What is the best starting point to raise your vibration?

The person who sent this email is smarter than most. He asked a good question.

He said:

Hey Sophie,

I came across your website, your work is pretty impressive, keep up the good work.
I am interested about the vibration measurement but I am curious to know how to implement the outcome of the measurement into reality.

Why is it a good question?

Because almost none of those (44) measures in your starting point measurements are directly influencible by you. So I recommended that he starts with something that is 100% immediately in his power to grow.

His awareness.

What do you do when you want to increase your awareness? You start paying attention to things you haven’t paid attention.

Both the what and the how.

One are of unawareness or lack of awareness is the feelings. The bodily feeling. That is the what.

The how, in this same area, is how fast, how immediately you say your interpretation of what it means what you feel, not what you actually feel.

Even saying: I feel fear, is an interpretation. When you feel fear, you feel urges, or pressures, or dull pain, or heat, or whatever you personally feel…

Even hunger is an interpretation. You feel an emptiness, a pressure, a churning, whatever… If you didn’t jump into the interpretation, you would not need to be told to check if it is really hunger.

Most people who come to me to have their eating style measured leave with a paragraph: you need to learn to tell real hunger from emotions, indigestion, thirst. How do you do it? You place your palm against your stomach and feel it. When your hand is there, you can feel hunger, but can’t feel the other feeling masquerading as hunger.

And once you get aware that what you feel as hunger is mostly, really most of the time is indigestion, you won’t eat on the top of it… you’ll let the body deal with it… and eat when you are actually hungry.

A lot of ‘spiritual’ mischief comes from mis-labeling feelings.

This is where the soul-correction reading is most useful: at clarifying what you have a tendency to feel.

And once you are aware and accurate about what you feel, and what of it is your soul correction: the whole world of growth opens up to you.

One aspect of the world is the difference between mind and reality. Between interpretation and reality.

And once you have that distinction, clearly, in the domain of bodily feelings, the rest is easy. Maybe not a walk in the park, but much easier than trying to grow without clearing the foundational issue of homo sapiens: living not in reality but in the mind. And not knowing.

If and when you ask for help in this from me, I am able to feel what you feel and clarify where you misinterpret what you feel.

Three distinct reactions I have received from clients:

1. Acceptance.
2. um… whatever
3. argument

Depending on your reaction to coaching you can grow or not.

This has been a short article… heralding in a new era in my work… more feedback, less trying to get you to become who you can become.

If you’d like to get your awareness level up, especially your self-awareness, you can book a one-on-one session with me, or you can join a group session.

When? It isn’t scheduled yet.

What is really the benefit for you of getting some rise in awareness and accuracy?

  • Your health will improve. You likely lose weight.
  • Your relationship to the world and to people will improve, because you’ll be able to see that it is your reaction that is dominating, and maybe, it is yours and yours alone… they meant no offense.

OK, for now, I will just give you gifts… if you sign up for them…

Here is a recording from 2012… where I attempt to distinguish awareness with a friend… It’s about an hour long.

I have more stuff… so until I get a feeling how many people are able and willing to sign up to a group session, I’ll just send you emails bearing gifts.

Please sign up to this notification list… so I know you want to get the gifts on awareness. If you haven’t been on my email list: be aware that I am also going to send you notifications about new articles, as often as daily. You can unsubscribe any time. But then you won’t get the gifts either…

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PS: One of my clients burst out crying in yesterday’s coaching session.

She got in touch with herself, and saw that she didn’t like the work she did for a living. We haven’t discussed it yet, but many of the discoveries you’ll have on your journey to self-awareness will rock the boat… so be prepared.

But without knowing who you are, what you really want, you can’t EVER have a good life… so please… Awareness is really the foundation for change to the better.

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