What I say can change nothing for you, only what you say can

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What I say changes nothing for you, only what you say can

Unless, of course, I am a judge and my word is law…

But most people aren’t judges, and even if they judge: nothing changes. It is just words… And words only have power if the person who speaks them has the power to say.

Imagine Bill Clinton turn to his bedmate at night and say ‘I think the Russians have oversteps their boundaries. I think I’ll start a war.

What will happen? His bedmate, wife or not, will say: don’t be silly Bill, you are not the president any more. You can press that big red button as much as you want… it won’t make a difference…

This little joke shows that unless you are in power, your word means little.

But with yourself your word can mean everything. Everything. Except that you don’t know how to use it… You babble, and chatter, and talk and talk and talk… and nothing.

I am adding a new measure to the Starting Point Measurements: how much power your word has.

And this number will be the sorest point for most, because as I am looking, most people have no power with their word.

So what does this mean?

A little recap from a previous article on the kinds of languages you can speak.

—Passive language.

The basis of passive language is a worldview. In this worldview there is a reality, fully known and fully knowable. And your job, scientists job, is to describe it accurately.

The dominant word of this language is ‘IS’… in every form. I am, you are, it is, they are…

Other important words are having to, needing to, wanting to, and should… all so you adjust your actions and feelings with what IS… the world as the worldview says it is.

This is the language of the Valley of the Shadow of Death… the horizontal plane, the competitive plane.

Other ‘moves’ in this language are explaining, teaching, justifying, talking about, instructing, ordering, bragging, slights etc.

—Active language

The active language is the language of the worldview where there is nothing until you say so… the seasoned umpire.

It’s the language of power. The power of Word. It is creating reality as you speak. Creating yourself. Creating the context

The three moves are


For you to speak active language and create reality your integrity needs to be high…

…but more importantly: when you look in the mind, when you look at the backdrop, you need to be not swayed by it… if you are, you are on the horizontal plane, the competitive plane, the Valley of the Shadow of Death.

—Structural Language…

this language includes your inner feelings without their interpretation… Your innards respond to all kinds of influences… and your job is to not interpret your feelings… Unless they tell you to run, of danger.

On the horizontal plane every feeling is interpreted… and becomes an emotion. It further keeps you on the horizontal plane… stuck.

If your integrity is so low that your word has no power, then all this will mean nothing to you.

I recommend the integrity course if your word has no power or not much…

Without integrity nothing works, without integrity you are powerless, without integrity your life is reaction and mostly misery… no matter how much money you have.

Learn to raise your integrity
If you do just one thing before I and my site disappear: learn to use the power of your word…

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