You have the power to heal in your hands…

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Some 15 or so years ago I was using the Healing Codes to make money. I ran small ads on Google. The money I made (commission) more than paid for my living at the time.

The slogan I used in the ads was something like ‘you have the power to heal in your hands…‘ or ‘the power to heal is in your hands‘. Subtle variations of the same.

Today, I just realized that ‘the power to create a new you, a happier life, even healing is in your mouth…

Of course both have conditions that no one tells you about, but I will.

Thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands ‘learn’ Reiki, or Theta Healing, or whatever healing ‘modality’ is in vogue. They pay mucho mucho dinaro for their courses. And then… wait for it!… nothing. Nothing happens.

And the same happens with words…

So why do those ‘moves’ work for a few and not work for most?

You see, everyone on the outside looks the same. So we humans think that means that they are the same inside. Even doctors believe that. Scientists…

But nothing is further from the truth.

We notice maybe a few things about them from their behavior, but they are all surface. Kindness. Or willingness to work. Being on time. Or remembering things. How much money they make.

All as shallow as can be. The shallower YOU are the shallower you look.

And you NEVER look under the surface, because you don’t know what to look for.

And between you and me, even the 1000 don’t know. I love them, I admire them but they don’t know what makes them special. Which means to me that you/them don’t look and see below the surface either.

In 2003 I learned the expression ‘the limited perspective of the human mind‘ and it was a life-changer.

I had seen before that changing the perspective can change anything, maybe even dramatically, but the sentence added a piece I hadn’t had: that it is the mind that limits the perspective… That humans stop being limited the moment mind is taken out of the picture.

And the fixed perspective has proven to be the bane of human existence… and will be the reason for its self immolation.

There have been a few, a mighty few, who managed to get a different perspective in at least some area of life, and thus revolutionized that area.

  • Wittgenstein revolutionized (or could have) language.
  • Grothendieck revolutionized (or could have) mathematics
Why do I say ‘could have’?

Because you can take the horse to water, but you can’t force it to drink.

The water is the new perspective… and drinking would be starting to SEE the world anew.

I myself am part of that mighty few with the perspective that humans and human activities are controlled by DNA capacities that can be turned on and off. That there are switches in the human body that you can turn on and off at will. And that even if a capacity is turned on, you need to use it like you need to use a musical instrument… or it just sits there… and no music will happen.

The military/industrial/educational/medical/judicial complex prefers people to remain blind and ‘believing’. Meek. Fodder. Meal ticket. And nowadays they even say: we want more of them… we need more fodder. No choice.

So you won’t hear what I am saying anywhere else. Because looking from a different perspective is not to the ‘pleasure’ of the mind. The mind wants you to view everything from the same perspective as before…

So in my ‘Intention to Self’ which I secretly call ‘growth course’ the main challenge and pretty much the only thing to learn for people is to look from a different perspective, and SEE what life looks like from there.

Now, why is it difficult to SEE life from a different perspective, you ask?

And this is when the new perspective comes in: to see different you need to

1. let go of the self-righteous view of the mind…
2. look at how things are, not how they seemed to be in the past
2. actually look and see that… and allow it to change your worldview.

It is very slow going. Because I am on my last leg… meaning I likely won’t live long, I have three sessions a week… hoping that the frequency will achieve the result.

I also turn on the DNA adjustment at the beginning of the calls. Sometimes I only remember to turn it on towards the middle… when I notice that people can’t see.

That wakes me up: without the Sight capacity people can look but they can’t see.

I remember in the olden days in The Forum, the Forum Leader would come to the auditorium screaming: ‘For you everything is the same as everything else… except that not always!

I muscletested and they didn’t know what they were saying, or not really. Not even the creator of the program did.

The Sight capacity is not on for most of humanity. It may not even be on for the 1000, enough said.

Anyway, what that sentence from The Forum means is exactly what I am dealing with in the ‘Intention to Self’ program: Even if you look from a different perspective, you still see the same… unless you disengage the mind… unless you can SEE that all the ‘is this way and that’ comes from the mind, not from reality.

It is not understanding that… understanding is the booby prize… and understanding is done by the mind. Seeing and not interpreting it from the mind is what is necessary for someone to see different, for their worldview to become malleable.

The mind is rigid. Forceful. Self-protecting. It is fighting for its survival.

You cannot really change your mind. You need to start living slowly but surely outside of the mind, if you want a different life.

The mind keeps you and what you can see fixed… even though the only thing that is constant in reality is change. But nothing is allowed to change if you are looking through the mind.

It takes a lot of energy to leave the mind… A lot like a rocket needs a lot of energy to leave the gravitational field of Planet Earth.

The ‘trick’ is to remove the energy leaks… Especially the energy leaks that are cause by not having any organizing principle, any WORD to give your actions a direction, a context, a rhyme and reason.

A life without the power of word is like a rudderless boat… it won’t take you anywhere. It won’t give you what you want. It can’t.

The life that is organized and therefore has enough energy to do whatever you need to do, including leaving the mind is called ‘a life of integrity.’

It is integrity, the relationship between you and your word that creates a leak-free life, and enough energy to go to the next level by leaving the mind.

My muscletesting shows that the higher a person’s level of integrity the more likely they can leave the mind, see the different perspective and allow that perspective to inform their behavior and attitude.

But even the highest integrity among all the students and clients I have ever measured is 20%. In contrast, a 1000: Alex Hormozi’s integrity is 50%. Mine is 91%.

The average integrity on the Planet is 1%.

The reason it is so low is because it is the mind that guides people to what to do, what to say, not their word. Not even their teacher’s word. Not even God’s word. No, the mind.

I have many articles on integrity… so I won’t go into much detail here… But the essential and fundamental difference between low integrity and high integrity is whether they look in the mind to have a context in the moment, or they CREATE a context with WORD.

Of course, if everything is the same for you as everything else, you won’t be able to see the difference, although they, the high vibration people speak their context… and you can hear it. But like with everything else… you won’t know the difference.

In the Integrity Course which is a requirement for a life that works, for power, for success, for health, you learn all you need to learn.

The hardest part of integrity is, of course, inventing a context.

And without an empowering context you can’t have integrity… When the context comes from the mind, you are screwed… because everything that comes from the mind is disempowering, one way or another.

You may think word is cheap… and you may have been trying to change the context… if that is you, then you may need to work on the lowest level of integrity first… keeping your word to others and to yourself, do what you said you would do without cutting corners and on time. You cannot successfully start on the PhD level… which is where we operate in the Intention to Self program.

Buying a program, buying a course won’t give you the ability, only DOING the program the way it was designed will.

Several people buy things and do nothing with them… Don’t be that person.

The course you bought is at

And if you want more practice to create empowering context, get the course that is specifically about that.

If you want a sample… you can get a sample.

In the right hand it is worth a fortune, in your hand it will give you a taste of what to expect from the course.

I distinguish what context means… what is your default context, and then we attempt to create a context that is empowering.

The video was recorded 10 years ago… Audrey, Baheej, Kate are still around… listen to yourself and listen that you invented what you invented and then it disappeared…

Why? Because your integrity is low. And remained that way.

Because integrity, in its essence, is your relationship to your own word… If it is weak, casual, then your integrity is low.

And if your integrity is low, you are not able to grow, not able to be happy… sorry to break it to you.

If your integrity score is above 1% you can buy all my context recordings for a low price, and spend the next few months to become masterful at setting a context… Ultimately this is probably the most important skill you can learn… if you want to be more, if you want to be better, if you want to have a life you love.

The most important use for your WORD
It is really true that you have your power in your mouth… if and when you learn who to be so that you can use your word… It is like being a magician.

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