The fallacy of ‘the answer’, the fallacy of ‘the truth’

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When you come from a fixed place, a fixed worldview, a fixed ‘IS’ then of course you are going to look for the answer… a fixed thing… that will match what your worldview is, completely.

But unfortunately to you there is no ‘the right answer’, the perfect match… because everything in reality depends on everything else.

It is a lot like a jigsaw puzzle where each puzzle piece is a jigsaw puzzle itself.

So it is no wonder that most people never amount to much if anything, if their thinking is that there is a silver bullet, and answer, that solves everything.

There isn’t.

But when I work with people, when I look at their numbers, their numbers show an eerie consistency with their thinking.

The more they are willing to engage with a world that is infinitely complex and yet it has a deep simplicity, the higher their numbers and the more effective they are in managing their lives.

This puzzle is infinitely complex and yet simple

Raising your numbers, raising your consciousness, raising your integrity, inventing yourself anew are all part of this infinitely complex and yet simple puzzle.

It is impossible to get traction if you can’t handle the complexity, AND if you can’t see the simplicity, if you cannot connect the dots.

I have been working on this issue for about ten years. I see both dimensions more fully, both the complexity and the simplicity.

In today’s article I’ll speak to both… in a bits and pieces type of article… I hope you’ll enjoy it no matter where you are on the evolutionary scale.

OK. Puzzle piece 1: Responsibility. Taking, declaring ownership over what you say, what you do, and your relationship to it.

Obviously a lot to look at, both in the present and in the past. What owns what you say, what you do, and your relationship to it… now. Where did it come from. What decisions you made about the world, yourself, life… and what did you say: ‘therefore the way to win in life is…’

It is one thing to see that you decided how the world is… and quite another to see that it was your ‘the answer’ of the simpleminded… ‘the truth’ of the simpleton.

And you may even see that for the three year old child that was totally normal, and fit well with their undeveloped brain… but to bring it to 30-40-50-60 year old you is quite another thing.

Not normal, even if 99.99% of all humans did that.

Not long ago I was teaching some questions that can trigger responsibility, ownership… It fizzled out. People took it as ‘the answer’ and it was not as satisfying as they expected ‘the answer’ to be: it didn’t solve any problems.

They could not see that nothing solves your problems: you do. Not something. What you see, what you say, what you do as a result of seeing it.

No one, not even one of my students considers themselves as cause, even after I turn their ‘responsibility gene’ on, and keep it on, by turning it on and turning it on.

It seems that responsibility needs a willingness to cause… instead of being an effect, assigning cause to things… even ideas.


Seeing the forest for the trees

Werner at an event video 1:30:00

The important thing that Werner says in this clip is this: you made all the things up, the things, ideas, worldview about you and others… you made that all up. And if you made that all up, you can change it if you want to.

What does that mean?

You see, everyone had a situation, a moment of rude awakening in their life, most at age 3, when children first experience that they are separate from their parents, where the first inkling of self appears to them.

And in that incident something happens that is not to their liking. Not what they wanted. Not what they expected. So they made up something, a sentence that answered the question: what’s wrong? And then proceeded with an invention of how to be.

Hide yourself, your real self. Be timid. Or be helpless. Be loud. Pretend to be good. Lie. Be smarter than everyone. Or be sweet. Be helpful. All crap. No joy. No satisfaction. And no production. You are too busy compensating.

I decided to use the time I had and make the most of it. Discover what there is to discover. Learn as much as I can… because I was on borrowed time.

And, of course, that ‘borrowed time’ is something I made up, and it wasn’t true. So here I am age 75, still have the same solution: discover as much as I can. Learn as much as I can.

Of course if you decided that the solution was to pretend, or hide, or be loud and obnoxious, or to be helpless… you haven’t produced much in life, and nothing, no amount of energy, no amount of anything will help: you need to dissolve the original decision and you need to make up a new solution.

Will you? Likely not.

Remember how they train batteries and old cars to be like new?

They gradually make them spend all they’ve got, and a little bit beyond… every day a little more.

Have I even met, or heard of anyone who was willing to do that with themselves? No.

Even if you accidentally apply to the Marine Corps… Chances are they won’t accept you. And if they do, by some mistake, you’ll drop out. And if by some miracle you don’t… The Marine Corps bootcamp can change you from the outside in… so you can do more. But will the insides change? I don’t think so.

If you look around, Vishen and Sophie, and Alex Hormozi, T. Harv Eker are not as frequent as that.

I participated in Landmark Education’s programs for 26 years. I coached thousands, and I observed lots of leaders as well. In all those years I think I saw three people who were close to what I am talking about. It includes Werner.

Now, could you be the one exception? Certainly. You would need to use the battery reconditioning method diligently. And if that connects with the revived spirit and the spirit’s desire to fly, then you’ll be an exception.

The trouble is: you don’t want a new life, you want improvement. A little bit better. A little bit less bad, if it is bad.

You want a simple answer to a complex question.

Humans create with their word.

Your word can create your inner state, your actions. The relationship between your word and your inner state and your actions is roughly your level of integrity.

Your outer self and your inner self… to what degree they tell the same story.

Whatever it is now, you can strengthen it. You need a strong integrity for your word to have power over yourself.

To the degree you’ve been living your life according to your inner, your Self, to the same degree your word has power now.

Most people I know live according to what others want, what would make them liked, what would make other people pay attention to them, accept them, marry them, give them stuff, do for them.

So the integrity of my participants ranges between zero percent and 20%. Interestingly, on the surface, the 20% integrity person has no integrity on the street cred level: she lies and pretends most of the time. And yet, her word has the most power when it comes to creating herself.

None of the obvious truths are valid when you enter the paradigm of ‘ontology’… being.


Vishen, Silva Mind Control, and what works and for whom

I was checking out a link in an article I wrote a year or two ago. It was a video on youtube.

When it ended it took me, automatically to an ad on the Silva Mind Training Method. I listened to the whole presentation… It is very seductive, very convincing, and whips up the desire to the nth degree.

Every time I listen to a pitch I feel invalidated. ‘Everybody produces more results than me! baah, baah, baah.’ Except when I muscletest I get the truth. One in 400 people who actually do the program thoroughly does…

There is a huge barrier that is very difficult to break through.

At this point it looks that there is an insistence on things remaining the same, while there is also a desire for it changing.

The fear is of the unknown.

The unknown feels like a trapdoor in the floor: you, who you know yourself as disappears… and then there is no you. It feels worse than death… because there is still the unknown… and you still have to deal with it.

I have gone through this trapdoor… new reality… trapdoor… new reality, seven times.

What do I have, what have I had that most people don’t?

I think I was more miserable than most, on one hand. And I was higher achiever than most on the other hand.

I never used misery, of being mistreated, misunderstood, judged, etc. to get complacent, or comfortable, or to stop producing.

99.5% of humanity isn’t a producer.

If you do something only because you get paid for it, you are not a producer, even though you do produce value.

There is a motive power in me that is unconcerned with the ‘outcome’, the money, the praise, the thing getting done. I would call it curiosity, but I am not curious by nature. But the inner dynamic is very much like curiosity…

The Silva Mind Control dude has a lot of that motive power too, 70%. My number is 91%.

He is very narcissistic… 70% on the narcissistic motivation scale. My number is 3%.

I only have one student whose motive power score hits the minimum, which is 30%. The minimum to propel herself to where it can take her through at least one trapdoor… new reality.

Will she? Only time can tell.


Your numbers tend to go down… given the environment, given your insistence on finding ‘the answer’.

I have found that when people feel they found the answer, they found religion of some sort.

If any teacher, any school said what I am saying in this article, they wouldn’t make much money, because everyone feels that if the path is through complexity through deep simplicity, they will not walk the path, they will drop out.

So they won’t even start.

But if you tell them that the answer is simple, that hundreds of your students have attained it and now live a fabulous life, then you’ll rob your retirement account to pay for the program.

People, no matter what program, consistently produce flash in the pan, temporary results at best, because life is more complicated than the ‘truth’ they are using.


If you are willing to look at life as a process instead of a place where there is a truth to be found that IS THE TRUTH, then you can do what I did, and much faster than I did.

Almost any program will take you closer.

My 67 steps efforts can take you far, if you don’t look at every step as the truth.

The 53 invisibles

My integrity course, my Soaring Method course, my coaching, even my paid podcast can take you further and closer to where you’d like to be.

What is in the way therefore is this mindset that there is ‘the truth’, and it is like a masterkey that will do it for you.

And in the meantime you do nothing. You are still waiting for Godot.

Our relationship to reality is tenuous at best. Was the world created? Is it a computer game? Is it real? Is there an organizing principle? Is there a ‘being’ who oversees it all? Are there real laws, like the law of attraction, or the innumerable laws humans spout as if it were real?

There is some truth to everything…

Some truth means between 1-100%… Mostly: not much… Especially when the teaching considers itself the answer.

One thing has been proven to me time and time again is that humans are capable for much more than they produce, given the ‘truth’ they have given themselves.

In the Soaring Method I taught the magic of creating, the magic of disabling ‘the truth’ and to date that was the course people produced the most results with…

Soaring Method… and experience the malleability of reality

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