You need to see what you said so you can say no to it

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Do you remember the pie chart of all knowledge? The circle, the pie, represents all facts in the universe?

  • A tiny slice you know and you know that you know it. It is your address, it is your name, it is facts that you can prove.
  • Another tiny slice is all the things you know that you don’t know. For example you know that you don’t speak Japanese, unless, of course, you do.
  • The rest of the pie is the things that you don’t know that you don’t know. Some of it you think you know, but what you think is just isn’t so.

Now I could make an extra slice, 30%, and call it ‘your superstitions’… but you they don’t really belong to this pie chart… because they are not facts.

But, of course you don’t know that. If you did, they wouldn’t be superstitions, right?

At this point in ‘The Work’ we are poking holes in the superstitions, and hope that they can hold. Superstitions have a huge staying power… because if you allowed them to be proven wrong, you would be proven wrong.

And the strongest and mightiest motivator of most humans is the desire to be right. And to stay right.

When you find out about a piece of ‘knowledge’ you have used as the basis of your life, you don’t want to give it up, because then you and your life would be wrong…

Reasonableness would say: ‘good. I found out, now I can make corrections.‘ But the ‘Wanting to be right machine’, the Racket dares to disagree, and unless you are stronger than the racket, you are doomed to continue the trajectory of life that leads to no happiness, no joy, no fulfillment.

Here is the real bad news for most of humanity: unless you change your mind and fall in love with having been wrong, you are not going to be able to change your life.

Every instance of ‘having been wrong’ is a possible turning point to the better. It’s possible for everyone. Probably to a mighty few.

The way you can pinpoint tiny pieces of facts from the ‘you don’t know that you don’t know’ (and the 30% superstitions) and turn them into ‘you know that you know‘ aka knowledge, is by first getting glimpses of it and then cementing it, firming it up.

My entire job is about poking holes in the dkdk… the don’t know that you don’t know, and allow you to redesign your life given the new knowledge.

Thus far I have poked hundreds of holes into that dkdk… And have taught them. About a 100 of those are included in the 53 invisibles… it’s 53 videos, but hundred ‘dots’ in the dkdk…

This is what happens when people see any of those untruths from my videos or from our conversations:

People groaned. Then maybe they nodded, maybe even looked at each dot for a little while, then went on doing their lives exactly the way they had been doing it. Nothing changed. Not in their thoughts, not in their attitudes, not in their words, not in their actions.

People, you, consider information knowledge… but that is a misunderstanding of reality.

Information is like an insight: it is worth a dime (10 cents) a dozen.

Both information and insight need to be turned into knowledge with work…

Reality, Life, is unforgiving.

Only unconscious competence will make a difference in how you live…

I like to use the quarterback’s example (in soccer that is the center, if I remember correctly, point guard in basketball).

If the quarterback is not unconsciously competent, if they need to think about what to do… they are a lousy quarterback and they get killed on the field. Unconscious competence masquerades as instinct.

People’s driving with practice becomes unconscious competence… they can do it without thinking.

You have been unconsciously competent at living the life you’ve been living…

…good, bad, won’t matter for this discussion.

I have been playing Freecell for a decade now at least. I now play with unconscious competence. It feels to me as if the ‘universe’ is helping me. But if and when I don’t look at the cards before I start playing, the way most people play, the way I used to play, my score is only 70%… So looking, even when you are unconsciously competent at the ‘game’, even then is necessary to look… Same way: you can’t drive well, regardless of your skills, if you don’t see where you are going.

In ‘The Work’ your job, if you want to make your life better, is to pick one distinction and get masterful at it.

My recommendation is that you pick The Racket. Or superstition… But not more than one. And start finding it everywhere. Develop the capacity to see it and know it. Know it by recognition.

Both The Racket, and Superstition use your life… like a parasite… at your expense.

The Racket is taught in the 53 Invisibles Course. The superstition that your life is based on is revealed through live workshops… like the Moneyroots workshop.

In that workshop we look through money, but how you are about money is exactly the way you are about everything… but it is easier to see it through money than other concerns, like love, fulfillment, etc. So I use money.

I personally lead those workshops, and guarantee that eventually we’ll get to the exact superstition that is using your life.

And then it will be your job to start seeing it everywhere. You may need to do the workshop a few times to get enough clarity that you can recognize it everywhere. This is why I priced the workshop so low that I get paid one tenth of what I normally charge for an hour…

But unfortunately I cannot trust that someone can find their exact superstition without live assistance…

The superstition’s function is to prevent you from becoming an Expanding Human Being, who finds joy, pleasure, fulfillment through their own actions, instead of hoping, waiting for some other person or the Universe to give it to them.

I don’t teach the basics in every session, so you have to buy the recording of the previous ones to really make sense. Why? Because if you can learn something from a recording, I am not willing to say what I have said again.

I am not a delivery person… It bores me, annoys me, misuses me.

So there you have it.

If you want to become an Expanding Human Being who finds joy, pleasure, fulfillment through your own actions… this is for you.

Moneyroots… let’s get to your superstitions
Is it beginner-friendly? I have some newbies who I’d like to see there. And I make it beginner-friendly if there are beginners on the call. Remember? I am not a delivery person… And in these workshops I am not teaching… I am looking with you… And I also bring Source to the party… so it’s you, me, and Source…

The date is Tuesday, August 2nd. 2 pm my time. 8 pm in Western and Central Europe. 11 am on the West Coast.

If you are on the Eastern Hemisphere and want to come, Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia… etc. Please email me.

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