Breath is access to Soul, to all-of-it, your higher self. Finding the blockages in breath and eliminating them

deep unconscious breathNearly all of humanity is infected with the mind virus. Slowly we constitute our whole self and our whole world as our minds, unawares that we are several magnitudes more powerful than the mind… and by mind I mean the storage device of the brain, not the whole brain.

When I ask people on the calls to watch their breathing, or look for blockages, without exception they hold their breath: the mind tells them to do so. Why would the mind do that? Like all virus it is only interested in perpetuating itself, and when you are asked to watch or observe, accidentally! you might access your witness, your Observer, and then you will see the mind for what it is: a pea size hard drive able to do search and compare, and that’s it.

That is the part, that pea size hard drive that you have been asking to run your life effectively.

How about all the books (thousands? hundreds of thousands?) that teach you to use your mind, focus your mind, use the power of your mind and other happy horseshit?

They are lying. They are, knowingly or innocently (aka stupidly) participating in the conspiracy to reduce humanity to a virus propagating biomass.

Your mind can’t do anything like that.

It also doesn’t matter what your thoughts are: they actually don’t effect your actions, or reality much. If you have ever experimented with “changing your mind” you saw that the effect, if any, is accidental.

What you “know” i.e. what’s stored in your mind doesn’t effect your actions or reality either. We all know how to be fit and how to lose weight, and yet we don’t do what we “know” we should do, so here again: the “science of the mind” is happy horseshit, duping you into living in your mind and ignoring everything else.

So, how do you get out of the mind and return the process, and start turning back into a human… No, a princess won’t come to kiss you to turn you back from frog to prince.

No, it wasn’t a curse that turned you into frog either… It was a veritable virus… mind-virus.

Most of you have too far gone, because this virus has to hit your retina again and again to counter the huge powers that lie within you, unused, un-mined, neglected and forgotten.

If you asked your mind, which you have already done, by the way! it will tell you that the way to go is to use it more, and use it to elevate you to the rarified vibration of god within… it “knows” that you are a god… so be it, it says.

That is the surest way to become a delusional person… so don’t listen to the mind.

Breath Energy in the BodyBefore you can become a human being, you need to connect to your body first. Without language, without naming, without labeling, just feeling, observing, and avoiding any naming. No name to the location, no name to the feeling, no names.

I know it’s hard, but you need to return yourself to a time before language, before mind-virus, before this insanity of “eating the menu, not the meal” culture.

The first assignment is to look for blockages in your breathing. Your breath is blocked, in many different ways, and your job is to find a blockage: a sensation that the breath is resisted, maybe even stopped. Or there is a pain, dull, sharp, but pain nevertheless when you attempt to breath through.

breathKeep at it, because this is not about “I did it!”, this is a spiritual practice: practicing being able to be with something, just feeling it, not wanting to change it, just observing it, without labeling where it is, how it is, what it is.

Next step, if you have the Heaven on Earth remedy, or the Effortless Abundance (now re-christened “Wake up productive” by the way) remedy 1 :

Drink a gulp of the water “laced” with the remedy. This is a “downloading the 40 energies” move. Observe if it finds the blockage. You’ll be surprised to notice, that the blockage is an effect, not a cause… the real blockage is somewhere else.

For example, last night I had a blockage in my breath. I downloaded the Heaven on Earth. Although I felt the blockage in the front, the energy found it in the back.

How do I know? I felt the energy stopping in the back, just above the bra-strap… When I tested my breath next, the blockage was gone.

You won’t feel much in the beginning, but you’ll get better with every practice.

You need to get really good with this before you can move on the the next step.

Let me know how you are doing, OK? No email, comments. It’s ok to comment anonymously. Emails will be ignored.

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  1. It doesn’t matter whether you or I infused the water, they both work

Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

6 thoughts on “Breath is access to Soul, to all-of-it, your higher self. Finding the blockages in breath and eliminating them”

  1. Sophie – Thank you for this practice. For the past several weeks, I’ve tried following the path of the energies during the Effortless Abundance meditations (and on my own between meditations), but so far I haven’t been able to feel where the energy is and where it stops as it travels through my body. Is there an even more basic level practice to help get myself able to feel where the energy is as it travels through my body?

  2. Until you can feel your body, its own blockages, without filtering it through the mind, you will not be able to feel energy, so try not to put the cart in front of the horses.

    In those meditations you follow as a witness, because without witnessing nothing happens. It is not necessary for you to feel where the energy is, but in today’s session, I’ll make it mandatory that all participants start feeling where their breath is blocked.

    I bet you don’t even know you are breathing… your mind does, but do you feel it? So that is the first thing to aim for: to feel your breath and where it’s blocked.

  3. I noticed that when I try to breathe all the way from my sexual organs to the top of my head I inhale to the point where I feel like a balloon for a second, and then when I exhale I tend to push the air out to the point where I can feel my diaphragm muscles get tense. I wonder: is this forcing or overdoing it, or is that how its supposed to be and I’m just not used to it?

  4. it’s forcing. the point is not to do forced breathing, thought there are meditation systems that do that, the point is to be conscious whether the breath is blocked… at least from our point of view. when the breath comes in, it goes, on its own accord to as far as it is not blocked, you are NOT ALLOWED to add any effort to it.

  5. after practicing this breathing technique, i am less anxious and more able to manage that horrible feeling in my chest whenever i am having toxic thoughts. I feel that there is a spark igniting in my chest, and even when i’m sleeping, i can feel that tingling spark, maybe that is my ‘soul’

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