The Producers, The Takers, The Waiters, The Hopers, The Wanters… Which One Are You?

In this article that i started seven years ago, I looked at what it is that separates from Producers from Hunters and gatherers

I had a conversation with my friend, Nancy F., yesterday. The topic of the conversation, after some wild twists and turns, settled on what is the secret of Jewish people’s success.

Nancy F. has always wanted what Jews had, without having to be a Jew or doing what a Jew does… lol.

Much like my next door neighbor.

She want to be an Israelite without becoming an Israelite.

Here is an example: I look out the window between our houses. I mostly look to see if the mailman has been here so I don’t have to go downstairs and climb back a few times a day. Our mail comes at unpredictable times.

She decided that I am always watching her, and started to reorganize her house so I cannot readily see what they are doing.

What she doesn’t see is that I am busy 99% of the time. She sees the 1% when SHE can see me, and she bases her assumptions about me on that.

Yeah, that is how most people are: you look at the tip of the iceberg and make decisions about the whole.

You envy rich people… you envy knowledgeable people… you envy successful entrepreneurs… and then you judge them by what is above the water level…

I don’t have a lot to say about what it makes a Jew a Jew, even though I am reading a book about Jews right now. Why? Because being a Jew has been like the air I breathe, invisible. So to teach that, i need to become aware… And it’s not easy.

Water for the fish doesn’t exist… until the fish jumps out of the water, looks down, and gasps: Water! Then the fish splashes back into the water and water disappears for him.

Spending my time productively, having a goal I am working towards, competing with only myself, is ‘water’ for me… And so is preparing… myself. Skills, knowledge, being.

But when I look around, I see that it is not the way the World at large operates.

Lao Tzu supposedly said:
Do the difficult things while they are easy and do the great things while they are small. He could have been a Jew… Preparation, prevention, forethought. Building a foundation on which something worth building can be built.

In preparing myself to live in the vertical dimension, be high vibration, and be able to teach and lead others, I spent years in distinguishing different states of being. Why? because I had time while I was doing other things… like make a living.

I felt that trying to distinguish, for example, being authentic when I need it, is going to be both hard and near impossible… It is too late to dig a well when you are thirsty.

So I did it when no one gave a hoot about me being authentic or not authentic… My work didn’t require it at all… But today it does. And by the time i needed it, I had it. I knew how to be authentic without getting killed.

In the webinar on Wednesday I attempted to teach the wisdom of preparation, of building a foundation for what you want… and to my horror, no one really got it.

People are ignoring the rule of life: it is too late to dig a well when you are thirsty.

So the guy, for example, who has interviewed for a job, isn’t learning up for the new type of work he applied for… he is waiting. He is a waiter. He will scramble when the difficult IS difficult, if he gets the job. Stupid, isn’t it? Starting a new job standing on your heels… which is an idiom of being disadvantages. Instead of doing the job, you are going to attempt to learn the job.

Here are a few more examples: one of my students asked for a few coaching sessions, so she can decide what kind of work to do, now that she is unemployed. We had one session, and I gave her homework. She canceled the next session. If it requires applying herself… it wasn’t going to work. She wanted it to befall on her. She is a taker.

The activators are like a tool, like a wonderful lawn mower. You can mow the lawn with it. It is self-cleaning. It’s easy to use. But unless you use it, it just sits in your garage, and your lawn grows, and stays uncut. Oh, and your new DNA capacity, after I activate for you, dies on the vine.

Every activation session comes with exercises that use the new capacities. Homework? That’s not what I had in mind! I don’t want homework! I don’t want to practice! Baaaaah! says the majority, and they leave.

Hunters and gatherers are the second-handers of the novel The Fountainhead, and the moochers and looters of the Atlas Shrugged.

99% of humanity. Maybe more.

The Wanters. The fans of the Law of Attraction. The meditators. The magical thinkers. The muscle testers. The ones that preach that God is love.

Of course, you don’t have to be Jewish to act like a Jew… some of my students are amazing. Do the work. Get the results. They are the minority. Maybe even minority in life… Like the Jews.

If you want a magic button, I have one for you here

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

3 thoughts on “The Producers, The Takers, The Waiters, The Hopers, The Wanters… Which One Are You?”

  1. I am not clear on your point here Sophie. You start out saying”I am going to examine what it is that separates from Producers from Hunters and gatherers” but the rest of the article did not make it clear to me…are you saying that the difference is action vs inaction? Am I part of the 99% of “Wants” because I meditate and believe God is love beyond our comprehsion? But I am also taking least I am to the best of my ability…can you expand on your comments and some light on this for me?

  2. Action without vision is just plain busy-ness. Action without risk is just pushing around stuff. Producers' actions are from a vision of a future that requires them to put themselves at risk. Be willing to be wrong.

    The problem is not that you meditate, the problem is not that you believe that God is whatever, the problem is that you stop there. And you stop there because you can't see beyond from the earth-bound vantage point of humans. And because you are disconnected you feel small, insignificant, powerless, and having only options.

  3. I had a brief glimpse of standing outside my ego and fear-based identity. I was still me, but floating somewhere between the earth and the moon. Looking back on my ego/identity/fear-mind, I could see how small that way of framing reality is. To stand in the greater possibility, to be willing to sacrifice ego and looking good in order to accomplish or attempt a worthy goal, that seemed like an option. To take the game of life too seriously is to believe in names, logos, bank accounts and a hundred other ego evaluation devices.

    I am not a producer, but was designed that way. I want to fix things and make them better. I just feel So powerless and disconnected. How shall I arrive fully in my existence and learn to live?

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