Why Are You Attracted to Bad News? Unhook yourself from worry, fear, opinions

wurry the cat... aka worrySummary: worry, fear, opinions makes us stuck in the future or in the past, and we completely miss the present, where life happens. At best worry, fear, opinions just make us miserable. At worst what we don’t handle in the present kills us… Either way, we miss life, we miss our power… What a waste

“Once, there were three kittens named Murry, Furry and Wurry…” 1

I’ll admit to fabricating Murry and Furry, but you and I both know that Wurry is often pampered and protected like a cherished pet. We talk about our Wurry and cuddle it. We share our Wurry with others, hoping they will choose to love our Wurry as we do.

If you try to help a person eliminate their Wurry, they will rise ferociously to its defense.

People who have all chosen to love the same Wurry form organizations and political parties, bound together by a shared anxiety.

Would you like to have anxiety? It can be yours if you want it. All you have to do is craft a pessimistic interpretation of ambiguous events and voilà, anxiety is yours.

In the New Testament “Jesus” says: “Don’t worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.”

That’s a well-known Bible verse, but if you actually choose not to worry, most people will consider you to be foolish and naive.

We are programmed from birth to give our attention to the snarling tiger on our left, instead of the beautiful butterfly on our right. When face-to-face with imminent danger, fear gives us focus and clarity. It is a biological imperative that keeps us alive. This is why we give bad news the highest priority.

But that doesn’t mean fear is always useful. When was the last time you encountered a tiger?

In the absence of snarling tigers, modern man has chosen to focus his need-to-fear beyond this moment, beyond his circumstances, beyond objective reality.

Our fear about the future is called Worry. It takes you away from being present, from being powerful NOW, of doing what’s appropriate… It makes you a loser.

  1. Example: Let me finish the story I started in the “Suck It up” article: By the same afternoon the bottles I sent to the “other” fulfillment center, (aka warehouse) were available, and I was able to continue selling Sleep Rescue. Wonderful.

    But some other trouble started brewing: All the people that received their Sleep Rescue from the first warehouse 3 (Remember? I sucked it up!) I could respond appropriately: I ordered new bottle caps that are tighter, and sent a replacement bottle to all that complained. People are taken care of, and I am still in business.

    Do you think I would have had the presence of mind to quickly respond, had I been still stuck on blaming the warehouse? No way.

  2. Here is another example: One of my students experienced something she didn’t expect.

    On one of the Carrot and Stick sessions I broke it to her that she is nasty, attacking, gnarling and barking… How you do anything is how you do everything: If she does that on the call she does that everywhere.

    She was stunned. But what came later was truly miraculous, for her (not for me, I am used to it by now, that’s how it works.) She experienced peace, no worry, no thoughts… Why? Because before that revelation (that she is “nasty”) she had to hide that, with every breath she took, and had to pretend to be sweet, funny, jovial, and the like.

    She worried all her life what would happen if people ever found out that she was real, that she was angry, that she used “judging” as a self-protection… Did it work? No, it didn’t work. Now, she has a chance at being real, angry when angry, sweet when sweet… nothing to hide. Real, in the present, effective.

    That is how it works… All your pretenses, all your worries make you ineffective, hijack your energies and attention, and render you an ineffective human who can’t even contemplate becoming a Human Being… how could you, with both hands tied behind your back.

    Living effectively needs all your energies, all your faculties uncluttered with worry, uncluttered with fear of the future.

    When you are effective, unencumbered, you deal with what comes at you, you don’t miss it. You deal with it.

    How is that for a better version of life?

    The Effortless Abundance Activator is what helped me take my eyes of the “obstacle” and put it on what’s in front of me. The Effortless Abundance Activator is what helped my student be able to hear the sordid truth (that she behaves nasty towards people… pretending to be nice) and get rid of the pretense, the burden, the mask, and finally be someone who can engage in the business of life… in earnest.

  3. And let me bring up an opposite example, of someone who doesn’t take the Effortless Abundance Activator.

    She is an ex student, who left in anger, disgust, because I didn’t take well her criticism of my (using her own words) “impenetrable wall of self righteousness and superiority coupled with a bad temper if anyone dares to alert you to it.”

    Now, I may have all the things she says I have… who knows? Maybe she is right! I am all that and more… But she allowed that to occupy all her future, all her energies, instead of doing what she needed to do to become all she can become.

    I have people in my life that don’t behave the way I think it is smart, decent, etc… but I bring “Allowing” (the main component of the Effortless Abundance Activator,) to set me free so once free, once unhooked, I can do what I need to do, for me, for them, for life.

    The ex student got stuck, got hooked in her point of view, and her vibration is 100 now. You can only imagine what kind of hell it is.

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  1. this writing is quoted from Roy H Williams in his Monday Morning Memo
  2. Richmond VA), sent me an email that the bottles of Sleep Rescue leaked into the package.

    Because I stopped worrying about the first warehouse 2Richmond, VA

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