What gives away your worldview… to yourself?

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You may think that procrastination is reserved for lesser people like you, but you would be mistaken.

I have been observing this famous dude procrastinating, waiting, and not doing much for the past year or so…

He is a well-known public speaker, highly effective coach who has made many people very very rich.

So I have been puzzled why he is so good at advising and yet so bad, so weak at implementing what he teaches, implementing it in his own life.

And suddenly, in light of what we glimpsed at our Moneyroots workshop, I now have a place to look… and looking I will do.

I am suddenly looking at the dude differently. I am looking at his worldview, and am starting to see how it leads him astray. How it takes the wind out of his sail, when it comes to HIS life, HIS business, HIS actions… not those of clients. Clients he has successfully supported for the past 20-30 years.

The same expectations that have paralyzed him as a wrestler in his childhood now paralyze him in his business. And there are more expectations, there is a whole worldview. And unless he identifies it as a worldview… his life will remain the same. He’ll support others in getting filthy rich, but not him.

If someone wants to know your worldview they only need to pay attention to what you consider as something that can be expected.

The more of what you say can be expected because that is how reality works, the lower your vibration.

But to be able to hear an expectation, you really need to be able to hear it, see it, smell it, detect it in every one of its shapes and forms. Recognize it.

In every should. In every ‘is‘. Regardless of the topic.

Very few has this distinction:

Your expectations are the detectable expressions of your worldview…

And why this is important to know?

Because your journey through life will be either easy, smooth, or chunky, rough, and miserable… depending on how far fetched your worldview from reality.

You can call these expectations beliefs… but that doesn’t change the fact. If just conveniently cover up the fact that you are expecting the world, people, society, nature to be one way, and it isn’t.

When you cannot get beyond belief… you cannot really see that if it were that way, the world, then your expectations would always bring the same results… and when they don’t, you would buckle down and question your belief.

Do you? Have you?

I know more people who questioned their belief in some personal god, than I have known who question their belief that people are good, or bad… or they are good… or they deserve anything.

When people say: you deserve… they express the tip of the iceberg, the visible part of an expectation, that deserving means you will get it.

There is no deserving in reality. Even if it were a more interesting world… deserving is an entirely human invention, and has no validity in reality.

In reality, and just look an the animal and the plant kingdom, things get what they can take and keep.

Cruel? If you call it cruel, you’ll be a putz. It is what it is. It is the laws by which reality operates… not by the rules of nice humans.

I have asked my core study group to inventory their ‘expectations’, their warped personal reality. I expect them to see only 3% of what constitutes their personal reality. The 97% they’ll miss will FEEL true to them, even though they are not true in reality.

I found this in Reddit today:

Hard work pays off,
Dreams come true,
Bad times don’t last,
But Bad Guys Do!

It was in a thread about a Putin speech. Putin AND everyone live in a personal reality that has nothing to do with reality… or not much. So every step of the way the clash is certain.

I read in a book, Agatha Christie novel, whaaat? the following words, apropos to Putin and his vision of a new world order through revolution:

‘It is curious — but you cannot make a revolution without honest men. The instinct of the populace is infallible.’ He paused, and then repeated, as though the phrase pleased him: ‘Every revolution has had its honest men. They are soon disposed of afterwards.’

and elsewhere in the same book:

I’ve always heard you Revolutionists held life cheap, but it seems there’s a difference when it’s your own life in question.

You see, maybe, that no matter which side of the great political divide you are, you live in a personal, made up reality… and your life is far from smooth.

And no matter where you are in the pecking order, no matter what is the pecking order in a certain society…

…the rules of a society are held together by spit, fear, or greed…

MAGA followers are dominated by greed… not aware that the promises that whipped their greed glands into a frenzy are fake and unrealistic. Or the other side… the liberals, the ‘rights’ people: same thing. It is, interestingly, also greed that dominates.

This worldview where there have to be winners and losers, that life is a zero sum game is easy to see… But Reality doesn’t have zero sum games, and that is not the nature of reality.

Reality is more operating with an ess…

…evolutionary stable strategies… except for humans. Humans is a predatory species, much like cancer… Ignore and destroy the host organism, just because they can.

And they and you: unless you start bringing your worldview closer to how reality is, you’ll suffer a lot of disappointments, lot of failures, lot of heartache.

If you want to do that work, and believe me it’s worth it, you need to start mapping out what your worldview is now… your personal reality, your expectations, your rules, your shoulds, and your ought-to’s, your is-s, and look at them square and with sober eyes.

If you accept that they are not true… eventually your actions will be different, your speaking will be different, because you will start doing things, saying things more in harmony with reality… and slowly and maybe first imperceptibly your life will become smoother, and you’ll become happier.

When you see all the things that you have taken for granted and stop taking them for granted, you’ll suddenly have gratitude for what you have… and your inside will be filled with that gratitude.

The empty feeling will disappear, and you’ll be closer to whole and complete… which is in my experience the best feeling in the world.

If you are part of my core group… you’ll do this mapping out… When you reach seeing just 3% of what you made up, what you learned from other clueless people… you’ll start to experience life differently.

Just 3%? Yes. Muscletest says so. It surprises me too.

A book on happiness I have started to read has 10% truth value the way it’s written. If the author mapped out and looked at critically at that 3% untruth, it could raise the book’s truth value. Mathematically, logically it would go  to 13%… but reality dares to differ. Surprisingly mapping out that 3% unreality, the book’s truth value could rise to 70% truth value.

And that, 70% would put that book head and shoulders above other books, other authors who have an average 5% truth value.

And if you did the mapping out diligently, you could be like that…

It would be like losing the blinders, losing the cataract from your eyes.

It would be like suddenly the light came on… and you can see all the obstacles, and all the traps, and all the unworkability, and choose to walk safely among them…

Would your vibration rise with this?

Certainly. To how high? I can’t predict, but if you discredited that 3%, truly, not just ‘in order to’, but really, your vibration would rise to 500.

I can’t seem to find another living human with that high vibration… Regardless what gurus say about themselves, regardless how high they say their vibration is… it is not up there.

The highest I can find, looking at extremely high achievers, is 300 vibration.

The Moneyroots workshops are not about money…

…even though they look at your made up reality, your unreality through the filter of money. Why money? Because that filter allows us to see more… because money is so close to the bone…

For everyone…

And for that reason we are able to see the warped reality you consider truthful… while it isn’t.

And it is a good starting point to map out that illusory reality so we can start owning what is making us ineffective and unhappy in life.

If and when we can get to 3% life will be almost unrecognizable…

And that is the goal.

If you just want a little bit better…

…this is not the path for you. Continue using avoidance and palliative measures, as Freud says… my remedies are a great tool for you. They will make the misery you feel lessen, or more bearable.

But if you are into emerging as a human being among homo sapiens, the path for you is the 3%. Your path is the moving into reality path. Where your actions will be effective, to the degree that your intelligence, skillset, and integrity allows for.

But with that said: my prediction is that you will suddenly willing to develop the necessary skills. Because no expectation will tell you you don’t need them.

Moneyroots… find the false in your worldview
If you have done or bought the first Moneyroots workshop, email me for a link to just buy the second…

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