And you can bet safely: that Self will not do things the same way as the ugly, puny, self-centered self does.

And that is how you know.

My past-based self is resigned, or tends to be resigned.
It tends to slouch.
It tends to give up.

I can tell when intention is not on… I can see it (I slouch) and I can feel it (I am always on the verge of giving up. ‘What’s the use, it is never going to happen!!! Baah Baah Baah‘)

A decade ago I had three, sometimes five webinars a week attempting to teach people to connect.

A few people learned to connect. But none of them got the essence of why to connect.

So they connect to muscletest food and water. But they don’t connect to alter the seed level of their life. They don’t connect to become all they can become.

Maybe one person… some of the time.

I can see that it is my fault. I myself changed when I finally connected. And I am not allowed to do evil things… and god knows, sometimes I want to… lol.

Punish the people who hurt me… mostly. Or withhold love…

So now you know.

When you turn on intention, while it’s on, you are your god-self. And bring a wholesome seed level to what you do while it’s on.

Growing yourself, growing your business, growing your relationships, growing your income, growing your skills, all the things that matter.

Doing, maybe, the exact same things you would do without the intention energy being on, without being connected to Source.

What is different is the underlying seed level.

The how.

The resistance, the arguing, the explaining, the tish-tush, the no curiosity, the self-aggrandizing, etc. is not there.

No agenda. Instead there is freedom, and just being.

So for a while I am going to do small workshops again. For practice.

Monday, Thursday and Saturday.

For a fee.

Why am I not making it free?

Because if you are a taker, if you want me to do it for you, if you are not willing to bring forth your effort, you’ll be at every session… and you’ll never become the person who will, the person who can.

First you have to come to a teaching workshop… and practice it. And then come to practice sessions.

If you sign up to a practice session without first doing the training… I’ll simply ignore you.

OK, I just scheduled a training session for this coming Sunday, March 13, the day when the US starts daylight saving time…

The training session will be at 4 pm EDT! That is 7 am in Australia… I expect some people from there. 1 pm in California. 11 pm in Western Europe. 10 pm in the British Isles.

And I’ll make more training sessions as people register.

And a practice session Monday March 14 at 10 am…

I will gauge the interest and schedule accordingly.

So here is the link to register to the training. It now includes one practice session for free.

Learn to effectively turn on your intention
Obvious, to me, that I don’t quite know how to set this up… so in the beginning this is going to be a bumpy ride… for me. The scheduling. The knowing who paid and for what.

But in the long run I’ll figure it out and it will be worth it. Not financially, mind you, but because I’ll have had made a bigger difference…

PS: In my conversations with Source…

I have learned that some individuals actually earn immortality while they are on Earth. Not their physical body, but their energy.

Hoohoo! My father is one of them. There are 17 such people… from all ages.

This tells me that not all 1000’s have earned immortality, but my favorite 1000, Alex Hormozi has… Can he still lose it? Yes. Have I? Yes. Can I lose it? Yes.

There is no truth in what religions teach about afterlife, about gilgul, about reincarnation. So this was and has been unsettling to me: I have been preparing, in earnest, to cease to exist…

I cannot fathom what it is like to be pure energy.

So, Source says that the purpose of this ‘immortality’ is to do work. Haven’t been able to ask the question that would get me a ‘yes’ answer about the nature of the work… yet.

But I have a hunch that teaching you to use your intention is part of what is earning me this privilege.

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