If the who doesn’t change, nothing can change

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If the who doesn’t change, nothing can change

This morning I opened an email from a dude who reads my emails, reads my articles, and says he resonates with what I say.

In his latest email he said that we should talk. That we are the world’s two smartest people… so we should talk.

I like to read about a lot of things, but I only like to do what I like to do… and I don’t like talking. I am an introvert. Last time, I think, I was talking to people was back in Hungary when I was around 16.

Because when people say ‘talking’, or we ‘should talk’, they mean ‘talk about’. Talk about shit, shoot the breeze, commiserate, or get angry and drunk together.

Not what I like to do. I am a loner, and not a social creature. Although I have a lot of fun reading the comments on Reddit threads… but I never shout any of the things I think… because I have nothing to say there.

Today I cracked up there: the question was brilliant: What isn’t a religion but people treat it like it is?

You can really get where a country, where humanity is by looking what they treat like a religion. No kidding.

The funniest comment was where the commenter pointed out the beginning of MLM, multi level marketing:

And then Christ said ‘now thou shalt gather twelves more disciples and each of them shalt gather twelves disciples of their own. At the point each of thee hast twelve disciples who haft gathered twelve disciples God shalt bless ye with one of our fleet of dope white BMWs man.’

Brilliant, and true.

Of course 70% of what they are mentioning in the thread I have no idea about… like who the F is Jared Leto? But of course the uneducated, uncultured, self-less masses find some ‘deity’ to plug their umbilical cord in… and so they never have to think for themselves.

I don’t like to ‘converse’ but I like to share…

Sharing is attempting to give you a slice of my cake, so to say.

Share what it’s like to live in a house where the squirrels have taken residence inside the walls… where occasionally I need to hear the baby squirrels being attacked by, I guess, competing adult squirrels who want to propagate their own genes… Hitler-like. I don’t see who the attacker is… It could be raccoons too… Yesterday an older raccoon was bringing up a young one to show him around… on my third floor deck. They climbed up on the pillar that supports it.

Or share what it’s like living like a hermit and connecting to the world only through some people I can see, like the people who live across the street. They travel a lot. They are rich people, trying to spend all their money before their time is up. Feel them do their mundane, meaningless living, here, there, everywhere.

Or through the people who want what they want but aren’t willing to do anything that would get them what they want.

Or my next door neighbors who moved to Ohio with their now 3-year old, who is already showing signs of being psychopath… and of course I cannot warn them. Beautiful people with a monster of a child.

Or the neighbors on the other side: people in their 80’s, not talking about anything other than ‘you must believe in the Lord’ sh!t.

Or my landlord who is waiting for me to die, so he can sell the house and rid himself of the burden. I wonder what he’ll do about the squirrels in the wall…

Yeah, I could share all this, but really, really, who cares?

And if I got into a conversation, listen to what someone else wants to talk about… that is all ‘I don’t really care’… so why would I pretend that I want a conversation?

I think this makes me boring… but so be it. I’d rather be someone who does good work than someone who talks a good talk.

So the guy says that we should talk… that we are the two smartest people on the planet, and so we should talk.

That ‘two smartest people‘ set off warnings in my head.

I may be smart, but not that smart. And smart, in my humble opinion, is overrated.

I think ‘who’ you are is more important than what you can do. And smart/stupid is about your results.

Who you are directs your energies to what your who considers worth doing.

What decides what is worth doing? Very difficult question to answer, but I think if we look at what you are doing through temporality, through the ages, and from far, from a distance, then maybe what makes something worth doing is really two things:

1. you becoming, through the doing, all you can become. So the doing has a purpose given by life.
2. and strongly connected to the first: why you do it? To what end? Worth doing if you do it for Life… for Existence, not only to fulfill your own needs. In essence to be a channel that the Light you get passes through and becomes available for the world. That you don’t block the Light, don’t hoard the Light

Desire to receive for the sake of sharing.

Which means that your ego, your about-me score is low enough to allow others to shine. To encourage others to shine. To not crave and not hoard attention.

I watch the squirrels. They don’t have this issue.

This distinction starts with humans… are you all about protecting your own self-concerns? can you embrace all-of-it and respect, honor others’ need to life?

When you do ANYTHING for self-expression, self-righteous anger, even justice: you are all about yourself… Not your Self either. No. your small puny self. Animated by the predatory genes, the selfish genes…

I was born with zero predatory genes. That low number makes one also, in a way, selfish… You consider yourself food for the mighty… Ugh. No Self-respect.

Like the idea of the predatory genes, nearly everything, maybe even everything I have ‘unconcealed’ from the invisible, looking from the beyond the current human perspective, has come from some science fiction book.

When I asked Source to adjust my predatory genes, the world, my outlook, my mood, my everything changed. Until that point there was a definite inner conflict: two forces battling. Never any peace.

What happened with the adjustment is that suddenly I had no concern for fame and fortune, which would be all about me, for me… at the exclusion and maybe even at the expense of others. That concern just went away.

Were the effect just as dramatic for other people who paid for their predatory genes to be adjusted?

The answer is: not for everybody. Which suggests that there is more to this animal selfish gene nature than just the predatory genes. This is why the Starting Point Measurements report has so many measures… This is why the DNA adjustment I created a few months ago has seven different major capacities… Because it is the alignment of many factors that causes a homo sapiens, all about themselves, all about what they want and what they don’t want, what’s wrong and what’s right, to turn into a human being who can BE OK, no matter what. Who isn’t jerked by having to, needing to, wanting to, and should. Who is self-possessed, has autonomy, and can be productive.

But there is a big but… unless someone turns their needed capacities on themselves by their own effort, the capacities create a door… but the person still needs to walk through it themselves, of their own free will.

And they don’t want to walk through the door…

I ask: am I still missing something? And Source answers: no, you aren’t.

Spirituality, becoming a better human is a process that cannot be hastened. It is rather a continued pursuit of small increments and effort, done willingly and with joy. Self-realization.

Not forced, not imposed, not because you have to… and not even for something that it gets you or earns you. It is for its own sake.

So although I have mapped out what it takes, I have mapped out the genes that need to be turned on, I have distinguished and tested the ‘switches’ that can be activated, until and unless a person says: yeah, that is me, that is for me, I am ready… a person will remain the same.

And humanity will remain the same.

Ruthie Rosenberg says that the world realigns itself, but I don’t think so. The world doesn’t, and humanity neither.

Maybe some individuals.

Not many.

In the meantime I am testing. Testing if during a guided session people can use their capacities, and whether they notice that there is some new capacity for them while they are doing it.

We shall see.

And I can measure if a new capacity (or seven) will lower, at least temporarily, their about-me score… We shall see.

But I am certain: as long as people can’t see, can’t fathom that what they can do is limited by the who they are, there is no headway to be made. There is no spirituality possible.

The who will remain the same, and if the who doesn’t change, nothing can change.

Although I have always hated when someone said: your results will depend on you and the amount of effort you invest… I have to admit that whoever said that was right and I was wrong.

Because all anyone can do is open a door for you… but you need to do the rest. And the likelihood that  humans will do what they need to do to actually walk through that door and succeed is between zero and none. Or more precisely 1% when it comes to physical things, like skills. One out of a hundred will actually learn the skill you teach.

But in spirituality it is more complicated. If a person has the spirit and the soul and the ego on a certain level, then yeah, it is likely that they will do the doing…

Now, am I cutting the branch of the tree I am sitting on? I don’t know.

Can you benefit from your work in my programs even if you never walk through the door? Yes.

Every program has 70% real life stuff… Real life stuff that you can do even if you never walk through the door.

  • You can learn consultative selling.
  • You can learn client attraction.
  • Or learn to systematize your business.
  • You can learn to know what your prospects really want.
  • You can learn how to coach and cause others to grow and fulfill on their potential.
  • Or learn what direction to move to have the most worldly success.
  • Yeah, you can learn a lot of real life stuff

Really. These are the things that you can learn through my teaching if you so desire. And because my main purpose is to cause you to walk through the door, I price my programs much much much lower than other people… because what you are about is just the side effect, just the ‘roadkill’… Accidental to my teaching spirituality.

Accidental to me, the main course for you.

If you tell the truth about what you really want…

…you think all this spirituality sounds good. But what you really want shows itself when we observe you and your daily activities.

Not spirituality… You want survival, mundane stuff, or you have ambitions and you want to build something. Nothing, not a thing, in the area of spirituality. You don’t want to change the WHO.

My prices reflect my intention, not the value. Muscle testing says: my prices are 50 times less… i.e. 2% of what you can produce with my programs if you do the work the way I teach it… That is when the 1% comes in. The one percent makes out like a bandit, and realizes the 50 times more value in their results.

The rest? If you see the value: about 10% produces five times the value of what they paid.

If you don’t see the value?

Most people don’t see value no matter what you do… That is where the pearls and the swine parable comes from.

Your life depends on what you can see. And on what you do see.

The word ‘fathom’ comes from the word ’embrace’. What you can embrace, make yours, is what it means.

In a way seeing and fathoming are synonyms… If you can only think it, understand it, then you can’t embrace it, you can’t SEE it.

What you can’t see, what you can’t embrace won’t give you life, won’t give you your actions.

And you can’t appreciate it. And you can’t even INTEND it. When you look: you see nothing.

This is the main reason you don’t get the value. You cannot get, you cannot appreciate what you can’t see.

If your main move is to understand, you won’t even look. If you don’t look you won’t see, unless by accident. In your peripheral vision. And if you don’t catch it: ditto.

Obviously, if your cone of vision, if your visual field is covered by your self-concern, then even if you look you won’t see anything other than wrong…

Self-concern tells you what you have to avoid. What wrong you have to fight to protect your imaginary self.

All the if’s. If you live in scarcity, not enough, not good enough. Or If you feel you are always slighted. If you try to be a positive thinker to avoid negative…

These are just a few of the ways you render yourself not seeing, not looking, and not receiving value.

Receiving is an act of will.

I may give you something, but that doesn’t mean you receive it.

I left relationships when the other person wasn’t willing to receive what I gave them. It is the worst feeling to be rejected thus.

And, of course, that is the fate of most people who have something to offer. Something of value. Their offering is not received.

Long article…

I activated The Sight capacity for a bunch of people two years ago.

Two of them kept it on. One, an artist, kept some of it on, and became a better artist, also better paid.

The full capacity includes all the aspects of seeing, seeing value, seeing long range, seeing wider, seeing distinctions, seeing patterns… a real Swiss army knife.

Can the ‘recipient’ detect the difference? If they consciously received the capacity: yes. Can they connect their new results with the capacity? not necessarily. Seeing the connection may be a capacity that is beyond where they have looked thus far.

But you see the conditions: they need to have RECEIVED the capacity consciously, they needed to NEED IT for their work or studies… or they would not USE IT.

I can measure your chances to GET THE VALUE… of how much of the value you can consciously receive because you SEE it… because you FATHOM IT.

If you mostly use your eyes to access the world then you’ll have a higher number than a person who is mainly auditory, or abstract (mind). The kinesthetic will have the highest number.

If your hands are always busy, need to be busy, then you are probably kinesthetic. Your chances for keeping the capacity on are highest through doing.

If you want to use $45 to test yourself, be my guest. Unfortunately there are no guarantees.

Get the Sight capacity activated

PS: A cynic is a man who knows the price of everything but the value of nothing.

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