Intention is the gateway to your higher functioning self

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The response to my offer to train you to turn on and use your intention has been disappointing.

So in this article I am going to focus on what it is that you are missing.

Obviously I am not a salesperson, and have no real experience in selling you what you want…

Even though you want what I have, maybe, you sill only hear what you have always heard.

So what is it that I haven’t told you about the Intention activation?

The most important thing is:

Intention is the gateway to your higher self, to higher functions that are unavailable unless you intend them to work.

And the most important thing is about intention is this:

Intention is an energy that is built in, that I don’t have to turn on for you, like a capacity. It is part and parcel with being human… every human, with no one left out.

So what are higher functions?

  • The ability to direct your attention.
  • The ability to connect to Source.
  • To be disciplined,
  • to integrity,
  • compassion,
  • love,
  • caring,
  • loyalty,
  • allowing
  • the list is virtually endless.

When you can activate your intention, you can turn on any of those… and they will stay on for some time.

So who will have a hard time with this, and will resist this process?

  • If you think you are all you can be… already smart, already everything you van become…
  • If you are cowardly and afraid of success… and many are

But even though these people will resist this process, once they experience it they will experience being their best and will want to return to it again and again.

It’s intoxicating.

I remember when I first did it… 17 years ago.

My first experience was that finally I found my home. I was 60 years old, and never experienced being at home. I had been restless, tense, looking for a place to call it home all those decades…

I’d always had my eyes on something new, something different, something better, and never allowed myself to really put all power in all action, because of fear that I am losing out on something better.

So what are clients saying. Clients who have experienced this state… It is a state… a beingness…

  • The feedback is that it is joyful, that they feel light…
  • that things become easy.
  • That the resistance falls away.
  • The pressure to be right eases up.
  • The compulsion to explain everything is not there.

There is something that they don’t say… but I can see: it is temporary.

And without proper instruction it becomes ‘yesterday’s breakthrough and today’s grief’

So this is the reason for this new teaching structure I am implementing.

  1. It starts with a longer session where first I demonstrate to you that you have innate energies.
  2. Then we’ll turn on the intention… and demonstrate that the intention energy is active…
  3. And third, if you have my DNA activation audio, I’ll ask you to play it, and INTEND for it to adjust your genes.

If you don’t have the DNA activation audio, you’ll skip this step.

Now, are you fully trained by the end of the instruction session? Yes and no. You’ve had an experience, but it won’t be enough.

The human condition, the mind, suggests that you can turn on anything with words… Not true.

Energies don’t respond to words.

Your words come from your mind… and the energies are part of physical self… No connection. None.

So you’ll need practice. Controlled practice. Where I can muscletest if you succeeded, so you don’t go down the path of ‘imagining’ that you did… Imagining Means: the mind took over.

Once you participate once in the training session, you are eligible for the dirt cheap practice sessions as long as I offer them.

And if you are shaky… you can revisit the training session for free.

If you are not interested in becoming your higher self: more intelligent, more astute, more flexible, then, of course, this is not for you.

If you have no ambition, only desires? Ditto.

This process to master will take work, and you likely aren’t interested in work… you’ll just want someone to hand it to you.

If you just want the experience… you can have it…

OK, the first scheduled training session is today at 4 pm EDT… it is daytime savings already in the USA where I live.

The session is about an hour long… longer if too many people come.

And depending on interest, I’ll schedule practice sessions to match the time zones of the people already trained.

Your first practice session is free.

Learn to activate the gateway to your higher self

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