I have been recently enamored by Mads Mikkelsen

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OK, I’ll be precise. Enamored by his prominent cheekbones and his upper lip, his rubber face.

Absolutely magnetic. To me. I just wanted to watch it for hours and hours and hours.

First time I saw this dude was when I watched Casino Royale… and I was mortified when he tortured 007… who even wants to know the actor’s name… all I wanted is watch more of this Mads dude.

Anyway, it turns out I am not the only one crazy about him. I hear he was discovered in that Casino Royale movie and is now Hannibal Lecter in a series, oh well, I don’t want to watch that.

This is not the first time I got fascinated because of someone’s upper lip…

My fascination with Ruth Wilson preceded Mads by a few years.

Most people have expressionless faces, especially actors… Especially American actors who were chosen for their good looks, not their ability to act.

So seeing these two express so much with their upper lips… yeah, I have a weakness.

Anyway, this article, maybe, should be about what fascinates YOU, not me. What do YOU ponder about? What floats YOUR boat?

I have run out of books I want to read, so I am watching a Canadian series on Netflix, Heartland. Horses… wholesome people, some nasty.

And yesterday I was suddenly bothered…

The father buys a jumping horse to his daughter and convinces her to be a whatever they call those people, who compete for a living.

Well, the episode is called ‘Gift Horse’, and suddenly I show it demonstrated that people want to use other people for their own status.

And people using people is pure ‘desire to receive for the self alone’. preying on people. Parents on children. Siblings on each other. Spouse on spouse.

My stomach is turning as I am writing this. This is how the world is… and I can barely stand it.

You are willing to sacrifice ANOTHER’S life, dreams, everything for your own status.

So, looking through this new lens, I am looking at some questions that have been unsolved for a long time, and still burn a hole in my side.

  • Why did my mother not love me?
  • Why did my mother cheat at Freecell?
  • And why didn’t my down the street friend consider me important? Valuable. Important enough to wish me happy birthday?
  • Why is one of my favorite clients suddenly like a porcupine with me?

The answer, looking through this lens to all those questions is ‘status’.

What is status really? Is it what you ‘think’ about yourself, or is it really what others think of you?

Both. But my sneaking suspicion is this: what you ‘fancy’ about yourself is the more important of the two.

  • My client’s reluctance to do anything has nothing to do with others’ opinion of him… he wants to remain the ‘I have never failed’ person for himself.
  • My clients who say ‘I can’t do anything right‘ and then proceed to do nothing, or nothing right, maybe entertain a secret desire to be left alone and never asked to do anything, never expect to succeed. Because they don’t want the pressure of success…

When you are good, everyone expects you to do more of what you do well. ‘F… that!‘ I think they are saying.

And although asking ‘why’ questions is mostly stupid, asking this kind of why question, when you add a filter… in this case ‘what desire to receive for the self alone drove your choice or actions?’ meaning ‘why’.

So here are a few sample questions to get you started:

  • Why did you marry the person you married?
  • Why are you in the job/profession you are in?
  • And why are you sooooo ambitious?

I know, I know, you don’t want to rock your boat.

But if you EVER want to raise your vibration, raise your consciousness…

  • want to look AWAY from your backdrop,
  • become a person,

…you need to look at yourself and your motivation, that is 100% ugly.

And if you can stare at it even though you see that it’s ugly, you actually make room for the divine to enter through that crack.

The more ugly you can see the bigger that crack has to become.

I didn’t say you need to drop the ugly… If and when it’s ready, it will fall off on its own.

That reminds me of an off-color joke about the man who goes to the doctor because his pee pee malfunctions.

The doctor examines him and tells him: he has pee pee rot and the pee pee needs to be cut off.

He goes to another doctor and many healers for a second opinion, but the pee pee continues to shrink and malfunction.

Finally he travels to the jungle of the Amazonas to see a famed shamanic healer.

He looks at his thing and says: it is pee pee rot. Oy, the man says. Does it have to be cut off? No, the shaman says, it will drop off on its own.

And that is same with all the uglies… when they are ready, when you have made peace with them, when you allow them to be, they will drop off.

When you wish them off, when you urge them on… you haven’t made peace with them.

Whatever you allow to be, allows you to be.

In the What’s The Truth About You course we did the work of looking, identifying a lot of the uglies that plague humans… likely you too.

So you need to look at those and see if you can allow them to be. Not easy, but possible. And not only possible, it is desirable… That is if you want to raise your happiness, joy, productivity, affinity… and start living a life worth living.

Almost last call for the SELF course
If you need help to see what you cannot see, Osho’s talk can be helpful.

PS: The Self workshop is almost full. There is room for one more brave person… Is that you? lol.

PPS: I just realized that I have a huge affinity to rubber face. There is a French actor whom I have seen in several movies. One was a movie about a time in the future where there is no food… and people eat each other. Delicatessen. And another one… Roman De Gare

So, obviously I like to watch characters like myself who don’t quite fit in the world of ‘I am looking for good-looking‘. ‘I only want to look at pretty!‘ ‘I am a positive person.‘ ugh.

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