MindValley’s total transformation class with Dr. Fabrizio Mancini and Christine Bullock

Please email me if you find a typo or something unclear. Thank you. Sophie sophie@yourvibration.com

I am an affiliate (get commission) at MindValley. I have even applied to be one of their teachers, but they sent me a form letter back, so I said F… it. I’ll go on my own.

I duplicated the video at the bottom or the post

Here is the email I am supposed to send you:

[First Name], do you meditate daily? Over 30 million people in America do.

And do you know what daily meditation can do to you?

It can…

— Boost intelligence and sharpen your focus

— Relieve stress and keep you calmer

— Increase your life span and enhance vitality

— Make you more compassionate and kinder

— Have you looking and feeling younger

— And much, much more.

As you can imagine, it affects every aspect of your life. From your career, your relationships and even your love life.

But do you know, meditation when combined with good old exercise can actually do more to spice up your life?

It puts you in a state of high energy and optimum productivity. And it reduces if not eliminate the chance of you getting sick.

>>>This NEW training reveals a very systematic process to do it

It’s a free gift to you from a company called Mindvalley, which has designed the world’s first fitness AND meditation (yes, 2 in 1) 30 day total transformation program — something that the world has never seen before.

I’m sure you’ve seen countless of fitness programs promoted on TV, online, magazines… but all of them are missing one of the most important elements to create lasting, positive change — the mental aspect.

And this program from Mindvalley, fuses both these elements together, seamlessly and it fits neatly into your schedule (invest only mins a day).

As part of this launch, you’re invited to a one-hour online training that will basically teach you a scientific cheat that gives you all the benefits of exercise and meditation through optimized mind and body techniques.

It’s happening on Tuesday February 25th 6pm PST (9 pm EST) and 7PM GMT (2pm EST)

>>>So go ahead and click here to RSVP now https://mindvalleyacademy.com/special/introducing-30×30 The link takes you to a video where Vishen from MindValley explains how this works… short and sweet.

Really, imagine having a force field that cushions any mental, emotional or physical turbulence you have… To put you in optimal levels for higher productivity and sustained energy – every single day.

And you won’t have to spend any more than just a few minutes every morning.

>>>Click here and get ready to experience this NEW training at no cost https://mindvalleyacademy.com/special/introducing-30×30


As always, I check the vibration of the people who teach these programs to decide if I want you to do it or not, if it will do what it says it will do or not.

First off: if I understand it correctly, this is a meditation class that is a combination of meditation and fitness.

There is a live class on the Minimum Effective Dose of both meditation and exercise… and I am curious.

It may be good and it may be b.s. but I can’t decide without first seeing the free live presentation.

They will sell a course at the end, be prepared. I may or may not buy it…

If it works, I’ll let you know. If it doesn’t: I’ll let you know. OK?

Oh, and here is the video:


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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

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1 thought on “MindValley’s total transformation class with Dr. Fabrizio Mancini and Christine Bullock”

  1. Thank you Sophie. It’s great to have your guidance on products.

    The Wake Up Productive remedy is already “cushioning any mental, emotional or physical turbulence,” so my main hope for this product is that it will be what I need to finally stay motivated to exercise.

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