The person who decided for you who you are, forever, was a drunk child

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1. They’ll stop what they’re doing to take a nap. Doesn’t matter where they are. Doesn’t matter who they’re with.

2. They all make faces like this:


3.They conduct themselves poorly in public.

4.Their depth perception is all over the place.

5.Seriously, they just can’t seem to get their food to their mouths.

6.They are totally unable to predict when they’re about to pass out.

7.They always find themselves in totally inexplicable situations.

8.They have absolutely no coordination.

9.There is no sleeping position too uncomfortable.

10.They have poor impulse control.

11.They often fall asleep on or near toilets.

12.They shouldn’t be trusted around heavy equipment.

13.They have no sense of shame.

14.And they often fall asleep with their shoes on.

15.They don’t know when to stop drinking.

16.They constantly misjudge their strength and coordination.

17.They’re really bad at posing for photos.

18.They’re terrible at judging distances.

19.They’re obsessed with finding something to eat…

20.…but they often don’t make it that far.

21.They’re constantly hurting themselves.

22.They draw on others’ faces when they pass out.

23.They’re not good around pools.

24.They can often be found with their heads in the toilet.

25.Things go wrong around them for no apparent reason.

26.They have no shame about being seen without pants on.

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