Your vibration and Copenhagen zoo kills 18 month old giraffe and feeds it to other animals of the zoo

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did the giraffe have to die in copenhagen zoo?

Copenhagen zoo refuses to hand over 18 month giraffe to other zoos, and kills giraffe and feeds it to other animals.

That is the news. Now, obviously, I am not in the popular news business, but without spending my time finding out what exactly happened, I may have some useful things to say to those readers that aspire to become a human being.

Watch the majority. The majority is always wrong. When they go left, go right.

When they are upset, be understanding. It is a much healthier emotion.

Consider that you can’t see the whole picture. Consider, that even if you could, wrong, bad, etc. are human constructs and they are cultural. Consider that God didn’t hire you to be the judge, so let go and don’t get involved.

2-10-2014 12-55-25 PMConsider that emotional impact of rape that touches millions of people every day, with lasting consequences, and those don’t even make a ripple on the majority’s screen: they would have to look at themselves… and that they refuse to do.

Blaming, accusing, pointing fingers is easy. But looking at where you stand, how you allow it to happen, who you are that millions of people, men and women, adult and child get raped every day… it’s not pleasant, it is not easy.

Use this as a spiritual practice and your vibration will begin to rise, because the questions you ask are relevant.

You have no idea what kind of genetic defects the giraffe was carrying… You have no idea about any of that… so don’t opinionate.

You know, cultures that are closer to life don’t keep every deformed, terminally ill infant alive as a burden to society and family. They don’t keep people alive if they are ready to die.

One good thing I can say about my mother is that she, early on, while she was well, decided and let us know, that as soon as she needed permanent care, as soon as she needed permanent support, she didn’t want to continue living. And then, at age 75, she died, exactly the way she wanted, before she became a burden.

Our society isn’t interested in the evolution of the species, and isn’t interested in the individual. It is posing as a do-gooding society, a welfare society that causes humans to devolve, to not have to carry their own weight, and the healthy ones to pay for all that.

Let’s allow a zoo make its own decisions, good or bad, so the zoo population can be healthy, and the lions and tigers can get a good meal as well.

Hate me? You are on the wrong website, bub.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

1 thought on “Your vibration and Copenhagen zoo kills 18 month old giraffe and feeds it to other animals of the zoo”

  1. Fantastic post, Sophie. Even after reading more about the giraffe, and knowing that the zoo people made a wise and informed decision, my little emotions are zooming all over the place. Good opportunity to stand back and just observe my mechanism and hypocrisy.

    Yesterday, I read about anti-gay laws in Nigeria, and the crowds calling for offenders to be stoned to death. My mind tells me this is different. From the article:

    “Every culture has what they regard as sacrosanct or important to them, and I don’t believe what our president and lawmakers have done in that respect is contrary to our culture,” former President Olusegun Obasanjo said Thursday in an interview. In 2004, while he was president, he told African bishops that “homosexual practice” was “clearly unbiblical, unnatural and definitely un-African.”

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