Updated: If your vibration is under 200

Before I let you use any of my products, your purchase needs to get approved by me. Why? Because most people don’t understand that not everything is going to work for them. They like something and they want it… then they will return it because it won’t do what I promised.

All promises are conditional. Just like weight loss products are conditional on your eating and exercising changes… If you don’t keep your end of the deal, the deal is off.

The only part I have control over is your vibration when you make the purchase. If your vibration is under a certain level, the product you bought won’t work for you. That simple…. 1Low vibrational level is also expressed by a lack of intelligence. Most people buy products without asking for their vibration to be measured… And then I have to disappoint them because they can’t have what they ordered. Please don’t be one of those… Get your vibration measured by me for a small donation.

What works for people with a vibration under 200? Or at the minimum 170

I have only one activator that works for people under 200, and that is the Harmonize Your Vibration avatar state audio (aka Harmonizer).

If your vibration has risen once to 200 but it’s fallen back, the harmonize won’t raise it again. It has done its work, now it is your job to keep it up.

So, what is available for people under 200?

The liquid remedies.

The Heaven on Earth (aka Sleep Rescue) and the Effortless Abundance Activator (aka Wake up Productive, so you Perk up, wake up ready, get energy to get things done, etc…)

One student, who was a miracle boy a few months ago, because his vibration rose from the miserable 130 to 200 in just a few days, just wrote to me yesterday requesting his vibrational reading for the hundredth time.

It had been around 130 again, which means that he failed to keep it up. He was trying… bought this audio and that audio, but nothing was happening.

But yesterday, when I measured his vibration, it was 200. I had to measure it five times: I didn’t want to believe it.

What happened? I emailed him.

His answer was: “I started to infuse my water with the effortless abundance. Would this make a difference? ”

Let me explain something: when your vibration is low, you are also incredibly un-intelligent, moronic, narrow minded, and delusional. Delusional because you don’t notice that you are being stupid.

Instead of looking at how you feel and making assumptions about your vibration, look how intelligent, astute you are. It will be a much more accurate indication.

Your beloved gurus are spouting inane b.s. and you think that their vibration is high? They are in the stupid state… even if they saw something, they would not recognize it.

Being able to string words together with correct English is not an indicator of one’s intelligence! And they sound good, don’t they? Bullshit sounds soooo soothing, so lovely, so perfect: a perfect match for your diminished intelligence, I might say.

I am not saying this to insult you. I am saying this to wake you up.

The student asks, sounding innocent (and s.t.u.p.i.d.) “I started to infuse my water with the effortless abundance. Would this make a difference?”

Yeah it does, numbskull! The 192 energies of the activator are now able to work on you. In audio format they could not.

If this weren’t the case, if humanity and the readers of my blog weren’t mostly under 200 vibration, I would not bother making the bottled remedies.

And, hear this! Even I take the bottled remedies. Wouldn’t the audios work perfectly for someone around 900 vibration? Surprise: NO. Certain energies, although they infuse in water really well, don’t carry over air and then infuse my body… unfortunately, in spite of the fact that I have included the carrier energy.

I have to put them directly into my body.

Would it work to put the headsets on my head 24/7? Yes, if you don’t have anything to do with your life.

The purpose of the Effortless Abundance Activator is to move you to action that produces fulfillment, results, abundance, etc. not that you do nothing!

So, the answer is: I don’t put the headset on myself, it would make it impossible for me to do my work.

So I infuse my water, me tea, my soup, my vegetables with the energies and consume them that way.

Why don’t you? Don’t you want the results?

All the remedies that are shipped are at this site: https://www.yourvibration.com/energyremediesbysophie

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

2 thoughts on “Updated: If your vibration is under 200”

  1. I have the following mp3 files:


    Are any of these obsolete? Which ones should I be listening to or infusing? Right now I am infusing water with harmonizer-with-energizer-avatar-audios.

  2. this is the second time I am answering this… hm… lost in cyberspace?

    what you are doing is energizing the water to 650.

    the other activators cannot be infused.

    There are two audios that can be infused: 1. the Hoe long range and the 2. Effortless Abundance Activator

    The effortless abundance activator contains the hoe, but also contains 128 other energies.

    I am only using the effortless abundance activator now: I have tried for a few days with just the hoe, and I returned to playing computer games instead of getting things done… wasn’t worth it.

    It is like getting a bright spark… ignition spark… humming and moving and moving without needing to take breaks, think about it, and other distractions. Also, after I answer emails, etc. which I must, I can resume the work faster than without the remedy.

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