Your puddle-like inner world vs a high achieving rapid

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The more of the puddle you try to force into the eventual rapid the more pain of loss you’ll experience.

Unavoidable. So instead of taking away useless, unproductive, wasteful activities, you add more… More puddle.

Don’t forget that a puddle has no restriction… so seemingly everything can fit in.

Your life will not change to the better if…

…you add cooking gourmet meal every evening. Or you watch more television or Netflix. If you Have the television open all day as a background noise to avoid being with yourself. Or if you answering the phone because it rings.

Or spend hours finding out what is going on with people you don’t really care about.

And millions of other activities that are non-essential. After all 24 hours is a lot, right?

So when anyone asks you to put on the glasses to see what is essential, what is constructive, what will take you somewhere, what will build something is fraught with resistance.

It feels like loss. Everything, everything feels essential to who you are when the question comes up: what to cut out.

It feels like someone asks which limb to cut, or even whether to turn off your sight or your hearing.

Depending on your constitution, and for how long you have lived as a puddle, your defense mechanism is resistance, lying, avoiding, or talking. A lot.

Remember that the process is a lot like sharpening. Sharpening your brain, sharpening a knife, sharpening an arrow.

Being and living like a puddle is akin to being a dull knife. A knife that unless you sharpen you won’t be able to use for cutting through the fog, cutting through the comfort, cutting through the complacency.

Being a dull knife allows you still to daydream, but the duller the knife, the bigger the gap between what you can and will do and the dream… Pipe dream.

If you look from a different angle, through a different glass, you’ll see other aspects.

I am reading, yet again, a pandemic series of novels.

At the beginning of the story the couple are soft, guilt ridden that they have what it takes. They give away what is essential for their survival… inviting more and more brutal attacks to take away what it’d taken them years to put together. Food and other supplies that can help your family to survive, but not a whole village.

I say that unless this couple changes they will not survive the pandemic.

And if you look at life as a pandemic where you need to do what you need to do, where you need to be who you need to be to make it to where you can be all you can be… and will call that survival, you see that your guilt ridden caring isn’t going to cut it.

But aren’t you behaving like that couple? Giving away your most precious resources, your time, your energy, your attention, your caring, to others?

Kabbalah is unforgiving in saying that you are evil… you are driven by desire to receive for the self alone… allowing others to cannibalize you.

The way to be, according to Kabbalah is selfish. Self-ish. Desire to receive for the sake of sharing… instead of giving yourself away wholesale, do what you need to do to have what you need to become all you can become, and all will benefit.

Counter cultural, isn’t it?

The culture doesn’t want you to succeed in becoming all you can become.

The culture hates those who become anything… and it coddles the moochers, looters because they allow the culture to survive, not the individual. Neither does beauty. Nor wisdom. Or goodness. No. What survives is the culture. The puddle.

The world, 92% of it, lives in a culture like a puddle. The 8% are tiny pockets of still growing, still evolving groups or individuals.

Be in the world, not of the world applies here.

Being of the puddle is not satisfying. If you look, science, industry are all designed to make the puddle even more a puddle… Make it easier to be dull and still survive and have comfort.

War, real danger serve to sharpen the people, but once the danger goes away, people go back to being comfortable and complacent.

The unique path the Jewish people had with near constant danger of being persecuted, or being annihilated created a culture of ‘not puddle’. The constant need to be sharp, to be growing, to be aware of the changes of the wind and the tide.

That was for millennia. With the socially acceptable, maybe even encouraged wave of intermarriages, comfort and the puddle has been introduced…

Now, you were born into a family culture of puddle. I know, your parents wanted you to get an education and a good job. A good marriage. That is still puddle.

Because what they didn’t want for you is that you become the best you can become.

The puddle, whether it is a family, a marriage, a village, or a country, don’t want you to do that. They don’t want you to rock the boat.

If you want to become all you can become, you need to do it silently, stealthily… or you’ll be torn down. Really.

If your base nature is wanting to be considered smarter and better than others… if you don’t conquer and suppress that, you’ll never grow, because every time you are around others, you’ll see that the way to be smarter is to say that but not be that. Be a windbag, not someone really successful.

Most of the gurus out there are like that, windbags.

My office hours are a great demonstration of that. People come to pick my brain… suck me dry… and do nothing with what they hear… but are happy because I am left a mere shell of myself… needing days to recover. There is the culture in action…

Often I feel like that couple in the pandemic book… People don’t want what I want to give them, what I channel for them, they want a pound of flesh instead.

When I ask you to do the ‘clarity’ process. The clarity process where you gradually fashion yourself into an arrow. An arrow by restricting where and how you spend your time and energy: I want you to leave the puddle. The puddle-like existence you have lived, the puddle-like culture. And become all you can become.

Only when you live like that is when you can experience the joy of existence. The joy of being who you need to be. The highest state of all being.

So far my efforts meet with resistance.

There is a saying that says: you can have your cake and eat it too.

It is both true and untrue.

It is definitely true for ‘desire to receive for the sake of sharing‘ activities. You pass things on and you also enjoy what you get in the process. It has kept me well nurtured, well entertained for decades.

But that is not how YOU mean it. You mean that you can get the best life and do nothing for it. Get rid of nothing for it. Refuse all restrictions, and remain a puddle, and still become what you need to become to have what you want.

That is what I see you believe.

I don’t want to blow hot air up your behind… and say that it’s going to work. It won’t.

You’ve been lining up at the consolation queue like all the puddle people…

If you are unwilling to let go of the puddle, then you are better off not even finding out how you could… There are millions of sites that will advise you how to live ever after in the puddle… mine is not one of them. Sorry.

99% of what I have, 99% of what I teach asks you to let go of something that is comfortable, familiar, and ties you to the puddle.

In my Intention activating training and practice especially.

We all think that activating intention is possible with what we are already doing… of course, why not?

But as it turns out intention turns on when you least expect it… at least in the practice sessions…

If you have been trained to turn on intention, the energy that is the linchpin between the lower world (puddle) and upper world (rapid), we’ll have a practice session every Friday until I change the time… at 2 pm New York Daylight time.

If you haven’t been trained… you can sign up for Sunday’s trainings. They will be at 11 am, same time zone. Don’t forget that the world outside of the puddle called the United States changes into daylight savings time on Sunday, so figure out what time the session will be in your time zone.

A little tidbit of embarrassing trivia: I needed to translate to physical this spring forward effect… That springing towards Europe think had eluded me for three decades. Thank William for shaming me… I spent some time doing the work of that ‘translation’… oops.

I have been wondering for some time if that massive brain damage back in 1998 is responsible for my access to knowledge that hides successfully from others. Source says ‘no’, so that means you don’t have to induce brain damage to follow me down the rabbit hole.

OK, here is the link to pay for the Intention training. One payment gives you access to all the trainings, and once you successfully demonstrate that you can, at least in the session, intend to intend, i.e. turn the energy of the linchpin on, you’ll get lifetime access to the practice sessions.

Lifetime… as long as I live, as long as the site is on, as long as you are interested.

Learn to activate your intention

PS: One of the symptoms of you living like a puddle

is that instead of doing your own research, attempting to answer your own questions, you ask me. What does it mean? you ask. Where do I find the link? you ask…

You want me to do your work… use me like you use your dishwasher, your friends… everything.


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