What will happen in 2012? New Insights

alien invasion hoax: an attempt to enslave humanity 2012: new insights

I have been off-track, according to Source. I have fallen into the same trap as so many people before me: I started to teach people… Became this talking person… grrr.

It’s been both time-consuming, and it’s been ineffective.

So what am I really supposed to do? What is the big thing that will happen in 2012 that having a higher vibration, that being connected to Source could counter, for yourself, and maybe for the planet? That is the big question now.

Depending on what the danger is that is facing humanity in 2012 I will need to design the actions that I take, the directions that I go.

What are the options? There are two basic options:

  1. Option 1: something akin a natural disaster is coming, like the Mayans predict. Flood, earthquakes, disease.

    What would be the benefit of someone having a higher vibration in situations like that?

    Let’s take the idea of the second Big Flood… Only life that retreated to higher ground, like 8,000 feet (2400 meters) high. If you scramble, you can put a few thousand people… but why would they have to have higher vibration?

    I have been playing with that, and I have gotten no clues. Source is not speaking.

  2. Option 2 is very different. Option 2 is that the danger is coming from inside. It’s an inside job.

    The Quickening movie gave a great example of the Alien War simulation and the subsequent enslavement of humanity under one government, under one big thumb.

What would be the role of higher vibration in that situation? Or being connected to Source?

That one is easier to answer, and therefore I am almost certain that this is the danger that is threatening humanity.

If you are connected to Source, then you will make your decisions from your power and not from fear, or not from being sheep (resignation).

If your vibration is higher, you can look at something and be able to see through the deception, see the intention, because higher vibration means that you can see a bigger picture, that you can see it from the side and from a slightly elevated place, where you are not in the middle of it, so its emotional burden is not touching your.

The alien invasion can effect other people. But not you.

If there were not enough people with higher vibration, the panic would sweep everyone to join the enslavement to save their skin… but if there are enough people, 8% is a great number, then the voice of reason can stand up to the voice of panic.

Sometimes all people need is a moment of reflection, a moment of sanity, and the whole event turns around.

The Dark Side group of people 1 that want to enslave humanity count on you to be sheep. It is a crucial element of their plan to work.

But if I get my job done, and can get this method of connecting out to 8% of the population, then they have no chance. And they will end up “pie” on their face… And I would love that.

I have never liked bullies. I have never liked people who intimidated others for their personal gratification.

This time isn’t different. It is just bigger. And this time I won’t be alone. You’ll be with me, right?

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  1. in my opinion the same people that own the world bank, the banks that print the country’s money and then lend it to them, also a form of enslavement on a grand scale!

Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

8 thoughts on “What will happen in 2012? New Insights”

  1. I am agree on what you say Sophie, thanks for your beneficial activities.

    I love you:)

  2. What makes you so confident? There are some vibrational requirements that at present you don’t have… And it will take some serious work to go from 200 vibration to at least 299… are you prepared to do the work?

  3. I just saw your response above — I must not have checked the follow-up comments box.

    Yes, I am committed to do the work. Prepared? Well it would be helpful to have a clear roadmap on what to do to get there. So far I am working on connecting (the connection calls and practice), reading your articles, and purchasing the activations as funds allow. Oh — I am also working on stopping thinking so much and surrendering to Source.

  4. You are doing the right thing at this point, Michael.

    The new course, the HeartConnection Meditation, misleading as its title is, is a course to put you in touch with your power… though a lot of thinking can, probably, effectively null the effect… your choice.

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