Vibrational Review: Brian Ridgway and Level 5: perfect for low vibration people

Brian d Ridgway Level 5 Mentoring Update 1/14/2012:

Personal vibration: 170
Level 5 vibration, including the conscious coffee break videos: 195
Truth value of teachings: 5%, meaning 95% is not true

Vibrational Review: Brian Ridgeway level 5 – originally reviewed in October 2011.

Brian and I share a lot of similarities. We have taken the same courses, except I never went the shamanic path, ever.

In fact, I never dabbled in the 4th plane at all, not even in the Law of Attraction.

I guess I have been like a young woman who saves herself for her husband to be… I have saved myself to Source.

I didn’t have time to listen to all his videos, but can tell you: of all the Tree of Knowledge modalities this is the most ingenious one I have so far encountered.

Brian has an integrative mind, and he uses it really well. He gets all the modalities he has practiced and takes out the best of them, and also sees phenomenon that most people wouldn’t see, like when you ask what you want to feel now, the stuff that comes up is a great clue to where you need work and where the light will come from.

With all that said: he sounds like the top achievement of the Tree of Knowledge modalities.

Brian doesn’t connect to Source, doesn’t even know it exists. In fact he has to deny it. His personal vibration is 260.

Obviously I have only heard one of his exercises, but my hunch is that he has more up his sleeve. I’ll watch eventually all those videos and will post here if I find anything new I need to report.

Update: Brian Ridgeway is a salesman. He is squarely rooted in the Law of Attraction world, but as a salesman he can sell transformation to the listener, which is a valuable skill. And because he went through so much crap himself, he can really hear you correctly.

But as a salesman he will sell you. Don’t tell me I didn’t warn you.

Update #2: I listened in to a webinar tonight. I had only 40 minutes between calls. Brian is the first person I know with whom I am aligned in purpose. I plan to offer him the Tangerine Method to use it with his coaching. It sounds to me like a winning combination.

Update #3: I have completely changed my mind about Brian. Nowadays I only listen to his stuff because every time I get angry I write a great article… He is full of hot air… But is a great salesman. Ruthless.

Update #3: January 6, 2012: I just measured; Brian’s vibration is 122… how is he going to get you to success? At 122 it is most likely he himself is in dire straits… meaning in financial trouble. His level5 program’s is under 200, his newest promotion, awesomeness – level 5 also under 200. A good program should be above 500. And a good teacher should be at least 250. Neither is the case.

Playing with Brian in his premium program:
Matrix Energetics: truth level: 205; Diana Kottle: vibration: 210; her process: 190

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

6 thoughts on “Vibrational Review: Brian Ridgway and Level 5: perfect for low vibration people”

  1. Salesperson skills are useful but would it attract the wrong people if it promices mostly getting rich?

  2. actually, most people struggle with money, scarcity. He doesn't mainly TEACH sales skills, though he could. He is trying to do what we are doing with a very intense, immersion process that is 90 days long, and designed that because of the immersion, do what we do with the activators. And he has a community, which I don't provide, he has goal setting, which I don't do. But my hunch is that once the 3 months is over, people fall back to where they started, because without Source's support, the self image doesn't really change.

    Even with the activators it hasn't been piece of cake, but maybe I am not a good enough coach.

  3. Hi Sophie, what made you change your mind about Brian Ridgway and what do you mean by 'he is full of hot air'.

    I am following his 'level 5 mentoring course' and still I don't know if it is worthy for me or not. I don't feel really good about it but I always think it's his personality that doesn't resonate with me in a positive way…..

  4. Hi Andre. what made me change my mind is his conscious coffee break videos. I never actually watched any of those marathon videos, too long for me. But the coffee break videos point people in the wrong direction. He says: don't look at all the things that keep you small, scared, paralyzed. He says, consider that just thinking that you are an unlimited being solves all your issues. That is so full of hot air, it is not even funny.
    You see, even after someone getting an activator download, you need to deal with your dark/shadow side or it will run your life.
    Every transformational modality worth its salt teaches that the light is right behind the dark: the dark is just veiled light.
    So what he is teaching is pleasing and pleasant for people with really low vibration that don't have the courage to deal with ugly stuff, like telling the truth, etc. And by low vibration I mean under 150. Your vibration, at this moment, is 250: so you feel that something is fishy.

  5. Thanks for responding Sophie. It makes it clearer for me to understand why I don't feel comfortable overthere. I never understood all that over-enthousiastic 'freaking awesome' and 'thank you, thank you, thank you' reactions overthere. It really does not resonate with me that much…….

  6. Wow, Andre, never quite thought of putting it that way. But it's an accurate observation: when emotions are perpetually high, there is something artificially inflated there. Good point. Thank you. I like it.

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