You don’t have enough time? Are you sure that’s what’s happening?

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not-enough-timeEach cultural group has a typical way of saying something that sounds weird for a “foreigner.”

Israelis say: “Ein li koah” meaning: I don’t have the energy… add the exhausted breathless tone of voice to get the total mood.

Americans, if I am a judge of that, lol, say: I don’t have time! add the exclamation mark to get the mood… it is like throwing your hands up in total exasperation.

Hungarians say: Too much to do…

I say: I don’t have brain cells for that.

All of the statements above are mistaken in pinpointing the cause of the “no”.

Why do you feel like you don’t have enough time?

It is true that you need more energy, it is true that more brain cells could give you a little more juice, but ultimately it boils down to attention.

We live in an age where attention is the scarcest non-renewable commodity: you only have so much attention to give, until you exhausted your resources.

Of course you can train your attention to see more than you do, but that is a topic for another time, another article.

Successful women don't fall in love

This article is going to concern itself more with WHAT you give your attention to

Much like who/what you spend your time with? What do you do when you do something? What do you think about when you think?

Everyone and their mother knows that prioritizing is very important, but I am yet to hear that unless your whole time is prioritized, you are wasting your resources on menial, unimportant tasks, that can safely be ignored, delayed, or delegated.

A friend of mine is delegating her housekeeping, or much of it, but then she gives her time to spending it with people… so she never has time for herself, for reading, for even watching a video. She is all booked up. Growing? When? She doesn’t have “time” for that.

When I share with people that my place is un-cleaned, that I only do the dishes once in a while, (I have a dishwasher, by the way), that I only do laundry 4 times a year (or is it 3? lol), that I don’t have a pet, that I don’t chat on the phone, that I discourage people from emailing me, that I don’t spend any time on social networks like Facebook, that my cell phone is used to make phone calls and checking the weather only, people are horrified.

If I told them that my famous green thumb is not active, and my plants are suffering, they would write me off as a low vibration slob, disgusting, etc.

I have time for things that are important to me

Your life is as big as your projects are, and most of your projects are housekeeping, eating, talking, and other menial tasks. When you are at work, you check your email, check your phone, think about stuff unrelated to work, and your work isn’t worth a dime… You give it, while you are at it, about 10-15% of your attention, and most of it as “split” attention, because you pretend to multi-task.

When you want to evaluate what’s important, you should ask: what is impactful. So impactful that five years from now I’ll enjoy the benefits, or if I don’t do it now, I will regret it five years from now.

This article was triggered by three “incidents”:

  • I found mouse droppings on my kitchen counter.
  • I noticed that two of my plants are in an advanced state of dying
  • I re-read my last article where I am blasting you for not being willing to use your whole attention and brain.

Your life is puny, because where you give your attention is puny.

You behave as if you had no rights, no power, and no ability to call the shots with regards to your attention.

It’s a pretense. It’s the same thing you do when you blurt out stupid things. When you put that thing in your mouth you swore won’t eat any more. It is the same thing you do when you press the snooze button. It is the same thing that you do when you don’t go to sleep in time, when you watch just one movie, etc. etc. etc.

How you do anything is how you do everything. You pretend that your body, your mind, your hands have a mind of their own and you can’t do anything about it.

You are, about your whole life, the way I am about a ringing phone. It rings, I pick it up. Like a trained monkey.

That is the last action I haven’t been able to bring under my conscious command.

So, what should you do now, that you can see that your life isn’t worth a dime?

Offended? You are wasting your time on that?! Don’t… Feel bad? You are wasting your time on that?! Don’t…

This is how you start reclaiming your life:

  • Action number 1 (2,3,4…) Stop multi-tasking. Consciously. Cold turkey…
  • Action number 2: when you are interrupted, don’t try to multi-task, and continue what you are doing and handle the interruption: both will suffer.
    1. Stop doing what you are doing. Completely. Mentally tell the task you are in the middle of to wait for your return.
    2. Turn, completely, physically, and every way, to the disruption. Find out what needs to be done there.
      1. Option 1: nothing needs to be done, it was just a noise, your cat, etc.
      2. Optione 2: Do it. Completely, wholeheartedly, until it is handled
      3. Option 3: Set a time when you’ll do it, and communicate it. Make sure you can keep your promise
    3. Stop doing the interruption task, even in your mind. Stop thinking about it. Completely. It’s handled. If not, handle it until it’s handled and then return to this step.
    4. Return to the original task and pursue it… don’t bring any remnants of resentment to it. Just do it, with your full attention, with your full heart, with your full consciousness.

If you do this, I promise that life will get 2-3 times better, just from doing this.

Now, what do you do if the task at hand doesn’t occupy all your attention, heart, consciousness?

Don’t be mistaken, I still have tasks like that. Filling bottles with remedies doesn’t demand of me to give it all my attention. And yet, I do. How do I do that?

I imagine you next to me waiting for your bottle of remedy. I put all I got to put all my consciousness into that bottle just for you.

This is why I don’t hire someone to do this seemingly menial task: it isn’t menial. It is my opportunity to express my love and commitment to you.

you are the hope of this planetYou are the hope of this planet. You are the potential for the emergence of Expanding Human Being. I love giving you that little extra push while I am filling your bottle.

You should have a question right now:

Is there a difference between a bottle I fill and a bottle you charge with your audio?

I find that there is. In the moments of handling that bottle I push all my love, all my compassion, all my consciousness into that bottle. There is a noticeable difference in the effects.

This is not a ploy to coerce you to buy the bottles from me… You can put your own love, compassion, commitment into every gulp of the remedy you drink… Ultimately it boils down to YOUR commitment, much more than mine.

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