What squatters can teach you about life, about you

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Why can’t doctors, pharmaceuticals heal cancer?

Cancer is like squatters… they move in when there is no one living there… and then use all the facilities, all they find to wreck the home, like a parasite.

You can kill them, you can burn them, and kill and burn the house/apartment/body with them.

So doctors, similarly, can cut cancer out, they can burn it with chemicals, radiation, but they can’t heal it. Why?

Because cancer is a spiritual disease, not physical in its cause. Just like squatters.

There is a discrepancy, a gap, a wide and deep chasm that just begs to be filled.

Everything has two levels, the visible, physical level, like the trunk, the branches and the fruits of a tree. This is where medicine, this is where pharmacology work: on the symptom level.

And then there is the below the surface level, the invisible as I call it. You can call it spiritual level. The root and the seed level of everything.

This level is largely unknown, unaddressed. This is the reason most everything anybody ever says, writes has such low truth value… they are stuck in the visible, the symptom level.

When I first visited Green Lakes in Syracuse NY, I knew I found the ideal environment for the work I was destined to do: to dive into the invisible and distinguish that world for others.

Why Green Lakes?

Green Lakes is a meromictic lake, one of those lakes that has a surface level and a hermetically separated deep layer. Why? I forget, but for our purposes I don’t think it is any more important than gossip.

What is important is that this is the nature of reality: the surface level and the hermetically separated deep reality.

If this is true that the deep layer is hermetically separated, it has to be true everywhere, both in the micro and the macro. Deep simplicity.

And although I have mapped out some of the deep layer of reality, I can’t say with certainty that this separation is true everywhere, so I am going to take Source’s word for it: Source says it is true everywhere.

Back to cancer.

Cancer seems to be an opportunistic disease… meaning.

We still live in the paradigm in 2022 where all diseases are caused by pathogens… so what I am saying here you won’t be able to confirm on a google search: and I you can call me, if you want a kook. I am OK with that.

So what is the opportunity that cancer uses?

Just for an FYI, cancer cells are always present in a living person. Cancer cells are a side-effect of life. In the normal course of events the immune system, especially the white blood cells are on the hunt and kill these cells before they can clump together and form a tumor.

When a person tries to maintain an image, a self-image, a public image, a fake persona, then this strong attention on this paralyzes the immune system.

Positive thinking, avoiding negativity, pretense, etc. are part of that image issue.

You want to be well thought of… and you have your attention on that. You hold your breath, you are not free to be, warts and all, you are cautious, step lightly, or some other way don’t allow yourself to be yourself, so you block the flow, and you pay the ultimate price.

If you think that the world, the Universe is based on a principle of punishment and reward, you are mislead.

The Universe is energetic. Your intention doesn’t matter, only the energy of your actions and your attitude matter.

You may mean to be kind, non-confrontational, maybe even loving. But the energy of your attitude and your actions may be the energy of superiority, omnipotence, or simply pride or contempt.

And, of course, you need to hide that. And of course, you need to not know what you are covering up.

And, alas, not many people on Earth can help you uncovering, un-concealing what is underneath…

Getting some ideas is a good thing. Once you see any of it, and it takes courage to recognize it, then you can do something, say something about what you do. What you hide and what you own. What you allow and what you don’t.

My 53 Invisibles course is really a 100 invisibles, Source says 70% of the invisible distinctions are in that course.

It is so essential that I want everyone who wants to rid themselves of these gaps, I want them to have it.

So for a week you can use NINEOFF coupon code to get it at 90% off. I think I am crazy… but I am in a merciless cutting mode: I just filled seven garbage bags with blankets, and sheets, and clothes that I have had and wanted to keep for a long time. But it is time to prepare for the big day when I will have no use for anything, including money.

Get the 53 Invisibles at 90% off

PS: It is Father’s Day.

The couple across the street have been traveling to NYC and stay there to babysit their grandson. It’s father’s day and they are going through emotional upheaval… Does their daughter appreciate them?

As long as your life is meaningful for some outside reason, because of some outcome, you are at the mercy of others.

I am sharing this because this is another gap… another gap between your insides and your surface…

The capacity that closes that gap (or any gap) is Responsibility: the capacity to own what belongs to you: your actions, your words, and your attitude. In the parents’ case it causes autonomy… being independent of others’ appreciating you, needing you, liking you. Without autonomy you are still a dog that is wagged by the tail… and cancer is forthcoming.

PPS: In New York…

…if the squatter can stay for 30 days, they cannot be forcefully removed. Now they have legal rights.

The analogy here is also quite accurate: if cancer cells can ‘squat’ in your body for that long, they now have the ‘legal right’ to invite their friends, make house, and what is most important for cancer cells: build a perimeter that makes cancer like a fortress.

Remember, responsibility… it is often your language that tells the cancer that it should stay… Ask me what I mean in email…

PPPS: My family were squatters at one time

When I was born my parents lived in a one-room apartment with my then two year old brother.

So my father went and found a bombed out house that had one livable room, and several not so livable… but they were there to fix…

So, in essence, we were squatters. The owner of that house escaped the Nazis. He visited a decade or so later to see what happened to his house. I remember that visit.

By that time the ‘state’ appropriated the house and we paid rent to the ‘state’.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

2 thoughts on “What squatters can teach you about life, about you”

  1. What do you mean by “Remember, responsibility… it is often your language that tells the cancer that it should stay…”

  2. The answer to this question is relatively simple: you can be responsible for your words, your language. If you use your language to make yourself and your Self separate by aggrandizing, or by being right, or by making anything or anyone wrong, then of course you have taken no responsibility for the gap you are creating or maintaining.

    Of course responsibility is an adult capacity, and isn’t even available to consider under 200 vibration. When you don’t have the capacity, and eight billion people don’t, then you are pretty much your own victim: you make yourself open to all kinds of opportunistic stuff, not just cancer. You’ll believe anything and doubt others…

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