If you have low integrity, your communication has no power

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Without integrity you can’t communicate…

You can talk, but your word has no power. It doesn’t get things done.

Communication is making things happen… making what you intend to happen happen.

Communication is having people want to do what you want them to do. Anything less is not communication. It is merely talking.

Both integrity and communication both use the power of your word… but if your word has no power, you are sh!t out of luck when it comes to using it.

This fact is at the root of why the Dark Side, people? make language fuzzy, make language not clear, not obvious.

If everything you ever wanted comes to you through other people… And if everything other people will do depends on your ability to make them want to do what you want them to do… Then it is obvious that if you want to rob a person, a group, a nation, humanity of its godlike power, make its language, make its use of language powerless.

And at the same time rob them of integrity, the power of their word.

How do you do that, rob you of your integrity?

By setting up the environment to encourage lying.

When you lie, because it is not punished, or not consistently, then you weaken your relationship between your word and yourself.

I discovered this back in 2000. I was in a leadership program in Landmark Education, and we were asked to drive at or below the speed limit.

I don’t know if you have ever tried it: it is near impossible. Other drivers will hate you for it. And unless you have a car that you can set the speed you just can’t. The roads, the vehicles, the world is set up to encourage speeding. The cops look the other way, unless, and so you drive ten miles above the speed limit, but when you see a cop-car you step on the break and pretend.

And then you expect yourself to have integrity, and now you don’t.

So already back in 2000 I saw that we humans are set up to have no power with our word.

This is like cancer, an opportunistic disease. It moves into every single body, but it can set root only if the body makes this easy for the cancer… habitual lying, habitual pretending, habitually having a gap for the cancer to move in.

The Original Design of humanity is for humans to be like god, create with their word. And some people can…

So what is the difference between those who can those who can’t?

I have a disproportionately large segment of my readers who believe in attraction, who believe in affirmations, who believe in the power of positive thinking, who believe in Santa Claus.

They listen and they hear what I teach approximately.

They hear ONLY what matches their current worldview. The overlap is 1%, and that is the 1% they hear.

They can’t hear because they cannot distinguish the 99% that doesn’t match those beliefs.

So when I talk about declaring, they hear affirmation, and they keep on repeating what they should declare… and they are dismayed that the result is: not a thing.

I just measured someone’s Starting Point Measurements to see if what I am saying is really so. You can study it here: https://www.yourvibration.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/06/integrity-communication.txt

This Starting Point Measurements is typical for people whose integrity measure is low… 1%

If someone’s vibration is at 200 or higher, they are capable to raise their integrity measure…

Integrity and Responsibility are tied together. Responsibility is the capacity to own what belongs to you, your word, your actions, your attitude.

But having the capacity doesn’t mean you’ll use it. If not using it seems more beneficial to you, then you won’t.

The average integrity level of humanity is 1%. My students and clients, at least some of them, are above that level.

Your effectiveness in communication, the power of your word, will be consistent with your level of integrity.

When I look why programs and courses, including mine, perform so pitifully, I find that the reason is that the participants are ‘normal’, meaning they have no integrity, their word has no power.

In the upcoming Communication Live Workshop I will only accept people whose integrity is above 1%. The rest can buy the recorded course, but I will not take them in the live workshop. Why?

I should have done this from the beginning: not train people who have no integrity, not train people who can’t be trained.

What happens when I try to train someone who can’t be trained?

One of the most important things is: when I say something that doesn’t fit in with what they already know/believe to be true, they go away and stop listening. Or alternatively the correct what I say so it matches what they already know or believe.

They keep using the words of the English language imprecisely, the way the 99% does, the way it has no power.

The famous words from the original Landmark Forum: ‘for you everything is the same as everything else, except that not always‘.

They continue living in the fuzzy, foggy, murky world of imprecise, unclear, dubious language.

Powerless, forcing, playing the victim.

The person whose Starting Point Measurements I have above can and will do anything for others, and do it even well. But will do nothing for himself, lest he’d have to admit that he can and always could. That he never needed what he’s been claiming he never got: support.

What anchors people to no integrity is insisting that the original lie, their own, was true, has been true.

They are happier having the reason of not being effective, productive people, than actually being effective, productive people.

It should be clear by now that I cannot train people like that… they are not trainable.

When I teach people how to make their water coherent, the biggest issue is this same thing: most water is not energizable. It is made incoherent and not ‘trainable’ by some treatment (distillation, mostly) or chemical residues.

To my surprise most water can be energizable by removing gross impurities… and allow some impurities to remain… like Chlorine and Fluoride.

During the energizing process those impurities change form and become inert and inactive… because in the environment of coherence they cannot remain harmful.

By analogy, the method to raise one’s integrity is to remove the gross impurities, the gross lies, the gross pretenses.

A student of mine raised her integrity level from 1% to 20% by doing two things:

  • 1. She stopped pretending that she was brilliant and special. She invented and nurtures being ordinary. That added 10% to her integrity level.
  • 2. She followed instructions in a session where the job was to look at the original incidents from a different angle. She saw that what she saw from this new angle was not the same ‘truth’ she had been acting on…

Truth has a funny way of looking the same from every angle…

And if something looks different from different angles than it’s neither of the angels is truth.

These two have been gross impurities. She still lies, she is still somewhat pretentious, and yet…

There are more gross impurities… agendas, wanting to be right, wanting to be in control, and allowing past mistakes to be mistakes. Most of it is letting go of what was wrong, and allow it to be just what it was… no big deal.

I still am dealing with some of those ‘no big deal’ things that still feel like big deals to me. The less things anchor you to the world of right and wrong, the more power your word can have. The more power to get things done with communication.

If you would like to know where your integrity is at… you can get your Starting Point Measurements any time.

To find out what is your original decision, worldview that you need to see as not true, you can come to a small class where we’ll do just that… with the famous exercise included where you back up to the support of the wall, to see who you could have become without that decision.

Let’s find your core issue
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