Why An Activator Cannot Change Your Behavior, Only You Can?

nerves that work together fire together Why An Activator Cannot Change Your Behavior, Only You Can?

What happens when you get an activator downloaded to you? Even though the activator (a set of statements that are worded as commands, and are very similar to affirmations) alters the “terrain” or the balance of power in the sub-conscious, those affirmations will not alter your behavior.

What will alter your behavior?

Well, it is both simple and complicated to alter your behavior.

Your behavior will be consistent with how the world occurs for you.

For example: if the world seems friendly and helpful to you, you will ask for help.
If the world seems competitive, or unfriendly to you, you will never ask for help.

If you seem capable to yourself, you will do things that capable people do: try new things. On the other hand, if you seem like a certified loser and a screw-up to yourself, you will avoid anything new and will settle for repetitive, risk-free jobs. And even if circumstances presented you with challenges and you aced them, when the circumstances are not pressing, you still won’t go for risk like a capable person: your successes didn’t change your mind about yourself. You probably justified your successes as a fluke… not as a proof that you are capable.

Which means that you can’t accidentally change your mind about yourself. You need know what is the content of your world-view and you need to set out to change the content, one sentence at a time.

The activators will make it 100 times easier. But you still need to do the work. Why? Why can’t Source just change you?

Because those sentences and the behaviors consistent with them are hard-wired in your brain.

I’ve been reading a book on brain plasticity, 1 and slowly am starting to understand why the so-called self-help gurus are ineffective. Why the methods are ineffective. And why, if people don’t know why they get a workbook, why do exercises, they won’t.

I remember I did the Millionaire Mind Intensive in 2005. I loved it. I started to do the 90-day workbook, and started to see results. Big ones.

There was an investment meeting in NYC. I was early. I hung out in the vestibule and had a conversation with at least 50 people. None of them did the exercises. Not one. I was so uncomfortable being the only one, that I stopped doing the practices, and my financial situation went back to what it was before the course.

When I look at the exercises in that booklet, I find proof positive to the “theory” above: you need to create new “brain map” that are consistent with the new view: just changing the view will not do anything. No change. Enlightened losers… lol.

The simple rule is: Cells that fire together, wire together. The exercises cause the re-wiring of the brain by making certain cells fire together. It sounds complicated, but it isn’t.

Put in simple way, new habits, new capacities need to create a new brain-pattern for your behavior and your life to change permanently.

The teacher’s job is to create good exercises. Your job is to do them, but not as exercises only, but as the beginning of your new life.

What would have happened to you if at age 1 you had decided that trying to walk once should be enough, and you should not practice walking? You would be still crawling… Not a whole lot of money making opportunities for crawlers. No cars, no sports, no furniture for crawlers.

You have, unconsciously, learned a lot of things and those got you where you are today. If you don’t like them, you will need to learn new ways, and it will take time.

Your brain was completely plastic when you were a little kid and you decided that you were incapable. Then you practiced it for 30-40-50 years. And now you expect a short little meditation to change you completely?

Fat chance.

The first step, getting the new ideas into the subconscious is done with the activator. That was the easy part. Now, with your adult, not so plastic brain, you need to learn new tricks… connect those statements with actions. In reality.

By doing the things you always wanted to do…

Do them badly first, but do them. That is what is going to cause the rewiring of the brain.

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  1. The Brain That Changes Itself by Norman Doidge

Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

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4 thoughts on “Why An Activator Cannot Change Your Behavior, Only You Can?”

  1. Great points Sophie! I appreciate even more why these exercises are important! I'm getting after them.

  2. Wow! This is big one for me, which prove that something I know but did not get the correct meaning is useless. Now I get it why I am still where I am, no changes in my circumstances. Thank you Sophie…

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