Why do some people get fantastic results from the activators or the remedies and others get nothing or not much?

the monsters lurking in the deep sea of your beingMaxwell Maltz, the creator of the program and methodology Psycho Cybernetics, was a plastic surgeon. Plastic surgery, as a rule, is to make someone more beautiful.

Many of his patients, though, didn’t get what they hoped for. Everyone said that they were beautiful, but they could not see their new you, only the ugly that they wanted to get rid of.

We could say that they had a filter that allowed only the imperfections through. I think that this “theory” is more accurate than Maxwell Maltz’s theory of self-image.

He spent his whole life teaching people how to change their self image so they can be more successful in life, especially in sales where the numbers never lie.

I have bought the programs that were developed from his material, I know some of his famous and successful followers, but by and large, people read it, nod, maybe attempt to do some of the exercises, but nothing happens, or not much.

If his method worked, it would work for everyone, right? Yes and no. Let’s see why…

a60_DragonfishI think that Maxwell Maltz was fishing too close to the surface. Unless someone thinks that they have a self-image issue, they will not respond well to Psycho Cybernetics.

But most of what goes wrong in your life doesn’t go wrong because of your poor self-image. Many things actually go wrong because of your image of yourself AND THE WORLD, that treats you unfairly, blah blah blah.

Simplistic approaches like that, or even hypnosis, or any of the mind-control programs only work on some people some of the time. They average 1-2% of all the people that do it in earnest. Near zero of all the people that buy and “attempts” or try the programs.

This applies to Landmark Education, to Scientology (that at the core had a good idea, and they built this monstrous, evil organization on the top of), Silva Mind Control, etc. etc. etc.

Why am I and my programs different?

Because I don’t have an ambition to make a bundle on what I do (stupid? maybe!) I am only interested in results. Which means I don’t stop at 1-2%, I want to be able to develop something that works for the 19% of humanity that have (or can “grow”) the capacities of a full-fledged, fully equipped, human being.

So, I test and test and test. Tirelessly.

One of the principles I work with, one of the theories, is that if you can see what is running your life, your life will never be the same. But of course, this is only partially so. The human mind, the sneaky despot it is, makes you forget what you saw in a second, so simply seeing what you see won’t be sufficient.

Even when people write down what they saw, by the time they read it, they don’t undrestand… the seeing disappeared, and the life altering effect with it.

So, what is one supposed to do when one is ready and willing to alter their life to the better?

I have three tools, I have employed all my journey, and raised my vibration to where it is now.

  1. Distinctions, distinguishing
  2. Sharing aka acknowledging source using echo
  3. Enegetic Tools

scary_ocean_storm_1280x960None of these are understood by 99% of the people I met in Landmark Education, and 100% of whom I met outside of Landmark. It includes most or all of my students.

Why is that? Are these tools difficult to understand? Are these methods dangerous?

The answer will infuriate you. The mind isn’t interested in these tools. The mind will discount them, dismiss them, or tell you that one time using is enough.

The mind is your enemy. If you entirely identify yourself with the mind, then you can kiss good bye to altering your life to the better.

I am tempted to think that the current state of humanity is the result of infection. And only people who have developed immunity by living an interesting life, welcoming challenges, diversity, are able to fight it off or counter it without help.

An interesting life, challenges, diversity, doesn’t allow you to be in a pure receiving mode, that other people live in… the mind puts you in a pure receiving mode. No light coming out, only going in.

Pretending to be nice, to care, to fight for others’ freedoms, charity, blah blah blah, having a cat or a dog, can’t be, and aren’t light coming out: they are still mind actions, there is no YOU, there is no SELF, there is no hope.

So, what do you do if you are one of the infected people with no immune system to speak of? You can still develop an immune system, and you can do it in this work… you don’t even have to go outside of it.

The first two tools will give you an interesting life, challenges, diversity.

  1. Distinguishing, distinctions

    I have spoken about this so many times, that I prefer to say something new, instead of repeating what I have said before, hoping that this time it will make a difference. I have no illusions.

    But in the Snow Crash novel I just finished reading it for the second time, Hiro Protagonist switches his goggles to full “gorgoyle mode” which means that he sees differently. He sees what’s inside things, he sees colors according to their temperature… not your ordinary seeing.

    This way he notices a thin wire jumping out of the water and he can duck in time to save his neck…

    This tool, looking through distinctions is exactly like that. You will ignore the ordinary, you will only pay attention to the different, to the aspect of things that the distinction includes.

    There are thousands of distinctions, so here is an example:

    distinction: ‘there is no one out there but you… you can only see what you are…’

    when you use this distinction as the “goggle” you will see that certain things you like, certain things you agree with. Suspect that these are the things your mind likes. They are the things you fancy yourself to be.

    When, on the other hand you see something that you don’t like, you don’t agree with, suspect that these are YOUR dark side manifested and shown to you in other people.

    Uncomfortable, unconfrontable, and that is the value: it starts to develop your immune system.

    There is nothing to fix, there is nothing wrong… just being willing to engage in looking, in noticing, and considering that you are seeing yourself is perfect, and enough.

    The moment you are trying to change anything, you are in the mind, you are caught up in the pretense mechanism of the mind.

  2. Sharing

    Once you notice something, you need to share it. Publicly. Own it. Without crying, without excuses, with a sense of wonder, with a sense of discovery.

    Hard? Yeah… how do you think you are going to develop immunity? By doing easy things? Keep on dreaming… this is why your life is the way it is, because of this dream.

  3. Energetic tools

    ocean-wave-surfers-scary-natureAll of the activators work best if you use them through some focusing distinction. For example, I use the Effortless Abundance Activator, both the audio and the remedy, to show me where I am stoppable, and un-stop myself.

    This has been long going: more than a month?

    Your mind will tell you to switch between focusing distinctions, but just, please, know that that is the fastest way to become a number: people who failed getting anything out of their activator or remedy.

    You have been warned.

    The energies do work, much like plastic surgery. But unless you go with the changes, they will be undone. And you will be back in your boring, uneventful, maddeningly boring life.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

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2 thoughts on “Why do some people get fantastic results from the activators or the remedies and others get nothing or not much?”

  1. Sharing’s what’s missing for me. I do notice things, sometimes I even intend to share them but I then put it off, or decide that they’re ‘not significant enough’. I can now see that it’s a part of my hiding/avoiding machine strategy.

    Sophie, is the straight-shooter/slimebag a good choice for a focusing distinction to use with the Effortless Abundance activator as well?

    Thank you.

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