You are meal ticket and you don’t know it

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Religion, brainwashing, indoctrination, enslavement can be considered similar to an energetic attachment with one major difference:

I can’t pull it for you.

How did this issue come up?

One of my students, at the beginning of her participation, started to feel better and better. But since we started to activate Intention, about two months ago, she has been feeling worse and worse, weak, foggy, stupid…

So finally today I had time to look at that and see what the heck is going on.

The Intention to Self program, the path to grow, the activation of the intention creates an inner change that is in alignment with the Original Design of humans… and is in sharp conflict with religion.

We could say that religion has two parts.

1. It needs you to believe something that is not real and cannot be proven.
2. It sets out rules, regulations, restrictions, commandments, that are all designed, DESIGNED, to take away your power, your ability to think for yourself, your ability to be a person.

It is true in any religion. and even highly placed people, like the Dalai Lama aren’t allowed, aren’t ‘wired’ to be a person: all religions need you to be a non-person.

Now you probably think that I am a crazy atheist and my problem is with your belief in some deity.

And although I don’t believe in any deity, I consider it your right to believe what you want to believe if that makes life easier for you.

So my problem is not with religiousness. My problem is with religion.

My problem is that religions impose rules, ideology, restrictions, ready made thinking that is not in your benefit.

The enforcing of what is right and what is wrong…

And just for your information, cults and cult-like organizations do the same thing. So it is not just religions…

The hardest for a human is to make their own decisions. So humans are walking around with their umbilical cord in hand trying to find a place to plug it in… all to get rid of the unpleasant feelings of responsibility. They want ready-made answers, and religion, cults, cultlike leaders and societies are more than willing to oblige.

In some Eastern European countries, I noticed, for forty odd years the ideology of communism, an atheistic ideology made it wrong if people went to church, or were religious. The ideology of ‘communism’ was also a cult.

When communism was removed, a large percentage of people became very religious.

Some countries consider religious good, and make it the standard of a good person.

What no country considers good is a person who IS a person doing their own thinking and coming to their own conclusions.

In the work I do with people the goal is to take you to where you are a person who is doing your own thinking… and in addition to that where your decisions are sound and create a life that you can love and live powerfully.

If you are still religious, I probably cannot help you.

If I had to come up with an apt analogy, you are like a person with no hands and no legs. So you are dependent on someone else to do your choosing, do your walking FOR YOU.

You are a meal ticket. Like in the movie The Ballad of Buster Scruggs…

The talented albeit legless/armless orator was replaced by a chicken… that pulled a larger crowd. Meal Ticket. That is what you are when you lack the ability or the courage to make your own moves, make your own choices.

When you look around nowadays, half of any country adhere to the right wing ‘religion’ and the other half to the ‘people are important’ religion.

And the ones that don’t, are doing the best they can with what they have.

I am interested in training the people who don’t belong to any ‘religion’, so they can become human beings… instead of being meal ticket.

How will I know if you are a good fit to be trained?

The hallmark of a cult joining person is weakness. Neither a strong desire, nor a strong hate. Limp dick.

Now, if you are weak… what can you do, what can you strengthen to become strong enough to be trainable?

Surprisingly what you’ll need to strengthen is your aversion, your hate. You need to hold onto it and make it a wildfire… But what you normally do is release it as fast as you have it… by turning it into judgment or others or yourself.

You need to increase your tolerance for the unpleasant… or you’ll remain the same.

Your moves to quickly release the unpleasant feelings will render you to have no fuel to move you: no motive power.

This isn’t to your liking? No problem… You don’t have to… But I won’t consider you trainable.

In nature the motivation to go away from what you don’t want is 10 times stronger, 10 times more powerful than any attraction, any pulling of what you want… or say you want.

And if there is no motive power, you’re not going to do much of anything, will you?

Anyway, I remember when I was a meal ticket and I knew it. I had to nurture the hate of being a meal ticket to be strong enough to quit… quit therapy, quit a coaching program, quit a relationship.

So I don’t teach what I don’t do.

In the first leg of the program that helps people to become human being, to become a person, to have a Self is called, still temporarily ‘From Intention to Self’.

What a weird name… right?

And what does intention have to do with the price of tea in China?

You see, intention is relatively easy to turn on… but using it is another whole story.

The weak self, the comfortable self doesn’t really want intention: intention is uncomfortable. Unpleasant.

Intention comes with the energy of the gap. The gap between where you are and where you could be. And that is an unpleasant feeling. A guidance feeling. It indicates a need that cannot be satisfied with words, not even snacking. It guides you to fulfill something that will take some energy and some courage. Maybe a lot of energy and a lot of courage.

While some people use intention as a constant reminder of what they can and should do, weak people switch it off… or replace it with ego gratifying moves, that are like snacking.

This first leg of the program I designed to help you become a human being weeds out the weaklings… And leaves in the people who have enough solid core to be with the unpleasantness of the gap, and act on reducing it. The gap, not the feeling.

Obviously this is not a program for everyone. Muscle test says that at the present time I only have seven people among my readers who fit the program… because they can deal with and therefore harness the energy of intention.

If you are one of the seven and you are not in the program: you should… Nothing like this anywhere else on the planet.

And if you hope you are, you’ll be tested. And you either are or you aren’t… But knowledge, in this case, is power… When you know, you can stop barking up the wrong tree. What a relief. And put all your energy to what you can… Nothing wrong, nothing to fix.

From Intention to Self
You can cancel any time.

What do you get?

You get three weekly calls. Each are different… You get the recordings of all the previous calls. And you get a private call where I train you to turn on Intention, and have a conversation to get to know you.

Your participation may very well end in that call… But you got the intention and a 200 dollar call… so it is all win-win. You win what you can make of what you get, and I win because I didn’t allow anyone into the program who wouldn’t be able to do what there is to do, thus sucking my energy that I can spend on people who can.

PS: Humanity’s overall knowledge of what is true is 3%. Science is overall at 10%.

Why is science, which is essentially also a religion, in spite of what anyone says. How come? You see science is a meal ticket, and the scientists are also a meal ticket. There is a power that needs science to be a parrot. A puppet. And that is the power of greed.

I work, I mean my brain, my attention, my consciousness about 20 hours a day. The missing four hours: I am unconscious. I rest.

So in those 20 hours I look at many things, including why things are the way they are, why things happen the way they happen. Like, for example, what happens inside you when you eat something. Why is it that some days you have two-three bowel movements and on others you have none…

Science is grossly off on this topic.

Now why does this belong to this article?

Because just like you accept what religion says, you also tend to accept what ‘science’ says… accept or resist is the same thing energetically, by the way.

So in a way your job if you want to become a human being, a higher evolutionary species, you need to start trusting your body… instead of what people say… And for that you need to pay attention to that, instead of opinions and stories in your head… Really.

PPS: you are a meal ticket for everyone…

…including your mother, your father, your boy/girl friend/spouse, your community, your workplace.

You are used and your ‘real’ job is to make them good, make them rich, make them satisfied… That is your job.

While life wants you to be a person.

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